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Juego de la Vida, El

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The soccer field is the main scene of this entertaining story. Four 17 year old friends, Lorena, Paulina, Daniela and Fernanda, are inseparable and they surpass everything together, even at the most difficult moments that each one of them will have to face during their last year of high school. Those are four love stories, full of mix-ups, sweet illusions, but also bitter because of intrigues and painful truths that these youngsters will have to face. All these situations will only reinforce in the young people their enthusiasm and their determination to defend the right to live their own life. Nevertheless, soon they will discover that to become champions and to achieve their goal it is not enough to wish it. They have to learn how to fight. All kind of things happen and they pass through hard moments with their parents. It's a game of life, with a part of love!

El Juego de la Vida - telenovela

(2001) - Ana Layevska, Valentino Lanús, Sara Maldonado


Sara Maldonado .... Lorena
Valentino Lanús .... Juan Carlos
Ana Layevska .... Paulina
Margarita Magaña .... Fernanda
Jacqueline García .... Daniela
Raúl Araiza Jr. .... Ezequiel
Maki .... Tania
Mike Biagio .... Toño
Ingrid Martz .... Gina
Otto Sirgo .... Javier
David Ostrosky .... Rafael
Gabriela Cano .... Aracely
Tina Romero .... Mercedes
Dulce María
Alexandra Monterrubio .... Cynthia
Patricio Borghetti .... Patricio
Manuel 'Flaco' Ibáñez .... Augusto
Juan Carlos Martín del Campo .... Andrés
Sergio Ochoa .... Carmelo
Luis Gimeno .... Nicolás
Mariana Karr .... Victoria
Luciano Seri .... Diego
Cristian Seri .... Oscar
Mauricio Barcelata .... Mariano
Lucero Lander .... Lucía
Héctor Sáenz .... Braulio
Rafael Amador .... Genaro
Raquel Pankowski .... Bertha
Silvia Mariscal .... Sara
Ofelia Cano .... Eugenia
Raquel Morell .... Consuelo
Adalberto Parra .... El Risueño
Marifer Malo .... Marisol
Fátima Torre .... Fátima
Juan Carlos Colombo .... Ignacio
Rodrigo Mejia .... Fabian
Diego Sieres .... Beto
José Luis Reséndez

Writing credits
Katia Ramírez Estrada (original story)
Enna Márquez (original story)
Isabel Soriano (script editor)

Song: El Juego de la Vida (Mexican edition)
Written by: Carlos Toro Montoro, Vito Mastrofrancesco, Michael Shepstons
Singing: Twister

Song: La vida que va (USA edition)
Singing: Kabah

Production co-ordinator
Silvia Cano Castillo

Chief of production
Luis Arturo Rodríguez
Julieta de la O Cardona

Cinematography by
Armando Zafra
Héctor Márquez (on location)

Directed by
Claudio Reyes
Eric Morales Mendoza (on location)

Produced by
Roberto Gómez Fernández
Giselle González Salgado (associated producer)



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aby  - tu me plai   |2009-01-12 18:47:01
trè vrèmen exta ta une facon de jouè tu met bocou damour dan tes films
aaron2010  - The first teen novela I ever watched.   |2012-08-13 00:59:35
"El Juego De La Vida" was the very first telenovela for teens that I ever watched. I first saw this novela in Sept. 2002(my god, it's going on 10 years already)which it had been on the air for a while for which I caught it half way through. From what I saw was very good and the novela pretty much introduced me to the majority of the actors that made up the cast. With the younger cast members it was Ana Layevska, Sara Maldonado, Valentino Lanus, Jackie Garcia, Margarita Magana, Mike(Miguel Angel) Biagio, Ingrid Martz, Patricio Borghetti, Maki,and Rodrigo Mejia. With the older cast members, it was Luis Gimeno, Sylvia Mariscal, Lucero Lander, David Ostrosky, Raul Araiza, Jr.,
Rafael Amador, Tina Romero, Raquel Morell, Raquel Pankowski, Mariana Karr, Manuel "Flaco" Ibanez, Polly, and Juan Carlos Colombo. Both sets of actors(young and old), I would see in other novelas afterwards. Since I only saw "El Juego" halfway through, I've been looking for it on DVD but it hasn't been released on DVD at all. And I'm hoping that either Telefutura or the late night "Grandes Historias" series on Univision re-airs "El Juego De La Vida" some time in the future because I would like to see the whole novela from start to finish.

Adios, Aaron A.

P.S. not only did I see other "teen" novelas afterwards, but this novela got me to become a fan of watching novelas in general.
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