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Heridas de Amor

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Heridas de Amor telenovelaMiranda and Alejandro will fight for their love as they discover that only if you allow yourself to be wounded in love you can heal the wounds. Miranda San Llorente is a young woman who is hip, has both feet on the ground, and is decisive, she has it all: beauty, money and class. Her father, millionaire Gonzalo San Llorente, puts all his faith in her. This is so be cause out of all his three daughters, she is the one that looks most like him, be it in character and decision.

Florencia, the eldest sister, suffers from a bad heart, one that will take her to her grave. The youngest sister Renata is an immature and capricious adolescent. Miranda prepares her wedding with Fabricio Beltrán for when he returns from Germany where he finished his doctorate. The thing Miranda ignores, is the fact that Fabricio will come back to wed, but not with her, but with her sister Florencia. This was caused by Bertha de Aragón, Miranda’s maternal Aunt. She made sure the love arose between Fabricio and Florencia, which no one has been able neither to control nor to put under it’s false kindness, all this only to hurt Miranda. Bertha in addition sees in Miranda the woman who hates her own sister, Fernanda de Aragón most. Fabricio returns from Germany accompanied by his friend Alejandro Luque, who wishes to take revenge on Gonzalo, whom he believes to be the assassin of his father.

Alejandro’s inner conflict will be terrible once he gets to know Miranda. It will awaken his love for her for the first time, which is the total opposite of his desires for revenge. By his side, Miranda feels an inexplicable attraction towards him, which will cause a relationship full of love and hatred and one which both will leave them hurt bittersweet. The businesses of Gonzalo break by the bad handlings of Caesar, who is the brother of Fabricio and an accomplice of Bertha. Gonzalo is sent to prison and Miranda must recover not only the fortune, but also her complete family, including her mother, who has left because of the intrigues of Bertha. In addition, Miranda and Alejandro have to overcome the obstacles on their path which are formed by Caesar who is the master brain behind the whole thing and Bertha, she falls in love with Alejandro from the first time she will see him. In this battle of feelings, passions, pride and power, both Miranda and Alejandro will discover that in order to be cured from the wounds of love, you have to allow yourself to be wounded.

Heridas de Amor - telenovela

(2006) - Guy Ecker , Jacqueline Bracamontes


Guy Ecker ... Alejandro Luque Buenaventura
Jacqueline Bracamontes ... Miranda San Llorente de Aragón
Karla Álvarez ... Florencia San Llorente de Aragón
Vanessa Arias ... Nuria Gómez
Nuria Bages ... Fernanda de Aragón
Rosángela Balbó ... Rebeca Campuzano
Ricardo Blume ... Leonardo Altamirano
Jorge Alberto Bolaños ... Ambrosio Toriz
Diana Bracho ... Bertha de Aragón
Pablo Bracho ... Luis Alberto Campos
Leticia Calderón ... Fernanda - Young
Marcelo Córdoba ... Daniel Bustamante
Perla Corona
Frantz Cossío ... Ángel Bustamante
Luis Couturier ... Julio Bustamante
Ernesto D'Alessio ... Juan Jiménez García
Alicia del Lago ... Natividad 'Nati'
Lina Durán ... Andrea Villamil
Lucía Fernanda
Juan Ferrara ... Gonzalo (young)
Cecilia Gabriela ... Bertha (young)
Sergio García
Susana González ... Liliana López-Reyna
Jan ... Luciano Sartori
Sionn Jenn
Enrique Lizalde ... Gonzalo San Llorente
Susy Lu ... Verónica Ontiveros
Hugo Macías Macotela ... Padre Santiago Buenaventura
Ingrid Martz ... Renata San Llorente de Aragón
Karina Mora ... Lizania Luque Lemans
Rubén Morales ... Vicente Mercado
Toño Mora ... Joel Jiménez García
Beatriz Moreno ... Amparo Jiménez
José Elías Moreno ... Francisco Jiménez
Lourdes Munguía ... Daira Lemans
Haydée Navarra ... Carola Molinar
Arturo Peniche ... Alfredo Luque
Carlos Pérez ... Sansón
María Prado ... Tomasa Aguirre
José Luis Reséndez ... Fabricio Beltrán Campuzano
Paola Riquelme ... Erika Duarte
Héctor Sáez ... Dr. Benjamín Cohen
Jessica Salazar ... Marisol
Sergio Sendel ... César Beltrán Campuzano
Rodrigo Tejeda ... Raúl Jiménez García
Magdaleno Trujillo ... Gabino
Grettell Valdéz ... Pamela Altamirano Villamil
Francisco Vázquez ... Chaquiras
Luis Xavier ... Román Álvarez

Writing credits
Nora Aleman
María Auxilio Salado
Enrique Jiménez
Guillermo Quezada
Aleksandra Belacic
Elizabeth Salazar

Song Heridas De Amor
Written by: Jorge Avendaño and Ricardo Montaner
Singing: Ricardo Montaner

Original music
Jesús Blanco
Julio César Blanco

Cinematography by
Fernando Anrubio
Casiano Dominguez
Carlos Gómez
Julio Montoya
Martín Rodea
Armando Zafra

Directed by
Sergio Cataño
Alejandro Ainsle

Produced by
Liliana Cuesta
Roberto Hernández



Aracely Arámbula was considered to star

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