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Madrastra II, La

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La Madrastra telenovela Maria is sentenced to life in prison after being wrongfully accused of the murder of her friend. Her husband who believes she killed her friend decides to make his kids grow up thinking that she is dead. 20 years later Maria is released for good conduct. She returns to her husband and askes him to re-marry her so that she could be near her kids. He agrees. But her two kids at first see her as an imposter who wants to take the place of their late mom. But they soon begin to like her and her husband falls in love with her again. But now she must choose between telling her kids the truth and having the family she always wanted or to find the real killer of her friend.


Victoria Ruffo as María Fernández Acuña San Roman

María is a very beautiful woman in her 40s, elegant and eye-striking. She has good manners in spite of 20 years spent in prison. However, the prison with its rules and the despair to prove her innocence make her furious and willing to take revenge of all her years without home and children. Her biggest love is Esteban. They have two children in the marriage – Héctor and Estrella. When María is acused of murder and sentenced to prison, Esteban refuses from having any relations with her and he says children their mother passes away.

From being an elegant and kind woman, María appears as a vicious woman with bitter thoughts and views.

César Évora as Esteban San Román

Esteban is María’s husband. He is an influential businessman known in their place and wanted by most all women around him. He could change his attitude to his wife when she was put to jail and he has a love affair with Ana Rosa. When María comes back again in so long years and wants to be with him, Esteban realizes who the real of his life is there.

Estaban has been brought-up by his Aunts Alba and Carmela. And it was his Aunts who advised that he would give up María.

Jacqueline Andere as Alba San Román

Selfish and ambitious, Alba has always dominated in the family of San Roman. She hates María since Alba looses her control of the house when she is there. Alba is cautious, cold-hearted and too egocentric. She likes manipulating her sister Carmela and used to be like the hostess in the castle. Ala conflicts and contradicts to María in her attempts to take her place of a wife and a mother in her family.

Mauricio Aspe as Héctor San Román

The heir of the family business, Héctor commits to prove his influence and importance. He is a little bit arrogant and ill-bred until he falls in love.

Ana Layevska as Estrella San Román

Estrella is María’s daughter, frivolous and fickle. Her mother is able to evoke all the hidden positive emotions in her heart. Estrella loves her family and honors her mother who is dead, she thinks. She does not accept Ana Rosa as well as María when she appears from the jail. She is somehow confused with men’s love choosing between Carlos and Greko.

Martha Julia as Ana Rosa Márquez

Ana bears plans to seize Esteban’s fortune as his spouse but all her intentions get ruined when María appears again. Ana is young, beautiful and sensual and she gets into affair with Carlos.

Ana is the worst enemy to María and dreams of getting María and Esteban parted.

La Madrastra - telenovela

(2005) - Victoria Ruffo, César Évora


Victoria Ruffo .... María - main heroine
César Évora .... Esteban - main hero
Jacqueline Andere .... Alba - aunt of Esteban, villain
Mauricio Aspe .... Héctor - son of Maria and Esteban
Ana Layevska .... Estrella - daughter of Maria and Esteban
Miguel Ángel Biaggio .... Ángel - adoptive son of Esteban
Eduardo Capetillo .... Leonel - son of Patricia, the murdered woman
Sabine Moussier .... Fabiola - in love with Esteban, villain
Cecilia Gabriela .... Daniela - aunt of Ana Rosa
René Casados .... Bruno - husband of Fabiola
Margarita Isabel .... Carmela - aunt of Esteban
Martha Julia .... Ana Rosa - niece of Daniela, girlfriend of Esteban
Guillermo García Cantu .... Demetrio - husband of Daniela
Lorenzo de Rodas .... Servando - partner of Esteban
Sergio Mayer .... Carlos - son of Pulpo, villain
Ana Martín .... Socorro - mother of Lupita and Greco
José Luis Reséndez .... Greco - brother of Lupita, in love with Estrella
María Ríos .... Lupita - secretary, in love with Leonel
Carlos Bonavides .... Pulpo - father of Carlos
Arturo García Tenorio .... Davinci - father of Greco and Lupita
Irma Serrano .... Duquesa - owner of the restaurant, friend of Pulpo and Davinci
Patricia Reyes Spíndola .... Venturita - maid of Servando
Michelle Vieth .... Vivian - friend of Maria, in love with Hector
Montserrat Olivier .... Patricia - murdered woman, villain
Joaquín Cordero .... Padre Belisario - friend of Maria and of all San Román
Marcelo Buquet .... Gerardo Salgado - in love with Maria
Daniel Berlanga
Liza Willert .... Rebecca - housekeeper in San Román house
Marcial Casale
Arturo Muñoz
Ruben Morales .... Figueroa
Maria Luisa Alcala .... Fanny - in love with Pulpo
Mariana Karr - guard in the jail
Mario Casillas .... Dr. Ruben - doctor who treats Angel
Archy Lanfranco .... Luciano - attorney of Maria, in love with her
Óscar Morelli .... director of jail
Sérgio Jurado .... Investigador Muñoz
Ximena Herrera .... Alma - secretary, in love with Angel
German Gutiérrez
Alejandro Ruiz
Sebastian .... El Greñas
Santiago Hernández
Andrés Marquez .... El Panzas
Joustein Rounstsad .... El Huesos
Rocio Cardenas .... Angelica - in love with Hector
Sergio Catalán .... Darío Marinelli - crook who cheated Hector out of money
Pilar Pellicer .... Sonia - rich woman, lover of Carlos
Diana Golden .... interpreted Patricia in the cabin
Alberto Chávez .... Valentín

Writing credits
Arturo Moya Grau (original story)
Liliana Abud (adaptation)
Julián Aguilar(adaptation)
Mauricio Aridjis (adaptation)

Song: Viveme
Singing: Laura Pausini

Song: "De mañana yo no se"
Singing: Tiziano Ferro

Song: "Amor del bueno"
Singing: Reyli

Set decoration
Miguel Ángel Medina

Original music
Jorge Avendaño

Cheifs of production
Beatriz de Anda
Alfonso López

Cinematography by
Jesus Najera Saro
Lino A. Gama Esquinca (on location)

Directed by
Erik Morales
Jorge Edgar Ramirez

Produced by
Salvador Mejía



"La Madrastra" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela "La Madrastra" (1981, Chile, UCTV) with Jael Unger and Walter Kliche
2 version: telenovela "Vivir un poco"
3 version: telenovela "Para toda la vida"

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marty17129  - La Madrastra   |2009-08-17 16:09:20
La Madrastra es una excelente telenovela, no me la perdi ningun cpitulo.... :-)
khim   |2011-02-13 17:49:48
this plot is not at all interesting..

i've seen this and i think it's a must-see novela... victoria ruffo and cesar evora did real great!!!
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