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Fuerza del Destino, La

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La Fuerza del destino telenovelaUnlike many other plots of telenovelas where the main female protagonist is the triggering point of all the events, while the male character just respond her actions, here the actions of the lead male protagonist to develop the story. Iván Villagómez is a young man who is ignored, persecuted and deceived. He is forced to leave his country and live outside his home within eleven years. He never suspects to find his love. With the purpose to achieve his goals and take what has belonged to him, Iván has to overdo obstacles. With the lapse of time Iván returns to his home town to redeem his honor and dispense justice over those who have made harm to him.


David Sepeda as Iván Villagómez

Iván is tall and handsome. He is strong-willed and somewhat rough that is seen in his features. He has a typical grind in his mouth when he hears something that is fussy in his opinion. Iván is a very lonely person since he retreats into himself for all those troubles happened to him since his early years. And that affects his personality. However, he finds his love that makes him open his heart to people.

Gabriel Soto as Camilo

Camilo is a noble person. He is very confident, he likes sportы and he works perfectly at the studio. He is too sensitive to go beyond the edges but not revengeful. He is straight-minded and he seeks for people to befriend with. He is good but he has some sorrow deeply inside his soul. Camilo is the best friend to Iván. Camilo is hard-working and diligent to become a good farmer. He has marriage problems and falls in love with Lucía, Ivan’s wife. Such a situation brings to problems between friends and the story of this triangle becomes revealed to wide public.

Sandra Echeverría as Lucía

Lucía is not a typical main protagonist which makes the public a little bit tired. She is independent and knows what she wants. She is a beautiful woman to attract attention of good-looking men to battle for her heart. Sometimes she is modest, sometimes she behaves to strike the public.

Laisha Wilkins as Mari Paz

Mari Paz is the main villain of the story and the sister to Lucía. They both struggle for the heart and love from Iván. They come as different characters in personality, behavior and look.

Delia Casanova as Carlota

Delia Casanova features as Carlota, mother to Antonieta and grandmother to Mari Paz and Lucía. She is obsessed with the spirits of the past since she has lots of secrets to reveal until she goes crazy.

Juan Ferrara as Juan Jaime Mondragón

Juan Jaime, the husband to Esther and father to David and Saúl. He is abusive and obsessive person; yet, he despises those who are weak-willed.

Lucero Lander as Esther

Ether is a wife to Juan Jaime Mondragón. She is an obedient, weak-minded woman who is strictly controlled by her husband.

La Fuerza del destino - telenovela

(2011) - Sandra Echeverría, Gabriel Soto, David Zepeda, Laisha Wilkins


David Zepeda ... Ivan Villagomez
Sandra Echeverría ... Lucía Lomeli Curiel
Gabriel Soto ... Camilo Galvan
Laisha Wilkins ... Maria Paz Lomeli Curiel "Maripaz"
Juan Ferrara ... Juan Jaime Mondragón
Alejandro Tommasi ... Gerardo Lomeli
Leticia Calderón ... Alicia
Marcelo Córdoba ... Antolín
Leticia Perdigón ... Arcelia
Yuliana Peniche ... Carmen
Pedro Armendariz ... Anthony McGuirre
Delia Casanova ... Carlota
Rosa Maria Bianchi ... Lucrecia
Kika Edgar ... Carolina
Marcelo Cordoba ... Antolín
Ferdinado Valencia ... Saul
Lucero Lander ... Esther
Yuliana Peniche ... Carmen
Jauma Mateu ... David
Roxana Rojo de la Vega ... Judith
Rosangela Baldo ... Olga
Alfonso Itturalde
Ignacio Guadalupe
Willebaldo Lopez
Maria Prado
Joana Brito
Fernando Robles
Jose Montini ... El Gordo
Diego Velazquez
Evelyn Zavala
Adriano Zendejas ... Ivan
Renata Notni ... Lucia
Ilsa Zamaripa ... Maripaz

Writing credits
María Zarattini (original story)
Claudia Velazo (adaptation)

Song: La fuerza del destino
Written by: Marc Anthony
Singing: Marc Anthony and Sandra Echeverría

Original music

Cinematography by
Alejandro Álvarez
Daniel Ferrer

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Benjamín Caan

Produced by
Rossy Ocampo
Eduardo Meza
María Alba Espinosa




He imaginado despacio
El ver enlazado
Tu nombre al mío en un mismo corazón.

He notado en tus labios
De pronto un milagro,
Permita que el sueño se acabe aquí.

Es que el dolor nos ha traído a este lugar
En el que ya no puedo estar si tú no estás en mí.

Nada me hace falta,
Sólo una mirada
Que me haga entender qué es lo que sigo haciendo aquí sin ti,
Sólo una palabra que salga desde el alma
Y que La Fuerza del Destino
Te una a ti de nuevo a mí,
Por amor.

Es que no ha sido tan fácil
Quererte en silencio,
Vivir desde el miedo,
Por no saber.

Si es verdad que algún día
Cuando el tiempo se rinda
La paz de una noche nos verá crecer.

Es que el dolor nos ha traído a este lugar
En el que ya no puedo estar si tú no estas en mí.

Nada me hace falta,
Sólo una mirada,
Que me haga entender qué es lo que sigo haciendo aquí sin ti.
Sólo una palabra
Que salga desde el alma
Y que la Fuerza del Destino te una a ti de nuevo a mí,
Por amor.

Que ahora sea el mismo amor
El que se encargue
De llevarte junto a mí hasta el cielo más lejano y más azul,
Por puro amor,
Solos tú y yo.

Nada me hace falta,
Sólo una mirada
Que me haga entender qué es lo que sigo haciendo aquí sin ti,
Sólo una palabra
Que salga desde el alma
Y que La Fuerza del Destino te una a ti de nuevo a mi,
Por amor.

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Samantha Ochoa  - ths novela is tight   |2011-11-02 06:18:47
mi gusta esta novela mucho .. its a cool show to watch it has action ..
mary  - fuerza del destino   |2013-01-07 09:57:50
am mary from kenya and following la fuerza del destino and am really enjoying can't wait to see how it will end ....
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