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Mama Campanita

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Mama Campanita telenovela Carmen or mama Campanita is a poor who begs on the streets with a little bell as a souvenir of her daughter. In the past she was married twice; at the first husband's funeral she meets, falls in love and marries Gerardo a millionaire. They have a daughter: Irene. But there was Dona Ana's opposition (the mother in law) and she succeeds in making Gerardo believe that Carmen cheats on him. Gerardo divorces and goes to USA where he marries again. After some years Gerardo dies, but he finds out the truth. Irene, who has grown up with the stepmother, will discover her origins and will find her real mother Carmen who is dying...

Mama Campanita - telenovela

(1978) - Silvia Derbez, Enrique Lizalde


Silvia Derbez.... Carmen "Mamá Campanita"
Enrique Lizalde .... Gerardo
Anita Blanch .... Doña Ana
Marilú Elizaga .... Doña Irene
Claudio Obregón .... Pablo
Graciela Bernardos .... Elisa
María Idalia .... Beatriz
Silvia Caos .... Josefina
Otto Sirgo .... Enrique
Laura Zapata .... Irene
Raymundo Capetillo .... Gabriel
Estela Chacón .... Cecilia
Dina de Marco .... Lucero
José Elías Moreno .... Polo
Maricruz Nájera
Carmen Cortés
Raul Boxer
Julieta Egurrola
Luis Couturier

Writing credits
Estela Calderón (original story)
Estela Calderón (adaptation)

Cinematography by
Lorenzo de Rodas
Rafael Banquells

Directed by
Noé Alcántara

Produced by
Valentín Pimstein



"Mama Campanita" is a remake of telenovela "La Duquesa"

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pololoploploolpolo  - phbl iubglo867gblhgiugyjuhb   |2008-11-30 12:42:32
la novela esta bieeen gacha
evita  - Telenovela Mama Campanita   |2009-03-08 21:11:59
Where can i buy this telenovela of Mama Campanita? I have been searching for it for the last 30 years! PLEASE HELP ME!
bertha  - Yearning to see again....   |2009-12-01 19:57:58
I have been searching for this novela for a long time; My mother and I watched it together with my children and they and I have very fond memories of this novela and how much my mother was like this characters kindness and humility. If you know where I can purchase this novela please let me know. Thank you.
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