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Lo Que Es el Amor

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Lo Que Es el Amor telenovela Tania Lomeli has fought hard to be where she is. Despite the glass ceiling, Tania has managed to forge a path for herself through a hostile, male-dominated environment that doesn't accept women on top, to become the new Secretary General of the Stock Exchange. Along with this difficult job comes the nearly impossible task of winning the respect and trust of the executives she must lead and work with. One fine day, she meets the passionate and ambitious Roman Castellanos in the hallway of the Stock Exchange and an immediate attraction surges between them.

Lo Que Es el Amor - telenovela

(2001) - Claudia Ramírez, Leonardo García


Fernando Luján .... Emiliano Lomelí
Claudia Ramírez .... Tania Lomelí
Leonardo García .... Román Castellanos
Elsa Aguirre .... Abril Castellanos
Verónica Langer .... Jackie Lomelí
José Alonso .... Fausto Ocampo
Issabela Camil .... Gloria Ocampo
Víctor Huggo Martin .... Tomás Cantú
Anna Ciocchetti .... Ana Cantú
Patricia Llaca .... Alex
Francisco de la O .... Edson Durán
Víctor González .... Pablo Rivas
Adriana Louvier .... Julieta Rivas
Mark Tacher .... Tadeo Márquez
Pedro Sicard .... Kuri Habib
Romina Castro .... Clarita
Michel Brown .... Christian Ocampo
Alberto Cervantes
Gabriela de la Garza .... Ximena
Christian Meier .... Efren Villarreal
Héctor Arredondo .... Rene
Raul Arrieta .... Gonzalez
Gabriela Canudas .... Adriana
Griselda Contreras .... Lissette
Monica Dionne .... Isela Guzman
Ana Grahan .... Sofia Lazcano
Alexis Guiot .... Sebastian
Arleta Jeziorska .... Tere
Jose Loza .... Urrutia
Roberto Medina .... Moises
Alejandra de la Mora .... Monica
Guillermo Murray .... Octavio Castellanos
Martha Navarro .... Dona Adriana
Monserrat Ontiveros .... Nora
Martha Papadimitriou .... Laura
Alejandra Prado .... Catalina
Fernando Serfatti .... Joaquin
Luciana Silveira .... Angela
Roberto Sosa .... Ronaldo
Carlos Torres Torrija .... Francisco
Eduardo Victoria .... Carlos

Writing credits
Mónica Agudelo
Santos Sisneiros (adaptation)

Song: Héroe
Singing: Enrique Iglesias

Song: Usted se me llevó la vida
Singing: Alexandre Pires

Art Director
Ariel Bianco

Production manager
Fermín González

Production co-ordinator
Martha Laura Bautista

Cinematography by
Carlos Sánchez Roos
Vivian Sánchez (assistant)

Directed by
Eloy Ganuza

Produced by
Alicia Carvajal

TV Azteca


"Lo que es el amor" is a remake of telenovela "Hombres" (Colombia) with Margarita Rosa de Francisco and Nicolas Montero

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