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Hija del Jardinero, La

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La hija del jardinero telenovela Amelia Elcantara is in love with Luis Alexandro Montero whom she studies with in university. Her sister Consuela also loves him. When Amelia gets pregnant by him, Luis Alexandro dumps her and his unborn child to marry Marisa, a rich widow with one child, Carlos Eduardo. Consuela is extremely jealous of Amelia who is baring Luis Alexandro's (the man she loves) child, and makes sure their father, Fernando Elcantara (very conservative and strict) overhears that she's pregnant.

Pedro, the gardener at the Elcantara residence is in love with Amelia, so when her father throws her and Pedro out of the house (thinking it's his child), Pedro just pretends it's his baby and leaves with Amelia. Amelia hates her life with Pedro. They are poor and she is miserable with him, but he loves her and raises their daughter, Luisa Fernanda, as if she were his own (and she has no idea she isn't his). One day Luisa Fernanda and her best friend Vanessa (actually unknowingly her step cousin, as she is Consuela's step daughter) are out in the city when Luisa Fernanda gets hit by a car. Little does she know the man who hits her is actually her biological father, Luis Alexandro. Vanessa convinces her to fake injury and sue Luis Alexandro so she can use the money to go on their senior class trip. She does and of course Luis Alexandro hates her for it. He hates even more that his step son, Carlos Eduardo, the doctor who checks her at the hospital (and who has always hated Luis Alexandro because he was only after his mom's money), writes up a false medical report confirming her non-existent injuries...

La hija del jardinero - telenovela

(2003) - Mariana Ochoa, Carlos Torres


Mariana Ochoa .... Luisa Fernanda Pérez
Carlos Torres .... Carlos Eduardo Gómez Ruíz
José Alonso .... Fernando Alcántara
Sergio Klainer .... Lic. Ordoñez
Fernando Ciangherotti .... Luis Alejandro Montero
Ramiro Huerta .... Pedro Pérez
Alpha Acosta .... Consuelo Alcántara
Kenya Gascón .... Marisa Gómez Ruíz
Gerardo Acuña .... Heriberto Sotomayor
Alejandra Lazcano .... Vanessa Sotomayor
Mariana Isla .... Gabriela
Ángela Fuste .... Amelia Alcántara
Betty Monroe .... Andreina Torres
Gabriela Vergara .... Jennifer de la Vega
Kenya Mori .... Carolina
Eduardo Victoria .... Leopoldo Araoz
Angélica Magaña .... Lucero
Karina Sarti .... Alicia
Loló Navarro .... Rosario
Laura Padilla .... Sor Joaquina
Nubia Martí .... Guadalupe
Mariana Urrutia .... Sor Sonrisa
Erika de la Rosa .... Clarita
Laura Padilla .... Sor Joaquina
Ana Ofelia Murguía .... Rigoberta Rondón Luis Gerónimo Abreu .... Alfredo Anzola

Writing credits
Mariela Romero (original story)
Freddy Salvador Hernández (adaptation)
Lorenza Engell (script editor)

Song "Somos Novios"
Singing: Mariana Ochoa and Armando Manzanero

Original music
Ramiro Pastrana

Music arranger
Ignacio Pérez

Director of photography
Sergio Treviño
Sergio Treviño Jr.

Art Director
Raúl de la Nuez

Abimael Macías

Production manager
José Quintanar

Production co-ordinator
Laura Bautista Zenil

Directed by
Luis Alberto Lamatta

Produced by
Igor Manrique

TV Azteca


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