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Guadalupe I

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Francisco Javier Pereyra, an honest, responsible and loving man, is engaged to be married to Elvira, a lovely society girl. But into his house and life arrives the humble but cheerful servant girl, Guadalupe, and the two fall in love. Francisco Javier breaks up with his girlfriend to stay with Guadalupe, but then arrives a letter from his aunt, asking for help for her son, who had gotten into trouble. Upon arrival Francisco Javier is struck by his remarkable likeness to his cousin, Raul. And Raul, realizing that fate had dealt him the perfect escape from certain imprisonment, hits Francisco Javier over the head and tosses him into a pit. He shaves, cuts his hair and takes on Francisco Javier's identity. Returning to the Pereyra household, he proceeds to turn everything upside down, beginning with a sneering refusal to marry Guadalupe.

Guadalupe I - telenovela

(1984) - Alma Delfina , Jaime Garza


Alma Delfina .... Guadalupe
Jaime Garza .... Francisco Javier / Raúl
Óscar Morelli .... Leopoldo
Rebecca Rambal .... Elvira
July Furlong .... Sara
Elsa Cárdenas .... Leonor
Claudio Báez
Aurora Molina .... Rufina
Demián Bichir
Josefina Escobedo
Ana Silvia Garza .... Teresa
Magda Karina .... Chayo
Nailea Norvind .... Nani
Rubén Rojo
Sylvia Suárez .... Rosalia
Alejandro Tomassi
Nayelli Zaldivar .... Luisita
Jose Roberto Hill .... Gerardo
Flor Trujillo .... Aurora
Gerardo Paz .... Pedro
Elvira Monsell .... Yolanda
Carmen Belen Richardson ..... Dominga
Porfirio Bas .... Carlos
Cristina Peñalvert .... Marisol
Christoper Lago .... Arturito
Manuel Saval .... Roberto
Antonio Brillas .... Padre Florencio
Eugenio Cobo .... Doctor

Writing credits
Abel Santa Cruz (original story)
Maria Antonieta Saavedra (adaptation)

Cinematography by
Manuel Ruiz Esparza

Directed by
Rafael Banquells

Produced by
Valentin Pimstein



There is an Argentinean version of "Guadalupe" of 1972 with Maria de los Angeles Medrano and Artur Puig.

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Abel Romo  - UNA DUDA   |2010-02-09 00:40:07
Según recuerdo esta historia no es de Abel Santacruz, sino de Inés Rodena, de hecho el argumento de esta novela es el que se usó para alargar "Los Ricos también lloran" tres años atrás. Es la chica que llega a trabajar de sirvienta a una residencia, se casa con el hijo de los patrones, hay una tercera en discordia, y una vez que forman una familia esa tercera en discordia anda con el hijo mayor.
Kimberly   |2012-11-13 05:51:35
Where can I buy this telenovela?
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