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Magica Juventud

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Magica Juventud telenovela This is a story full of intrigues, love and lies. It takes place at one building and at the restaurant "The Magical Hamburger". All the young people there are neighbors and therefore the conflicts among them are just the ordinary things. There is a group of young people led by an old woman: Pepita. She pretends to be a fortuneteller and uses coffee grounds to advice them because they won't accept advises from the adults. Among young people are: Fernanda who wants to became a psychologist, Miguel a veterinary science student that works at the zoo, Gerardo a young musician that wants to compose new music. Also there is Leonardo a millionaire without scruples that wants to seduce Fernanda.

Magica Juventud - telenovela

(1992) - Kate del Castillo, Héctor Soberón


Kate del Castillo .... Fernanda
Héctor Soberón .... Miguel
Ramón Abascal .... Gerardo
Amairani .... Consuelo
Sergio Sendel .... Leonardo
Karen Sentíes .... Laura
Carmen Montejo .... Pepita
Alejandra Morales
Claudia Silva
Gabriela Platas
Adriana Lavat
Sussan Taunton .... Claudia
Karla Ganem (scenes deleted)
Jorge Salinas
Pedro Romo .... Pedro
Pablo Ferrel .... Pablo
Paco Ibáñez .... Paco
Óscar Vallejo
Manuel Saval
Carlos Cámara
Tina Romero
Marisol Santarcuz
José Ángel García
Antonio Miguel
Gilberto Román

Song: Magica juventud
Written and performed by Lorena Tassinari

Directed by
Antonio Serrano

Produced by
Emilio Larrosa


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Anonymous   |2008-07-31 21:58:41
I was six years when "Magica Juventud" aired on Univision on September of 1992 and at the same time when I was entering the first grade. Everyday I watched and I loved the adventures that Fernanda (Kate del Castillo) had with Miguel (Hector Soberon) and Leonardo (Sergio Sendel). To me this novela had a little bit of a combination of "Muchachitas" however the story of novela mostly took place at a restaurant called "La Hamburguesa Magica" and that's why the novela has been probably called "Magica Juventud" because of all the teenagers hanging out in the restaurant and the adventures that Fernanda had with Leonardo and Miguel. The ending of this novela was ok when it ended on February or March of 1993 but sadly it didn't have a high rating or that much excitement in Mexico or in the USA.
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