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Imperdonable II, Lo

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Alejandra is a housewife married to Mauricio with two children: Gloria and Eduardo. There is also Sofia, her very bad mother-in-law, and Sara, who is Mauricio's sister. Sara has a lover Ricardo with whom she wants to escape, but Alejandra interferes. By mistake, Alejandra has a train-crash and her family thinks that she has escaped with Ricardo. But Alejandra has lost her memory and she is helped by Doctor Reyna, who calls her "Andrea Reyna". In the meantime Berta, a family friend, profits from this situation to gain love of Mauricio and Alejandra's son. But Berta has a secret love: Victor. The time passes and Alejandra becomes a theatrical actress and she meets and falls in love with Alvaro. Her children grow up with grudge for her because they think that she abandoned them. Alejandra recovers the memory and she gets back her children, but her heart is for Alvaro by this time...

Lo Imperdonable II - telenovela

(1975) - Amparo Rivelles , Enrique Álvarez Félix


Amparo Rivelles .... Alejandra / Andrea
Enrique Álvarez Félix .... Eduardo
Pilar Pellicer .... Adriana
Rogelio Guerra .... Alvaro
Héctor Bonilla .... Ernesto
Sasha Montenegro .... Sonia
Armando Silvestre .... Mauricio
Susana Dosamantes .... Gloria
Norma Lazareno .... Sara
Silvia Manríquez
Marilu Elizaga .... Sofia
J.José Maríinez Casado .... Eduardo (as a child)
Edith González .... Gloria (as a child)
Raquel Olmedo .... Bertha
Sergio Barrios .... Lic.Cano
Susana Cabrera .... Susy
Milton Rodrígues .... Mateo
Miguel Manzano .... Dr.Reina
Gloria Mayo

Writing credits
Caridad Bravo Adams (original story)

Cinematography by
Ernesto Alonso

Directed by
Noé Alcántara

Produced by
Ernesto Alonso



Further remake of "Lo imperdonable II" is telenovela "Siempre te amaré"

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Anonymous   |2008-07-31 20:42:26
For me Lo imperdonable is the best telenovela I have ever seen it was a pleasure to see the magnificent acting of all the casting, it is a pity that we are not able to see it again, Siempre te amare was not good enough to replace it. Lo imperdonable was just remarcable, gorgeous.
MARCO LIRAMARK  - AMPARO, BEST ACTRESS   |2008-11-15 04:34:37
"Lo Imperdonable" and other television titles gave us an acting lesson about a great star, a great actress, and excellent performances. I miss you, dear Amparo. Theater, television, movies, miss you, doña Amparo.
I suggest new generation of actress study her fine works and I like to see again "Lo imperdonable", "La Leona", and others in tvnovelas channel (in cablevision - Mexico).
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