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Lazos de Amor

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Lazos de Amor telenovela The story centers around María Guadalupe, María Paula and María Fernanda, identical triplets with non-identical, complex personalities. Their parents were killed in a car accident when they were very young. María Guadalupe is believed dead after she falls down a mountain and into a river. Instead, she suffers from amnesia and forgets she has a family and two sisters. Ana Sales, who is going through a tragedy coping with her own mother's death, raises María Guadalupe as her own, even after becoming aware of her true identity.

María Fernanda is a sweet girl who hopes to find her sister, but as a result of the accident is left blind. María Paula is different from her sisters in that she's glamorous, selfish and willful. She wants to be the center of attention always, especially around her grandmother, Mercedes, and uncle, Eduardo. Rivas. After an illness brings María Guadalupe and Ana to México City, María Guadalupe falls in love with Nicolas, a cab driver and good-hearted man, who had just moved to México to live with his grandfather. Living in fear that someone may recognize her daughter, Ana restricts María Guadalupe's actions. But Nicolas' grandmother learns Ana's secret without saying a word. The ties of love eventually draw the three sisters together, weaving through the lives of those that surround them in unexpected ways.

Lazos de Amor - telenovela

(1995) - Lucero, Luis José Santander


Lucero .... María Guadalupe/María Fernanda/María Paula
Luis José Santander .... Nicolás
Marga López .... Mercedes de Iturbe
Luis Bayardo .... Edmundo
Demián Bichir .... Valente
Maty Huitrón .... Ana Salas
Felicia Mercado .... Nancy
Guillermo Murray .... Alejandro
Ana Luisa Peluffo .... Aurora
Otto Sirgo .... Eduardo
Juan Manuel Bernal .... Gerardo
Bárbara Córcega .... Flor
Crystal .... Soledad
Nerina Ferrer .... Irene
Mariana Karr .... Susana
Verónica Merchant.... Virginia
Alejandra Peniche .... Julieta
Fabián Robles .... Geno
Angélica Vale .... Tere
Guillermo Zarur .... Profesor
Orlando Miguel .... Osvaldo Larrea
Erick Rubín .... Carlos
Guillermo Aguilar .... Pablo
Emma Teresa Armendáriz .... Felisa
Enrique Becker .... Sergio
Rosenda Bernal .... Sonia
Víctor Carpinteiro .... Javier
Juan Carlos Colombo .... Samuel
Luis de Icaza .... Gordo
Arturo Lorca .... José de Jesús
Mónika Sánchez .... Diana
Ernesto Laguardia .... Bernardo
Marisol Santarcuz .... Patricia
Karla Talavera .... Rosy
Paty Thomas .... Cecilia
Monica Miguel .... Chole
Gastón Tuset .... Néstor
Silvia Derbez .... Milagros
Rafael Bazán .... Marito
Giovan D'Angelo .... Armando
Lourdes Dechamps .... Valente's wife
Rocío Estrada .... Ana young
Miguel Guízar .... Anaya
Ramiro Huerta .... Jerónimo
Luz María León .... Eugenia
Abigaíl Martínez .... Bertha
Rodrigo Montalvo .... Julián
Maricarmen Vela .... Zoila
Luis de Gamba .... Aníbal
Eric del Castillo
Irene Arcila .... Claudia
Ernesto Bretón .... Leoncio
María del Carmen de Ávila .... Lucero's double
Rafael de Quevedo .... Psiquiatra
Silvia Eugenia Dérbez .... Olga
José Antonio Estrada .... Pedro
Esteban Franco .... Juvenil
Claudia Galvez .... Beatriz
José Pablo Gamba .... Aníbal Esteban 
Ana María Jacobo .... Esperanza
Arturo Monguia .... Chofer
Arturo Paulet .... Prisciliano
Claudio Sorel .... Artemio
Fernando Torres Lapham .... Dr. Alcázar
Luis García .... Himself
Sr. Raúl Velasco .... Himself
Silvia Pinal .... Herself
Eugenio Cobo .... Himself
Pablo Montero .... Oscar Hernández
Alejandra .... one of three Maria's as a child
Alma Rosa .... one of three Maria's as a child
Adriana Rivera Contreras .... one of three Maria's as a child

Writing credits
Jorge Lozano Soriano (original story)
Carmen Daniels (adaptation)
Tere Medina (adaptation)

Song: Lazos de amor
Written by José Cantoral
Singing: Lucero

Music arranger
Jesús Blanco

Chief of production
Guillermo Gutiérrez

Production manager
Diana Aranda

Cinematography by
Alejandro Frutos
Isabel Basurto (on location)

Directed by
Miguel Córcega
Mónica Miguel (on location)

Produced by
Carla Estrada
Arturo Lorca (associated producer)



"Lazos de amor" is a remake of telenovela "Que Paso Con Jackeline?" (Venezuela, 1982) with Doris Wells and Jean Carlo Simancas
"The best telenovela of the year", TVyNovelas award, 1996.

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latinova  - Best   |2008-11-09 08:10:21
Best novela I euer seen
Anonymous   |2009-12-08 03:37:08
lazos de amor is not a remake of ?que paso con jackeline?... these are 2 different stories... even though i think they should make a remake to ?que paso con jackeline? it sounds interesting! :)
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