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Gotita de Gente

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This is the story of an orphaned girl, Ana Maria, who has escaped from the orphanage where she has been living since she was born and where she received the bad treatment. She comes to the door of an apartment, but there is nobody home, and she falls asleep in front of the door. Several hours later, Juan Bautista Martinez, the owner of the apartment arrives and is surprised to see the sleepy girl there, but he brings her home.

Ana Maria says to Juan that he is her Dad and she asks to let her live with him. Juan is in doubt, but accepts to leave her for several days until the situation is solved. The evil neighbor of Juan Bautista who is in love with him notifies authorities and they send a social worker, Martha Rivera Valdes, to investigate the case. Martha lives tormented because her own newborn daughter was taken away from her. Martha's boss, Dona Carlota, is a tyrant lady who gives an order to take Ana Maria from Juan Bautista and she sends her to another orphanage. Juan, who has already got attached to Ana Maria and sees her as his own daughter, goes to the court to ask for her custody. Martha agrees, but her boss no. A legal battle starts, Martha wants a girl to be with her, and so does Juan Bautista. Martha gets to think that Ana Maria is her lost daughter. The servant who took the Martha's baby to the orphanage is the only one who knows that Ana Maria is not her daughter, the baby died, but he decides to keep the secret in order not to destroy the happiness of Martha and Juan who have already fallen in love. At the end Martha and Juan Bautista marry and Ana Maria finally manages to have the home that she always dreamed of.

Gotita de Gente - telenovela

(1978) - Graciela Mauri, Liliana Abud, Jorge Ortíz de Pinedo


Graciela Mauri ..... Ana María
Liliana Abud .... Martha Rivera Valdes
Jorge Ortíz de Pinedo .... Juan Bautista Martínez
Luciano Hernandez de la Vega .... Sr.Rivera
Alicia Rodríguez .... Doña Margarita
Martha Ofelia Galindo
Leticia Perdigón
María Idalia
Mercedes Pascual .... Doña Carlota
Pancho Muller
Raul Padilla Jr.
Rafael del Rio
Sergio Ramos
Juan Verduzco
Estela Chacón .... Hermana Marcela

Writing credits
Raymundo López (original story)
Luis Reyes de la Maza (adaptation)

Directed by
Manolo García

Produced by
Valentín Pimstein



Further remake of "Gotita de gente" is telenovela "Gotita de amor"

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rogelio medina   |2008-09-02 08:37:01
hola como estan por esta via me comunico con ustedes con el fin de saber en que lugar o mediante que via puedo yo comprar esta hermosa telenovela ...gotita de amor es una telenovela muy importante para mi ya que formo parte de mi nines y quisiera volver a verla en espera de su respuesta ....rogelio
yoiky fernandez  - Gerente de Cuentas   |2009-06-02 22:55:23

Soy Cubana, vivo en Puerto Rico y vi esta Novela cuando era niña en Cuba, me gustaria conseguirla

olga chacon  - gotita de gente   |2009-06-21 01:11:24
hola, esta novela la en cuba en ano 1978 y muero de angustia por no lograr encontrarla por favor, si alguie sabe como comprarla, me pueden avisar...gracias.
yamilka martin  - Gotita de gente   |2010-02-12 22:18:29
Hola,me gustari adquirir esta novela pues es una de mis preferida por favor si sabes donde adquirirla me gustaria saber...Gracias
Yireida Garcia   |2010-11-11 22:45:31
Hola ,Soy cubana ,bueno es que la berdad quisiera consegir esa novela ,desde ase mucho la busco ,pero no se donde poder comprarla ,porfabor el que sepa ,me puede indicar el camino ,Gracias
ana   |2011-07-14 20:32:35
hola quisiera saber como puedo hacer para comprar gotita de gente por favor diganme
Roberto Vences  - gotita de gente con graciela maury 1978   |2011-07-31 04:21:13
esta es una telenovela que a mi me encanto,y asta hoy recuerdo con mucho cariño; quisiera conseguirla!muchas gracias.
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