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Juegos del Destino

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This telenovela tells the story of two generations: first the older generation, and once the years pass and the main part finishes it tells the story of the grownup children.

Juegos del Destino - telenovela

(1981) - Lucy Gallardo, Enrique Novi


Lucy Gallardo .... Rosario
Enrique Novi .... José Antonio
Rocío Banquells .... Sofia
Guillermo Murray .... José Luis Morantes (father)
Otto Sirgo .... José Luis (son)
Mónica Sánchez Navarro .... Vanessa
Ana Patricia Rojo .... Vanessa (child)
Lupita Pallas .... Josefina
Martha Ofelia Galindo .... Carmen
Macaria .... Hilda
Guillermo Zarur .... Don Guille
Rosangela Balbo .... Leticia
Alejandro Camacho .... Alvaro
Yolanda Vidal .... María
Lucía Guilmain .... Gabriela
Carlos Petrel .... Dr.Quiroz
Mario Sauret .... Fidencio
Pamela Mendez .... Antonieta
Rosa María Moreno .... Cristina
Pedro Damián .... Javier
Alejandra Peniche .... Laura
Edgardo Gazcon .... José Antonio
Karla Petrel .... Sofia
Raúl Meraz .... Bernardo
Maricarmen Martínez .... Catalina
Raquel Pankowsky .... Teresa
Héctor Kiev .... Marcos
José Alberto Rodríguez .... Rodrigo
César Arias .... Benito
Enrique Beraza .... Armando

Writing credits
Arturo Moya Grau (original story)
Valeria Phillips (adaptation)

Cinematography by
Karlos Velazquez

Directed by
Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo

Produced by
Patricia Lozano


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