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Gata, La

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In a miserable slum lives La Gata, a raggedy and wild little beggar. She has no recollection that her real name is Renata Santa Cruz and that her mother was a famous singer and her father was Fernando Santa Cruz, a Spanish aristocrat. Doña Tila, the old woman who raises and exploits her is the only one who knows Renata's past. And yet, in the midst of her misery, La Gata has friends like prostitute "La Jarocha", grocer El Frances, and Pablo Martinez Negrete, a rich boy that befriends Renata. However, all changes once Renata becomes a lovely young woman and both Pablo and El Frances fall in love with her. Fernando becomes rich after inheriting a fortune and he finds Renata; he wants to take a revenge on Augustin, but he has a paralyzing ictus and he gives up his revenge for Renata's love. Renata marries Pablo and they have twins. Mariano marries La Jarocha. After Fernando and Augustin's death, the leading couple have problems because of Lorenzo and Monica's interference and plots. After Pablo's nervous breakdown, they will recover their lost love.

La Gata - telenovela

(1970) - María Rivas, Juan Ferrara


María Rivas... Blanca/Renata "La Gata"
Magda Guzmán .... Leticia 'La Jarocha'
José Gálvez .... Agustín Martínez Negrete
Antonio Raxel .... Fernando Santa Cruz
Juan Ferrara .... Pablo Martínez Negrete
Sergio Bustamante .... Mariano Martinez Negrete
Antonio Medellín .... Damián Reyes
Ofelia Guilmáin .... Lorenza
Norma Lazareno .... Mónica
Emma Roldán .... Doña Tila
Carlos Cámara .... Tilico
Fernando Borges .... Tilico (adolescente)
Héctor Bonilla .... Paris
María Douglas .... Amalia
Daniel 'Chino' Herrera .... Don Chichilo
Eduardo Alcaraz .... El Frances
Martha Vazquez .... Renata (niña)
Emilia Carranza .... Bertina
Josefina Escobedo .... Doña Mercedes
Magda Haller .... Eugenia
Irma Lozano .... Vickie Suárez
José Carlos Ruiz .... Don Lupe
Jorge del Campo .... Pepe El Gorras
Juan Antonio Edwards .... Mariano (niño)

Writing credits
Inés Rodena (original story)

Directed by
Antulio Jiménez Pons

Produced by
Valentín Pimstein

TeleProgramas Acapulco


Further remakes of "La Gata" are:
1 version: telenovela "La Fiera"
2 version: telenovela "Cara sucia" (1993, Venezuela, Venevision) with Sonya Smith and Guillermo Davila
3 version: telenovela "Sueño de amor"
4 version: telenovela "Por un beso"
The Venezuelan version of "La Gata" is telenovela "La Gata" (1968) with Pegy Walker, Manolo Coego and Belen Dias.
The Brazilian version of "La Gata" is telenovela "Seus Olhos" with Carla Regina, Petronio Gontijo, Juan Alba and Thierry Figueira.
The beginning of the transmission in Mexcio: November 3, 1970.

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