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Indomable, La

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This story is a female version of a play "The Taming of the Shrew" by Bernard Shaw, where the indomitable is Maria Fernanda. She is a rich, spoiled girl, but she has good feelings, and she is fair. She lives at "Vila Paradiso" with her father Gonzalo and her friend Cristina. Their economic situation is disastrous and she marries Miguel for interest, because he can save them from the ruin. He doesn't know the truth about his wife's feelings because now Maria Fernanda loves him intensely. But some people obstruct this love: Sofia, who is Miguel's friend; Gerardo, who is Maria Fernanda's ex-boyfriend; Adele who is Miguel's mother. At the end, Maria Fernanda stays with Miguel, Cristina leaves Tomas and prefers Pedro, finding her lost son: Grillo, the little orphan who lived with Maria Fernanda's family.

La Indomable - telenovela

(1987) - Leticia Calderón, Arturo Peniche


Leticia Calderón .... María Fernanda
Arturo Peniche .... Miguel Echanove
Alfredo Leal .... Gonzalo
María Rivas .... Doña Adela
Elvira Monsell .... Sofia
Alonso Echánove .... Pedro
Carmen Delgado .... Cristina
Claudia Ramírez .... Nabile
Manuel Gurría .... Tomas
Juan Carlos Serrán .... Gerardo
Jacaranda Alfaro .... Jacaranda
Miguel Suárez .... Salsedo
Queta Carrasco .... Pancha
José Luis Cordero .... Ruben
Mario Rezares .... José
Luis de León
Federico Elizondo
Rocio Sobrado
Sérgio Jurado
Ayerim de la Pena .... Alina as a child
Cristian Ramírez .... Grillo

Writing credits
Hilda Morales Allois (original story)
Kari Fajer (adaptation)
Lei Quintana (adaptation)
Dolores Ortega (script)

Set Decoration
Daniel Santos

Production manager
Mapat L. de Zatarain

Cinematography by
Ernesto Arreola
Juan Osorio

Directed by
Beatriz Sheridan
Lorenzo de Rodas

Produced by



Further remake of "La Indomable" is telenovela "Alma Rebelde".
The Brazilian version of "La Indomable" is telenovela "A indomavel" (1965, T.V. Execelsior) with Aracy Cardoso and Edson Franca.

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lisa  - mrs   |2012-07-26 08:10:49
Can this telenovela be purchased on DVD? If so, where? Thank you.
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