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Maleficio, El

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El Maleficio telenovelaBeatriz Almanza is a beautiful widow who lives with her mother in law Dona Emilia and the two children: Juan and Vicky. In the past she married Ricardo who after illegal business, had to run away to Brazil and rejoin with his twin brother Roberto. He disappeared over there. Beatriz has a secret relation with Alvaro Rojas married to Ines, but she marries Enrique de Martino who has three children: Jorge, Cesar and Raul.

He is a strange man, with mysterious past and he dedicates himself to a black magic. Ricardo in reality hasn't died, but to escape from his enemies he took Roberto' s identity, who had died. He returns to his country and he wants to make up for the lost time... Jorge De Martino is the most bad of the Enrique's sons. He has an affaire with Vicky, and because they will have a son, he has to marry her. The Mafia wants Enrique to choose one of his sons to continue with his activities when Enrique dies. Enrique chooses Jorge. But Jorge instead of learning the activities of the Mafia, prefers to satisfy his personal ambitions. Because of this, the "Fraternity" begins to be observed by the police (represented by Larios), especially when Armando Ramos (affaire with Nora) is murdered.

El Maleficio - telenovela

(1983) - Ernesto Alonso , Jacqueline Andere


Ernesto Alonso .... Enrique de Martino
Jacqueline Andere .... Beatriz de Martino
Norma Herrera .... Nora
Humberto Zurita .... Jorge de Martino
Carmen Montejo .... Doña Emilia
Sergio Jiménez .... Raúl De Martino / Damián Juárez
María Sorté .... Patricia Lara
Erika Buenfil .... Vicky de Martino
Emilia Carranza .... María Reyna
Gloria Mayo .... Eva
Arsenio Campos .... Álvaro
Sergio Goyri .... César De Martino
Rebecca Jones .... Ruth Reyna
Jorge del Campo .... Felipe Reyna
Eduardo Yañez .... Diego Flores
Alba Nydia Díaz .... Sara
Alfredo Leal .... Ricardo/Roberto
Alfonso Meza .... Teniente Larios
Patricia Reyes Spíndola .... Teodora
Carlos Bracho .... Pedro Jiménez
Gina Romand .... Alicia
Armando Araiza .... Juanito
Mónica Martell .... Alma Bauer
Raquel Olmedo .... Yuliana Pietri
Hector Saez ..... Joao
Nerina Ferrer .... Lorena de la Garza
Barbara Hermen .... Lulu
Guillermo Aguilar .... Meyer
Ana Patricia Rojo .... Liliana
Malena Doria .... Soledad
Nelson Millian
Carmen Belen Richardson
Luis Enrique Guzmán Pinal .... Paco
Miguel Palmer .... Armando Ramos
Xavier Masse .... Luiggi
Rey Pascual .... Rioja
Eric del Castillo

Writing credits
Fernanda Villeli (original story)

Cinematography by
Carlos S. Zúñiga

Directed by
Raúl Araiza Sr.

Produced by
Ernesto Alonso



The Dog "Simón" is the devil "Bael".

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