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Infierno en el Paraiso

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Alexander Valdivia is a successful impresario, an owner of a luxurious property called "The Paradise". He is married to Fernanda, a beautiful and frivolous woman whom he loves deeply. One day he finds out that she is cheating on him and decides to confront her. Fernanda tries to flee. Infuriated and jealous, Alexander pursues her in his car, causing a strange accident in which she disappears and believed to be dead. Later, overwhelmed by the feeling of guilt, Alexander tries to commit a suicide, but was rescued by Marián Ordales, a much younger girl, to whom he will feel an attraction. He decides to start his life over with her, but it will not be so easy when they will face the opposition of all the family of Alexander. Especially from his sister, Dariana, who wishes to remain the only heiress of the fortune of Alexander. She, together with her son, invents intrigue to create conflicts and to get rid of Marián.

Infierno en el Paraiso - telenovela

(1999) - Juan Ferrara , Alicia Machado


Juan Ferrara .... Alejandro Valdivia
Diana Bracho .... Dariana Valdivia
Alicia Machado .... Marian Ordiales
Héctor Suárez Gomis .... Ricardo Selma
Magda Guzmán .... Nanda
Sergio Corona
Julio Bracho .... Antonio Valdivia
Rosa María Bianchi
Arsenio Campos
Julieta Rosen .... Fernanda/Sra. Fiona/Francesca Paoli/Florencia
Silvia Derbez .... Angélica de Ordiales
Itatí Cantoral .... Francesca Paoli Prado
Elizabeth Aguilar
Gabriela Aponte
Tony Bravo
Roxana Castellanos .... Janet
Sharis Cid .... Claudia
Luis Caballero
Elsa Cárdenas
José Antonio Estrada
Ángel Heredia
Paco Ibáñez
Israel Jaitovich .... Gerardo
Archie Lafranco .... Paul
Arturo Laphan .... Fermín
Consuelo Mendiola .... Laura
Aurora Molina .... Herminia
Sebastian Moncayo .... Gustavo
Mireya Moreno
Fernando Moya
María Prado
Genoveva Pérez
Elizabeth Rico
María Roiz
Felipe Ruiz
Mariana Sánchez .... Lucina
Alex Trillanes
Rodolfo de Alejandre
Paulina de Labra
Rafael del Villar .... Lic.Villanueva
Amparo Garrido .... Amparo
Marco Uriel .... Dr.Lapuente
Manola Diez .... Azela
Alejandro Avila .... Felipe
Martha Aline .... Cecilia
Elia Domenzain .... Chela
Marlene Favela
Dulce María .... Dariana 'niña'
Horacio Castelo
Paco Ibañez
Grettell Valdéz

Writing credits
Nora Aleman (original story)
Nora I.Sanchez A. (co-writer)
Alejandra Leon de la Barra (script editor)
Martin Tamez (script editor)

Original music by
Rodrigo Escamilla

Song: Si he sabido amor
Singing: Alejandro Fernández

Film Editing by
Omar Blanco
Ángel Domínguez

Set Decoration by
Sergio Cataño
Claudia Rodríguez

Production manager
Juan M. Silva

Chief of production
Juan Napoles
Elías Solorio

Production co-ordinator
J. Antonio Arvizu

Cinematography by
Armando Zafra
Aurelio Garcia (on location)

Directed by
Sergio Cataño

Produced by
Carlos Sotomayor
Rafael Uriostegui (ssociated producer)



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