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Imperio de Cristal

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Imperio de Cristal telenovela Sofia Vidal, her husband Uriel and Katia, their little daughter, attend the great party offered at the elegant mansion of the Lombardo Family, the powerful crystal entrepreneurs. After this, their life will never be the same. Don Cesar, the patriarch of the Lombardos, discovers in Sophia the daughter of his impossible love. Elena, who died tragically in an accident, when Sophia was still a child. Cesar, without Sophia knowing it, decides to protect her because of Elena's memory, which he cherishes still.

Cesar is married in second nuptials to Livia Arizmedi, a former actress who dreams on recovering her career. Sofia's appearance seriously worries Livia, considering her an intruder who could displace her, just as Elena would have done in the past. Livia, who hides a terrible secret that involves Sophia, plots against her, trying to separate her from the family. Augusto, Cesar and Livia's older son, is cruel and ambitious. His ultimate desire is to take hold of his father's empire, getting rid of Octavio, Cesar's son from his first marriage. Livia supports Augusto, since she hopes that once he has got the power, she can once again become the greater star she was. Julio the next son, returns after several years of studying abroad in order to marry his all-life girlfriend, Elisa. Julio is not keen on the family businesses, being this a reason for constant arguments with his father.

Cesar and Livia's younger children are twins: Claudio and Narda. Claudio suffers from infantile psychosis, for which he has been confined in a specialized institution during a long time, suffering from his family's rejection. Narda is a capricious and stubborn, even though she is also a victim of her parents' lack of love. Augusto is obsessed by Sofia and is determined to taking her at any price, knowing besides that it's the way for his father to name as his successor in the enterprises Augusto does everything yo end Sofia's marriage, until finally Uriel decides to abandon her and little Katia. Sofia and Julio meet and great passion arises between them, to the extent that Julio is determined to face anything, including ending his relationship with Elisa. The rivalry between Augusto and Julio, for Sofia's love, lets forth a whirlwind of intrigue, corruption and violent struggle for power. Fragile, but dangerous as well, this Crystal Empire may break in thousands of fragments in the hands of those who try to possess it.

Imperio de Cristal - telenovela

(1994) - Rebecca Jones, Ari Telch


Rebecca Jones .... Sofía Vidal
Alejandro Camacho .... Augusto Lombardo
Ari Telch .... Julio Lombardo
Kate del Castillo .... Narda Lombardo
María Rubio .... Livia Arizmendi
Ignacio López Tarso .... César Lombardo
Emilia Carranza .... Andrea Lombardo
Consantino Cosatas .... Uriel González
Cecilia Gabriela .... Esther Lombardo
Fidel Garriga .... Germán
Germán Gutiérrez .... Claudio Lombardo
Ivette Proal .... Elisa Estrada
Alejandro Tomassi .... Octavio Lombardo
Aarón Hernán.... Bernal Estrada
Adriana Barraza .... Flora
Graciela Bernardos .... Livia's friend
Oscar Bonfiglio .... Germán Samaniego
Roberto D' Amico .... Virgilio Robles
Malena Doria .... Trinidad
Cuca Dublán
Alan Fernando
Fabiola Campomanes
Zoravir Gómez .... Katia
González Vidal
Dacia González .... Renata Ocampo
Lucero Lander .... Diana
Alicia Montoya .... Antonia Arizmendi
Aida Naredo
Alejandro Ruiz .... Marcelo Ocampo
Héctor Sáez .... Padre Angel
Amara Villafuerte .... Mayra Salgado
Antonio De Carlo .... Bruno Previdi
Araceli Aguilar
Estela Barona
Lola Belda
Germán Blando
Luis Cárdenas
Marina Marín
Arturo Paulet .... Gómez
Roxana Saucedo
Raúl Valerio .... Carmelo
Nora Veryán
Elia Domenzain .... Chela
Jeanette Candiani

Writing credits
Orlando Merino (original story)
Jaime García Estrada (original story)

Original music
Bebú Silvetti

Production manager
Antonio Arvizu V.

Cinematography by
Carlos Guerra

Directed by
Claudio Reyes Rubio

Produced by
Carlos Sotomayor
Rafael Urióstegui S. (associated producer)



Carlos Sotomayor also made an English version of this telenovela called "Empire"
"The best telenovela of the year", TVyNovelas award, 1995.

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