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Hermanos Coraje

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Hermanos Coraje telenovelaAt Rio Escondido in Argentina, Lalo Coraje, a famous football payer, returns home. There are his brothers, Jeronimo and Juan, and his parents: Ana and Sebastian Coraje. There is also Pedro Barras's family (Estrella and service staff), the owner of a diamond mine. The two families are rivals for power. Lalo is engaged to Paula, but he has an affair with Rita (who is the Doctor Maciel's daughter). Paula is pregnant and he has to marry her.

In the meantime, Clara, who is Pedro's daughter, returns to the country. She is schizophrenic; she has a double personality: "Diana" good and "Marcia" bad. Juan meets and falls in love with Clara, but Pedro is opposed, he wants her to marry the noble Falcon. Estrella falls in love with Lorenzo and they try to kill Pedro. Jeronimo falls in love with Lina-Potira an Indian, but she will marry Rodrigo. Jeronimo issues a policy against Pedro Barras, but this one has at his side the silly and drunk doctor Maciel, the corrupt Inspector Falcon, who at the end will redeem himself and the foreman Jose Matos, who in reality is his illegitimate son with the maid Dominga. At the end Jeronimo will die together with his beloved Lina-Potira and Pedro Barras will be killed after trying to set on fire Rio Escondido.

Hermanos Coraje - telenovela

(1972) - Jaime Fernández, Fernando Larrañaga, Jorge Lavat


Jaime Fernández .... Juan Coraje
Fernando Larrañaga .... Lalo Coraje
Jorge Lavat .... Jeronimo Coraje
Julissa .... Clara Barros /Diana Lemos / Marcia
Edna Necoechea .... Rita Massiel de Coraje
Gloria Marin .... Josefa
Ana Luisa Pelufo .... Mamá Ana Coraje
Pilar Sen .... Margarita Rosa de Castilla
Sonia Amelio .... Lina
Luis Aragón
Carlos Riquelme
Luis Miranda
Jorge Mistral .... Pedro Barros (#1)
Armando Calvo .... Pedro Barros (#2)
Pedro Armendáriz Jr .
Rita Macedo
Emma Roldán .... Dominga
Victor Alcocer
Carmelita González
Aurora Clavel
Yerye Beirute
Ada Carrasco
Carlos Cardona
Jaime Vega .... Comisario
Ramiro Hernández A.

Writing credits
Janete Clair (original story)

Directed by
Martin Clutet

Produced by
José P. Delfin

Panamericana TV de México


"Hermanos Coraje" is a remake of telenovela "Los hermanos" (1965, Argentina) with Thelma Biral and Enrique Liporace.
Further remake of "Hermanos Coraje" is telenovela "Mi nombre es coraje" (1988, Argentina) with Andres Garcia, Ruben Ballester, Salvador Pineda and Andrea Barbieri.
The Brazilian versions of "Hermanos Coraje" are:
1. telenovela "Irmaos coragem" (1970-71, TV Globo) with Tarcisio Meira, Claudio Cavalcanti, Gloria Menezes and Claudio Marzo.
2. (unsuccessful) telenovela "Irmaos coragem" (1995, TV Globo) with Marcos Palmeira and Leticia Salabella.

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victor  - novela   |2009-08-25 00:31:57
como puedo compral la novela los hermano coraje con(juan,lalo y geronimo)
jorge ortiz  - los hermanos coraje con juan, lalo y geronimo   |2011-01-15 11:46:20
victor wrote:
como puedo compral la novela los hermano coraje con(juan,lalo y geronimo)
luis perez  - dvd   |2009-10-26 23:31:45
i like o know if the novela " los hermanos coraje " is availabe for sale in the market? that is he 1972 version..
Hugo  - question   |2010-09-20 15:07:06
Were you able to get Hermanos Coraje on DVD? If you did, I would greatly appreciate it if you would provide me with the necessary information in order to get it.
bren   |2010-03-02 17:13:08
I remember watching this novela with my great grandmother when I was about 6 yrs old. I didn't understand much spanish back then but watching novelas at my grandparents helped me learn all that I know now. It was a real good novela. Too bad there isn't a T.V. network of old classic novelas. (Tele-novela Classico).
Otilia Enriquez  - Hermanos Coraje   |2011-01-02 23:11:48
Please let me know how/where to order this novela in DVD. Thank you
ronny torres  - saludos   |2011-01-04 21:00:05
Me gustaria volver ha ver la telenovela los hermanos corajes como puedo hacer para poder ver esa hermosa telenovela
aristides cabreja  - re: saludos   |2011-02-15 03:41:50
ronny torres wrote:
Me gustaria volver ha ver la telenovela los hermanos corajes como puedo hacer para poder ver esa hermosa telenovela
Anonymous  - re: re: saludos   |2011-03-08 01:56:50
aristides cabreja wrote:
ronny torres wrote:
Me gustaria volver ha ver la telenovela los hermanos corajes como puedo hacer para poder ver esa hermosa telenovela
raul soto   |2013-06-22 16:51:46
megustaria volver haver la telenovela los hermanos corajes como puedo hacer para porder ver esa Hermosa telenovela ogalas sea pronto gracias
roman  - hermanos coraje   |2011-03-14 05:47:02
alguin sabe donde puedo verla ocomprar
dvd o novela de los hermanos coraje 1972
la de julissa lavat
Sylvia  - re: hermanos coraje   |2013-05-18 18:56:27
roman wrote:
alguin sabe donde puedo verla ocomprar
dvd o novela de los hermanos coraje 1972
la de julissa lavat
I am really looking to by on dvd. One of the best!..
simon gavilanes  - hermanos coraje   |2011-07-03 19:00:50
me gustaria comprar o ver nuevemente la novela hermanos coraje con jorge lavat donde puedo hacerlo
juventino  - hermanos coraje   |2011-07-29 20:55:04
me gustaria ver de nuevo la novela o comprarla que puedo hacer
Anonymous   |2012-01-25 23:02:30
ola meyamo betty veronica ayala froers soi del ano 1960 iquiero recordar mi novela faborita los ermanos coraje con juancoraje lalocoraje yjeronimocoraje por fabol grasias
ARMANDO GUEVARA  - hermanos coraje   |2012-05-11 03:57:43
fue un novela clasica de mi niñes i me gustaria comprarla si alguien la tiene porfavor escribanme a mi correo la trama fue un gran amor que tuvo juan coraje con la hija de pedro barros el diamante encontrado fue la discordia entre barros y la familya de juan me gusta adquirirla porfavor gracias soi de milagro Ecuador
vicente  - Hermanos Coraje   |2012-06-02 07:25:10
yo vi esta telenovela,my buena pero me faltaron los capitulos finales, xfa como puedo hacer para conseguirla o verla.Soy de Guayaquil,Ecuador.Gracias
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