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La Que no Podía Amar

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La Que no Podía AmarThe story happens in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Mexico where Ana Paula Carmona lives and takes care of her old sick mother. After Mariana’s death Ana Paula decides to study nursing to help disabled and other people in need.

It’s about time for Ana Paula to complete her study when she meets Bruno. He is looking for a nurse for his boss. He offers a well-paid nursing to Ana Paula and she feels she has to accept the offer since she is in charge of her old Auntie Rosaura and her brother Miguel.

Ana Paula has no idea that she will work in the place Del Fuerte isolated from others, in difficult conditions, and the patient’s personality is too hard to tolerate. Rogelio changes his personality after he is caught in the car accident. On the top of it, Rogelio’s sister, Cinthia also lives there with him. She has love relations with the master Efraín whom, in turn, is loved by Consuelo, a maiden.

Ana Paula meets Gustavo Durán, a smart diligent engineer and they fall in love. But she is not happy since Rogelio seeks her love also and thus she lives in a love triangle. When Miguel is provoced to face a car crush and they are in need of good money for surgery, Rogelio is willing to give money for her promise to marry him. She sacrifices her own happiness for the sake of her brother but she realizes what it means when you are tormented, stressed and obsessed when Rogelio finds out she loves the other man.


Ana Brenda Contreras as Ana Paula Carmona Flores

Ana Paula is a cheerful, brave and humble young girl with a generous and open heart to sacrifice for other people. She loves her brother Miguel and Rosaura whom she cares of after her mother died. She believes in her fate and expects a real love comes to her.

Jorge Salinas as Rogelio Montero

Attractive, manly, intelligent and impulsive person. His life is changed after the car crash and he gets tough and crude. He is rather selfish and tries to keep Ana Paula by him by any chance.

José Ron as Gustavo Durán

Gustavo is a hydraulic engineer. He is very intelligent, attractive and very romantic in spite of his specialty. He has a generous and noble heart and knows what the love, sacrifice and revenge are. He confesses that Ana Paula is the woman of his life.

Fabián Robles as Efraín Ríos

Efraín Ríos is a man from low society. He is poor but brave and romantic. Efraín has an attractive look. He is passionate about Cinthia though he does not believe in that relation. He is a little bit frivolous with Consuelo playing a love affair though she has serious feelings about him.

Susana González as Cinthia Montero Báez

Cinthia is a very fickle and sensitive woman. She feels she wastes her time there in the village where her brother has to live. She prefers moving to a more civilized place but for some reasons she stays there by Rogelio.

La que no podía amar - telenovela

(2011) - Ana Brenda Contreras, José Ron


Ana Brenda Contreras ... Ana Paula Carmona Flores
José Ron ... Gustavo Durán Esquivel
Jorge Salinas ... Rogelio Montero Baez
Susana González ... Cynthia Montero Baez
Ana Martín ... Maria Gomez
Ana Bertha Espín
Ingrid Martz ... Daniela
Julián Gil ... Bruno Rey
Paty Díaz ... Macaria Hernandez
Michelle Ramaglia ... Consuelo Herrera
Jorge Aravena ... David Romo
Fabián Robles ... Efrain Rios
Osvaldo Benavides ... Miguel Carmona Flores
Mar Contreras ... Vanesa Galvan
Alejandro Ávila ... Ernesto
Marco Mendez ... Esteban
Anaís ... Mercedes Duran
Germán Gutiérrez ... Ulises Hernández
Adanely Núñez ... Carmen
Ignacio López Tarso ... Fermin
Elizabeth Dupeyrón ... Elsa de Galván
Humberto Elizondo ... Federico Galván
Javier Ruán ... Máximo
Ricardo Mendoza ... "El Coyote"
Polly ... Helena
Elena Torres
Mario del Rio
Uriel del Toro ... Hugo
Martín Brek
Tania Lizardo ... Maripaz Hernández
Fernando Noriega
Oscar Traven
Hector Ortega
Andrea Rangel ... Moira Duran
Alexandra Torres ... Melanye Torres
Lourdes Reyes
Patricia Martinez
Natalia Esperon
Juan Bernardo Flores ... Margarito

Writing credits
Delia Fiallo (original story)
Ximena Suárez (adaptation)
Julián Aguilar (co-adaptation)
Janely Lee (co-adaptation)

Song: Te dejaré de amar
Written by: Reyli Barba
Singing: Reyli

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Salvador Garcini
Alejandro Gamboa

Produced by
Jose Alberto Castro
Ernesto Hernández
Fausto Sainz



"La que no podía amar" is a remake of:
1 version: mexican telenovela "Monte Calvario" (1986) with Edith González and Arturo Peniche
2 version: mexican telenovela "Te sigo amando" (1997) with Claudia Ramírez and Luis José Santander


Te dejaré de amar, para poder seguir
Para recuperar, lo que una vez perdí
Se volverán a abrir, aquellas puertas que jamás cerré
Y lloverá en abril, para saciar la sed
Que llevo en el alma, que siento en la piel,
Hay tanta nostalgia en mi vida,
Y tantas batallas perdidas.

Pero hoy ganaré, encontré la salida
Volveré a creer, a vivir sin mentiras
Soñaré otra vez, como aquellos días
Cuando te encontré, cuando yo te amé
Cuando tú también me querías
Me querías

Bendigo al porvenir y no doy vuelta atrás,
Hoy quiero ser feliz, hoy huele a libertad,
Me abrazan a los años,
Me gusta vivir con lo necesario
Desde el día en que te perdí

Pero hoy ganaré, encontré la salida
Volveré a creer, a vivir sin mentiras
Soñaré otra vez, como aquellos días
Cuando te encontré, cuando yo te amé
Cuando tú también me querías.

Me querías
Me querías
Me querías
Me querías
Me querías
Me querías
Pero hoy ganaré

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yaquelin recendiz  - la qeo no podia amar   |2012-04-15 21:25:39
I love this tv show alot .I watch it monday through Friday.this is the one that i like alot and i never miss it i watch ever part of it.I with i could meet all of the cast.I LOVE YALLS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!=)
flavia lucchin  - la qeo no podia amar qltimo capitulo   |2012-05-05 21:30:03
o visto tutte le puntate della telenovelas la que no podia amar ma non o potuto vedere il finale potete x cortesia farmi vedere lultima puntata
n 166 ho 167 mi sembra grazie attendo risposta sulla mia posta eletronica vi o messo la mia imeil grazie dist saluti flavia lucchin italia
Leonie  - Abuse is not love   |2012-06-19 06:44:38
I don't support domestic violence in any form. What are you trying to teach you hispanic women, there are enough domestic violence in this culture. enough is enough. Rogelio should not be allowed to continue to abuse Ana and others. ITs like watching Beauty and the Beast. What are we teaching our women. Even if he is depress there is no excuse for violence towards a spouse and others.
Geoffrey Odede  - La Que No Podia Amar   |2012-12-23 09:30:51
Congrats! to the writer. I love to watch this movie.
Lydiah Konga  - laquenopodiaamor   |2013-01-01 11:56:31
Nice movie I cant afford to miss any episode.Big up to the writer
Esther M.  - La que no podia amar   |2013-02-06 12:02:51
wow!ncy episode bt wish it featuured in our screen abit earlier.congrats to the writer.
valentine chepkemboi  - la que no podia amar   |2013-02-07 10:16:09
this soap is superb i love it
kui mash  - i love the series.   |2013-02-08 20:29:18
I loveMontero family. Rogelio is a real gentleman. If only Anapaola agrees to love him life can be so sweet. I hate Vanessa &Bruno! They care for their own interest! Also Ephrain is a gold digger,
Tamri Kereseli   |2013-02-23 15:33:51
This tele novela is very nice and passionate love story, like ,,Corazon salvaje" taken in 1993 in Mexico, where Edith Gonzalez and Eduardo Palomo were playing and which had huge success. In this tele novela Ana Brenda Contreras and Jorge Salinas are also very sweet and beautiful couple and that's why that novela was successful. We liked it in Georgia very much.
Eli madrigal Roxas  - plz answer me   |2013-04-14 15:56:39
plz answer me what song is always sung when ana paula and rogelio kiss.send to my email adress plz
Lolli   |2013-04-24 13:08:31
The english version of the song is 'I hope you dance'; however it is sung in spanish in the soap, and I find the spanish version very sexy but cant find it anywhere
Ohemaa   |2013-04-24 10:41:20
I like this telenovela and my interest is on Ana and Rogelio. i am watching to weather the disables have a chance in love they say
Belete  - re: thanks!   |2013-04-27 11:12:51
Congrats!!To all from writer to Love to watch this movie.
harun wanjau ndiritu  - harun 'rooney' wanjau   |2013-06-01 19:46:19
I really lyk this soap the characters r so real .... it's 1 of my favorite.... Gustavo .. Ana .. they really kill me ... Consuelo too... Bravo 2 the writter
Daniel Tewolde Haile  - Agro Economist   |2013-07-29 09:47:10
I like this telenovela and my interest is on Ana and Rogelio. i am watching to weather the disables have a chance in love .y no Quero ver a tilla de la Ana Paula Carmona Flores. que es muy mala.
And I Like to Say Congratulations! to the writer. I love to watch this movie.
Daniel T.H.
sara  - la que no puedee amar   |2014-05-07 17:06:11
This show is very beautiful and the heroes are great in acting ... and anna paulaaa she is veryyy active alsoo regolioo u r gergous
Anonymous   |2014-07-02 08:29:42
I love all the actors & actress of la que no podia amar(The one who couldn't love) especially Ana Paula, Rogelio Montero. I love the movie so much, i wish i could get the full episodes to watch. Ana paula & Rogelio, you are the best, i love you all. phone no: 07036273246. Nigeria.
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