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Hablame de amor

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Hablame de amor Fruit of a tempestuous romance, Jimena comes to live in her aunt's home after her parents are killed shortly after finally achieving happiness together. Little Maximiliano is fascinated immediately by her. But when her aunt dies of cancer, her grandfather, desolate, repentant of his past errors towards her parents and feeling incapable of raising a little girl, sends her to a boarding school in Switzerland. When Jimena finally returns 10 years later, she is a beautiful woman, but resentful of her grandfather for having kept her away all of this time. Maximiliano also has grown into a handsome professional, but introverted and solitary. He loves Jimena in secret, too insecure to believe she could ever love him back, so he resorts to confessing to her his love, his dreams, his hopes...over the Internet. Jimena adores Maximiliano, but sees him only as a brother. Her secret admirer, on the other hand, awakens very different feelings indeed.

Hablame de amor - telenovela

(1999) - Danna García, Mauricio Ochmann


Danna García .... Julia/Jimena
Mauricio Ochmann .... Maximiliano
José Alonso .... Guillermo
Julieta Egurrola .... Laura
Bruno Bichir .... Esteban
Alma Delfina .... Adriana
Patricia Pereyra .... Norma
Fabián Corres .... Rodrigo/Carlos
Ximena Rubio .... Daniela
Ana Laura Espinosa .... Karina
Aylín Mújica .... Lucía
América Gabriel .... Adela
Mayra Rojas .... Lourdes
Fernando Becerril .... Alonso Carmen Delgado .... Esther
Leonardo Daniel .... Aguilar
José Ángel Llamas .... Raúl Antonio
René Gatica .... Sergio
Miguel Couturier .... Horacio
Carlos Torres Torrija .... Álvaro
Antonio Muñiz .... Víctor
José Carlos Rodríguez .... Gumaro
Mark Tacher .... Leo
Flor Payan .... Regina
Elisa Reverter .... Rossana Alejandro Gaytán .... Juan Antonio
Úrsula Pruneda .... Sandra
Gerardo Aguilar .... Pipas
Camilo Beristáin .... Carlos (niño)
Del Rangel .... Patas
Rubén Delgadillo .... Maximiliano (niño)
Óscar Flores .... Nazi
Gabriel Galván .... Juan Manuel
Mishelle Garfias .... Sandra (niña)
Daniella Garza .... Jimena (niña)
Ana Guevara .... Lilia
Andrea Hays .... Rossana (niña)
Jorge Levy .... Dr. Mendoza
Jonadyka Muriel .... Rocío
Concepción Márquez .... Aurora
Silverio Palacios .... Pitufo
Flavio Peniche .... Muñeco
Ricardo Rentería .... Maximiliano (adolescente)
Patrick Richaud .... Juan Antonio (niño)
Alexis Rodríguez .... Leo (niño)
Alonso Rodríguez .... Leo (adolescente)
José Rodríguez .... Pitufo
Samantha Veliz .... Sandra (adolescente)
Tania Viramontes .... Mayté
Rodrigo Zurita .... Carlos (adolescente)
Fernando del Solar .... El Suavecito
Alejandro Gaytan .... Juan Antonio

Writing credits
Eric Vonn (original story and script)

Song: Hablame de amor
Singing: Antonio Muñiz and Danna García

Song: Eterno tú eterna Yo
Singing: Amanda Miguel

Art Director
Carlos Trejo

Production Manager
Myrna Ojeda

Cinematography by
Óscar L. Palacios

Directed by
Luis Vélez

Produced by
Rossana Arau
Luis Vélez
Elisa Salinas (general producer)

TV Azteca


"Hablame de amor" is a remake of telenovela "Amor en silencio".

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