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Lucia Sombra

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Lucia Sombra telenovela The story takes place at the house of the rich Guerrero Family. Matilde, the unmarried daughter of the family, had a daughter, but her mother, Florencia Guerrero, told her that her daughter had died at birth and was buried in the mountains. Matilde cried a lot, then she went crazy and never recovered. Every day she was digging in different places in the mountains to see if she could find the body of her daughter.

The years passed. Lucia Sombra, the daughter of Matilde, became a beautiful young girl and in spite of being blind she liked to walk in the field. One day she got lost and arrived at the house of the Guerrero. Lucia Sombra explained to Matilde and Florencia that she was blind, got lost and that she was the adoptive daughter of the Pastor Gálver, that she was left in front of his house as a newborn. Doña Florence immediately realizes that Lucia Shade is her granddaughter, but keeps the secret. Matilde falls in love with her cousin Doctor Pablo Orazábal Guerrer, but he falls in love with Lucia, which causes that Matilde hates Lucia. Doctor Orazábal convinces Lucia to go with him to the capital to get her eyes operated, but she doesn't recover her sight. One day, late at night, a stranger arrives at house of the Gálver and violates Lucia Sombra, and she becomes pregnant.

A new guy arrives in town, Rodrigo Rimac. Lucia falls in love with him and he becomes her boyfriend. Rodrigo had an accident and has lost the memory. After recovering his memory, Rodrigo remembers that it was him who violated Lucia Sombra and that he is married. Tormented by everything that had happened, Rodrigo dies in a car accident. Lucia Sombra is operated again and recovers her sight. The son of Lucia is born and she names him Rodrigo. Soon in the town arrives Doctor Ricardo Ledesma, the true father of Lucia Sombra, he returns to investigate what had happened to Matilde and his daughter. He finds out all the truth, and tells Matilde that her daughter did not die and that she is Lucia Sombra. Doña Florencia confesses everything and tells that she planned everything for her own good. Matilde visits Lucia Sombra and confesses that she is her mother. Shortly after a young engineer arrives in town, Octavio Ravel, Lucia falls in love with him and they get married. Matilde gets to love Lucia Sombra, but never fully recovers from her mental disease.

Lucia Sombra - telenovela

(1971) - Ofelia Medina, Rosenda Monteros


Ofelia Medina .... Lucía Sombra
Raúl Ramírez .... Pastor Emilio Gálver
Rosenda Monteros .... Matilde Guerrero
Alicia Palacios .... Florencia Guerrero
Carlos Cámara .... Dr. Pablo Orazábal
Susana Alexander .... Erika
Beatriz Sheridan .... Sara Gálver
Andrea Palma .... Doña Natividad
Luis Miranda .... Ignacio Suárez
Víctor Alcocer .... Padre Cristóbal
Sergio Klainer .... Aarón Siavinski
Miguel Suárez .... Esteban Guerrero
Pilar Sen .... Helena Suárez
Wally Barrón .... Alejo Suárez
Raúl Padilla .... Comisario Vidal
Héctor Cruz .... Dr. Ricardo Ledesma
Luis Aragón .... Señor Ravel
Eric del Castillo .... Santiago Rangel
Ricardo Cortés .... Rodrigo Rimac
Enrique Novi .... Román Gálver
Sylvia Mariscal .... Teresa
Aurora Clavel .... Sra. de Ravel
Jorge del Campo .... Ministro Pier Duwa
Enrique del Castillo .... Dr. Islas
Malena Doriá .... Déborah Duwa
Mauricio Ferrari .... Sr. Rimac
Octávio Galindo .... Octavio Ravel
Alberto Insua .... Dueño de la mina
Margie Bermejo .... Señorita Rangel
Fernando Borges .... Roberto Rangel
Ada Carrasco .... Campesina
Gerardo del Castillo .... Campesino
Norma Jiménez Pons .... Sra. de Rodrigo Rimac
Fernando Castro
Ricardo Austi
Marcela Daviland
Edith González .... Erika niña

Writing credits
Fernanda Villeli (original story)

Directed by
Antulio Jiménez Pons

Produced by
David Antón

Telesistema mexicano

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Anonymous   |2008-07-31 21:49:14
Great atmosphere, intense acting, smooth editing. Rosenda Monteros, Susana Alexander as the jealous Erika, Beatriz Sheridan, Alicia Palacios and Ofelia Medina all had the most fantastic inflexions, pitch, diction and tones in their voices. Each had a particular style of enunciating dialogues that made them notable and unique. Great personalities, television has not seen such great actresses since then. The set of Pastor Galver's home was very detailed and realistic: a "Western" log cottage with a staircase on the left side, the entrance to the kitchen a bit to the right on the back. Some backdrops may seem crude now but the lighting was very expressive. The main musical theme was taken, I think, from a Sergio Leone film. Am I correct?
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