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Lola...Érase una Vez

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Lola...Érase una vez telenovela

Lola...Érase una vez - telenovela

(2007) - Aarón Díaz , Eiza González


Aarón Díaz ... Alexander Von Ferdinand
Eiza González ... Dolores 'Lola' Valente
Lorena Herrera ... Monserrat Torres-Oviedo de Santo Domingo
Grettell Valdéz ... Carlota Santo Domingo Torres-Oviedo
Blanca Sánchez ... Nilda Santo Domingo
Beatriz Moreno ... Petra Sigrid Von Beethoven
Octavio Ocaña ... Otto Von Ferdinand
Eddy Vilard ... Archibaldo Von Ferdinand
Derrick James ... Marcus Von Ferdinand
Juan Luis ... Boris Von Ferdinand
Viviana Ramos ... Blanca
Juan Acosta ... Facha
Luis Gerardo Mendez ... Bataca
Violeta Isfel ... Gaby
Juan José Ulloa ... Fernando
Alberto Agnesi ... Patrick
Alejandro Nones ... Waldo López
Anahí ... Herself
Anneliese Asúnsolo ... Roberta
Alberto Banares ... Carlos Ignacio
Renato Bartilotti ... Claudio Bonilla
Rubén Cerda ... Antonino
Christian Chávez ... Himself
José Luis Chávez ... Gonzalo
José Luiz Chávez ... Gonzalo
Elohim Corona ... Himself
Roy Corona ... Himself
Karla Cossío ... Paloma
Victoria Díaz ... Mercedes
Natasha Dupeyron ... Marion Von Ferdinand
Emilio Fernández
María Fernanda García
Zoraida Gómez ... Rafaela Santo Domingo Torres-Oviedo
Isamar González ... Dominique
Lisandro Guarinos
Carlos Guerra ... Diego
Anabelle Gutiérrez
Ismael Hernández Medina ... Luciano
Alfonso Herrera ... Himself
Daniela Irigoyen ... Amélie
Aitor Iturrioz ... Richard
Gloria Izaguirre ... Vicenta
Altair Jarabo ... Catherine
Alejandra Jurado ... Cándida
Fabián Lavalle ... Fabiruchis
Karla Luengas ... Mirta
Mick Marcy ... Himself
Dulce María ... Herself
Brian Amadeus Moderatto ... Himself
Xavi Moderatto ... Himself
Felipe Nájera ... Lorenzo
José María Negri
Polo Ortín ... Padre
Alejandro Peraza ... Raúl Ramos
Maite Perroni ... Herself
Renata ... Selma
Juan Ríos
Antonio Sáenz ... Chuky
Georgina Salgado ... Mirtha
Karen Sandoval ... Jazmín
Tiaré Scanda ... Mialgros Ramos
Ingrid Schwebel ... Valentina
Alex Sirvent
Abraham Stavans ... Invitado
Oscar Traven ... William
Christopher Uckermann ... Himself
Monique Vargas ... Valentina

Writing credits
Iván Cuevas
María Eugenia Cervantes
Cris Morena
Pedro Armando Rodríguez
Alejandra Romero

Song Si me besas
Written by: Carlos Lara and Pedro Damián
Singing: Eiza González

Song Masoquismo
Written by: Carlos Lara
Singing: Eiza González

Original music
Carlos Páramo

Cinematography by
Daniel Ferrer
Vivian Sánchez Ross

Directed by
Juan Carlos Muñoz
Luis Pardo

Produced by
Pedro Damián .... producer
Luis Luisillo



Remake of argentinian telenovela "Floricienta"

A Lola... Érase Una Vez magazine for teenagers is now published monthly, since April 2007

This is the first fairy tale based Mexican series ever

Camila Sodi turned down the role of Lola

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aaron2010  - A novela primarily for teens but all ages as well!   |2010-03-11 07:12:43
I taped "Lola, Erase una vez" from first episode to last. It had a lot of comedic and musical moments. And even some dramatic moments. Although this novela was primarily a teen novela, it seemed like it was aimed for all ages as well. Eiza Gonzalez is very talented in both acting and music(and is cute as well). This was also the fourth novela I saw that featured Aaron Diaz and I was also glad to see the always gorgeous and sexy Lorena Herrera act in it , Hell I even thought Tiare Scanda looked attractive in this novela also. I know "Lola" is available on DVD, but I've heard rumors that it was badly edited because it was released before it ended on T.V. But I'll just have to see for myself about that.

Saludos, Aaron A.

P.S. Grettell Valdez's character(Carlota)
was a total whiner throughout the entire
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