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Jaula de Oro, La

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La Jaula de Oro telenovela Everything happens in Villa Miraflores, beautiful country mansion, in the golden cage of Oriana Valtierra, where she had lived throughout her adolescence. Before coming to Miraflores, Oriana, who lost her parents when she was just a kid, lived with her grandfather César Valtierra in Mexico. When she was barely 10 years old, she was brutally raped by one of her grandfather's employees. Even though she doesn't remember anything about the incident, the trauma she experienced subconsciously stays in her personality: whenever she sees the slightest act of aggression, she becomes scared stiff, and cannot move.

Concerned about her welfare, her grandfather and her aunt Ofelia decided to take her to live to Villa Miraflores, to separate her from the strangers and all the bad things that happen in the society. Her grandfather suddenly dies, and everything changes for Oriana. Unexpectedly, she inherits lots of money and marries a distinguished lawyer Flavio Canet. She also finds out that her twin sister Carolina who was considered to be dead, still lives in Puerto Rico, unaware of her real family. But Carolina dies under strange circumstances just a few days after her wedding with Alex Moncada. Alex was also a victim. He was set up as if he had killed a woman on Isla del Rey. After being incarcerated, Alex almost dies in a set-up fire, but after all manages to run away. He tries to find out what really happened to him and to his wife, and comes to Miraflores as Franco López. Oriana, not knowing who he really is, falls in love with him, and he with her.

La Jaula de Oro - telenovela

(1997) - Edith González, Saúl Lisazo


Edith González .... Oriana / Carolina (Renata) - main heroine and her twin sister
Saúl Lisazo .... Alex / Franco - main hero
René Casados .... Flavio - husband of Oriana, villain
María Teresa Rivas .... Ofelia - aunt of Oriana
Antonio Medellín .... Omar - rich man, father of Cristina, villain
Patricio Castillo .... Benjamín - doctor, friend of Oriana's family
Arcelia Ramírez .... Martha - secretary of Flavio and friend of Cristina
Vanessa Bauche .... Cristina - illegitimate daughter of Omar Garcia
Socorro Bonilla .... Doña Tere - stepmother of Cristina
Fernando Sáenz .... Valerio - suitor of Doña Tere
Cecilia Coronel .... Elis - sister of Flavio
Jaime Lozano .... Artemio - employee of Flavio and uncle of Martha
Kenia Gazcon .... Camelia - cousin of Oriana
Isaura Espinoza .... Dolores - friend of Alex
Edi Xol .... Alberto - friend of Alex
Bárbara Gómez .... Regina - maid in Oriana's house
Riccardo Dalmacci .... Gustavo - cousin of Alberto
María de Souza .... Amira
Tony Marcin .... Ana
Ana María Jacobo .... Severina - maid of Benjamin
Ernesto Rivas .... Sergio
Janet Ruiz .... Rosa
Fernando Rubio .... Maximino
Zulema Cruz .... Locutora
Claudio Rojo .... Police Officer
Judith Muedano .... Receptionist
Francisco Haros .... César Valtierra (voice)
Liliana de Ita .... Señora
José Olivares  .... young man
Julián de Jesús Núñez .... Pedro
María Dolores Oliva .... Irene
Oscarín .... Virginia

Writing credits
María Zarattini (original story and adaptation)
Irma Ramos (script editor)

Song: Amame
Singing: Alexandre Pires

Music arranger
Juan López

Art Director
Guadalupe Sánchez

Production co-ordinator
Victor Manuel Ceballos

Chief of production
Daniel Estrada
Liliana Cuesta
Carolina Gallastegui

Cinematography by
Miguel Valdez

Directed by
José Rendon
Luis Vélez (guest director)

Produced by
José Rendón
Roberto Hernández (associated producer)



"La Jaula de oro" is a remake of telenovela "De Pura Sangre"

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