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Juanas, Las

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Las Juanas telenovela "Las Juanas" is the story of five sisters, headed by Juana Valentina, a dreamer and brave woman, who after her mother’s death discovers the secret of the true identity of her father, Calixto Matamoros. Juana Valentina decides to search for her father. She finds out that not only she is an illegitimate daughter, but that at the time when she was conceived, Calixto was having an affair with four other women and conceived with them four daughters. In the house of Calixto Juana Valentina meets Alvaro with whom she falls in love at first sight, until she discovers the possibility that he may be her half-brother. Juana Valentina meets her four sisters, who apart from turning upside down the small city with their beauty and enchantments, end up constructing the nice family and each one of them will find love.

Las Juanas - telenovela

(2004) - Ana Serradilla, Andrés Palacios


Ana Serradilla .... Juana Valentina
Andrés Palacios .... Álvaro
Martha Higareda .... Juana Carolina
Paola Núñez .... Juana Micaela
Claudia Álvarez .... Juana Prudencia
Vanessa Cato .... Juana Martina
Fernando Luján .... Calixto Matamoros
Margarita Sanz .... Doña Doña
Alma Rosa Añorve .... Guillermina
Carmen Beato .... Carlota
Guillermo Iván .... Miguel
Lisset .... Yolanda
Juan Pablo Medina .... Eliseo
Andrés Montiel .... Gabriel II
Juan Carlos Rodríguez .... Carmelo
Cynthia Vazquez .... Clarameche
Alejandro Barrios .... Rodrigo
Faisy .... Gualberto
Jean Douvenger .... Todomundo
Pedro Sicard .... Juan de Dios
Gonzalo Garcia .... Juan Ignacio
Federico Diaz .... Juan Ramon

Writing credits
Bernardo Romero (original story)
Gabriela Pérez Lau (adaptation)
Gabriel Santos (adaptation)
Víctor Civeira (adaptation)

Song: "Un Monton de Estrellas"
Singing: Polo Montañez

Original music
Gabriel Chávez

Marco Iván González

Production co-ordinator
Guadalupe Juárez

Cinematography by
Karla Farjeat
Carlos Sánchez Ross

Directed by
Alejandro Gamboa
Martín Luna

Produced by
Fides Velasco (general producer)
Emilia Lamothe (executive producer)
Alexa Muñoz (associated producer)

TV Azteca


"Las Juanas" is a remake of telenovela "Las Juanas" (Colombia, 1997) with Angie Cepeda and Rafael Novoa.

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Anonymous   |2008-07-31 21:33:37
Great telenovela. I just love the acting of Ana Serradilla and I just love her. The storyline is perfect and the dialogues too. I'm watching on SLovenian channel POP TV.
Natalie  - Mejor que la original!   |2011-01-18 04:02:36
Esta novela fue mucho mejor que la original, grandes actuaciones, hermosa musica.
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