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Gloria y el Infierno, La

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La Gloria y el Infierno telenovela In the era of the Mexican Revolution, Sara Vallarta, a Michoacan landowner's wife accepts to meet her cousin and former fiancé, Sebastian Arteaga. To avoid gossip, Sara goes to the meeting in an out-of-the-way church, chaperoned by Miguel and Sergio, her young sons. Sebastian confesses he still loves her, but has started a liaison with an native woman by whom he has a daughter, Inés. He begs his cousin to look after his family.

After Sebastián's departure, Fernando, Sara's husband shows up and immediately assumes his wife has met with her lover. He refuses to hear her pleas, and banishes her from his bed and life. He allows her to remain in his house but she becomes a shadow to whom he won't even speak. Sebastian dies in battle, and his wife, out of pride, refuses to go to Sara. She opts to become the concubine of a bar owner. It is in that environment that Ines grows up, exposed to all kind of abuses. Two decades go by. The Cardenas' government starts a project to appropriate large haciendas. Fernando Vallarta opposes the law and he is supported by the violent and philandering Miguel. Lawyer Sergio, on the other hand, counsels caution. It is around this time that Sara gets a letter from Inés's mother. She is dying and wants Sara to provide Sebastián's daughter with a home. Sara defies her husband and receives her niece, and thus, Ines Arteaga arrives in Michoacan to drive the Vallarta men crazy.

Ines is courted by Valerio, but she prefers to marry Giorgio for necessity, but during the ceremony Valerio, trying to kiss the bride, causes a shooting and Giorgio and Concetta are killed. Michele is forced by his father to marry the rich Adriana to save the family from ruin but he loves Ines. Sara dies and Fernando finds out the truth about her supposed betrayal with Sebastian. Then the Mexican Revolution bursts: the peasants fight against the Government to obtain more rights. The Vallarta family is involved and in the battle Don Fernando dies. At the end, Michele kills Valerio, but he dies with Ines and Sergio finds the strength to begin a new life.

La Gloria y el Infierno - telenovela

(1986) - Ofelia Medina, Héctor Bonilla


Ofelia Medina .... Inés
Héctor Bonilla .... Miguel Vallarta
Fernando Balzaretti .... Sergio
Jorge Russek .... Don Fernando
Saby Kamalich .... Sara Vallarta
Elvira Monsell .... Martina
Pedro Armendáriz Jr . .... Sebastián
Arturo Beristain .... Madrigal
Dolores Beristain .... Vicenta
Salvador Sánchez .... Asuncion
Arturo Benavides .... Ponton
Arlette Pacheco .... Amalia
Patricio Castillo .... Dr.Mendoza
Ana Silvetti .... Adriana
Carlos Cardan .... Valerio
Miguel Gómez Checa .... Augusto
Lucía Guilmain .... Concha
Alberto Gavira .... Graciano
Uriel Chavez .... Cruz
Josefina Echanove .... Guadalupe
Guillermo Gil .... Genaro
Gilberto Perez Gallardo .... Yañez
David Phillips .... Sergio (as a child)
Sergio Bonilla .... Miguel (as a child)
Nelly .... Inés (as a child)
Mario Casillas .... Lic. Arvides
Blanca Torres .... María
Quintin Bulnes
Jorge Fegan
Maribel Tarrago
Jesus Gómez Murguía
Angel de la Pena
Gustavo del Castillo
Federico Romano
Dacia González
Narciso Busquets

Writing credits
Antonio Monsel (original story and adaptation)

Set Decoration
Alejandro Luna

Cinematography by
Ernesto Medina

Directed by
Gonzalo Martínez Ortega

Produced by
Gonzalo Martínez Ortega
Juan Osorio



"La Gloria y el infierno" is a remake of "Duelo al sol" with Gregory Peck and Jennifer Jones.

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Anonymous   |2008-07-31 20:17:49
Al parecer una muy buena novela, no tuve oportunidad de verla uno de los grandes papeles de Hector Bonilla en Televisa, deberian volverla a pasar en horario estelar y no pasar porquerias como Mariana de la noche.
arturo haro  - la gloria y el infierno   |2009-12-06 14:07:49
quiciera saber bonde puedo encontrar esta telenovla ya que es una de las mejores novelas gracias.
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