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Infames telenovelaThis is the story about love and hatred, honor and disgrace, loyalty and betrayal in the life of a woman who appears in the world of great authority and power, corruption and falseness; a woman who is absolutely aware of the price for truth. Sara Escalante is accused of the crime and put to the prison wrongly. However, she is in the prison and several years later she is released. She takes decision to change her looks completely as soon as she is free to change the whole life.

She also changes her name and turns into Dolores Medina. She is going to make endeavor to appear in the building of the Ministry of Finance where her enemies work to take revenge. Her goal can be reached through getting one of those dishonored women with the power to manipulate people and destroy their lives.
The women corrupted by this system consider sex as the tool to manage and rule dealing with governors, businessmen, deputies and diplomats.
The stories of four women are crossed over who dominate in social or political sphere. They hunt after the power and authority which brings fame, money and domination.


Vanessa Guzmán as Ana Leguina/Preciado
Ana Leguina is the right hand for Porfirio Cisneros. Ana is smart and she clearly realizes her body is the perfect tool to win and she teaches women in her team to survive and conquer just wearing a seductive short dress with the fabulous bra under it.

Luis Roberto Guzmán as Porfirio Cisneros
Porfirio Cisneros is a very dangerous person in appearance but behind those granpa glasses there is a vulnerable and subtle heart.

Ximena Herrera
as Dolores Medina/Sara Escalante
Dolores Medina decides to penetrate the Ministry of Finance as any worker to find the truth of her life hidden from her. She has a love triangle with Porfirio involved.

Lisette Morelos as Sol Fuentes
Sol Fuentes is a very beautiful, cheerful, kind and naive young girl. She looks as perfect as Ana like a doll wearing everything stylish though later she changes for worse getting more hostile. She is shivering every time when she visits Porfirio in his office and is afraid to look at him.

Eréndira Ibarra as Casilda Barreiro
Casilda Barreiro is a proud and lofty woman who prioritizes sex and sexual relations to any other life values. She is beautiful but she misses a little bit of elegance and delicacy to look perfect. She is able to get the desired result in the way she is used to and which is the most correct in her opinion.

Infames - telenovela

(2012) - Vanessa Guzmán, Luis Roberto Guzmán


Vanessa Guzmán ... Ana Leguina/Preciado
Luis Roberto Guzmán ... Porfirio Cisneros
Miguel Ángel Muñoz ... José María Barajas/Joaquín Navarro
Ximena Herrera ... Dolores Medina/Sara Escalante
Lisette Morelos ... Sol Fuentes
Eréndira Ibarra ... Casilda Barreiro
Carlos Torrestorija ... Juan José Benavides
Aldo Gallardo ... Felipe Sánchez Trejo
Juan Ríos Cantú ... Ignacio Cabello
Andrés Montiel ... Emilio Ferreira
Bianca Calderón ... Claudia de Benavides
Ruy Senderos ... Ricardo Benavides
Adriana Lumina ... Valery Leguina... Preciado
Nicolás Krinis ... Javier Peregrino
Luis Palmer ... Domingo
Aurora Gil ... Amanda Ortiz
Juan Martín Jauregui ... Daniel Herrera
Heriberto Méndez ... Luis
Claudia Ramírez ... María Eugenia Tequida
Joaquín Garrido ... Leopoldo
Alexander Holtmann ... Mayor Richard Davis
Lourdes Reyes ... Yalda Adam
Alejandro Usigli
Aline Marrero
Antonio Arias
Bárbara Singer ... Sofía Navarro
Itahisa Machado
Joanydka Mariel
José Carlos Montes...Roldán
Luis Palmer ... Domingo
Maritza Aldaba
Saturnino Martínez
Thanya López ... Sara Escalante

Writing credits
Daniela Galvez (original story)
Anaí López
Larissa Andrade
Fernanda Eguiarte
Florencia Castillo
Jaime Alfonso Sandoval
Natassja Ybarra
Jacques Bonnavent
Luis Miguel Martínez

Written by:

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Raul Caballero
Moises Ortiz Urquidi

Produced by
Veronica Velasco
Epigmenio Ibarra
Carlos Payan
Ana Celia Urquidi
Daniel Camhi

Argos Comunicación, Cadena Tres


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