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Mañana es Para Siempre

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Mañana es para siempre telenovelaRebeca Sanches starts her vendetta to Elizalde family and his head – Gonsalo Elizalde, under the name of Barbara Greko. Her first black step on revenge way is to separate two loving hearts – Fernanda (the youngest daughter of Gonsalo Elizalde – the owner of the big dairy production factory) and Eduardo (a son of Soledad – a housekeeper of the Elizalde family). These two young people have been living together since their birthdays and grown up together. The time has passed and they have been united with REAL GREAT LOVE when they met their youth. They love each other in spite of all social status difference between them.

The head of the family – Gonsalo – lives happily with his loving wife Montserrat and their 5 children and doesn’t even imagine the cruel enemy is too close with his dreadful destroying plans. Artemio Bravo feels intensive desperate hatred to Gonsalo. It has spoilt his heart and ruined his mind. Artemio’s life is full with only purpose – to destroy the whole family Elizalde, bring them to death in a long and painful way. He uses the shameless and wicked girl Rebeca Sanches in his plans, the same cruel creature as he is. Rebeca is coming to hire at the Gonsalo’s company under the name Barbara Greko. The sharp mind of the girl impresses Gonsalo and he takes her for the position of his Personal Assistant. And Barbara Greko starts to gain his confidence step by step.

Fernanda and Eduardo appeared to be the first victims of Rebeca -Barbara’s cruelty. Rebeca convinces Montserrat with all her available guile that Eduardo doesn’t worth Fernanda, he is dangegours for the girl. In the result Eduardo is sent to a boarding school in another city. The teenagers keep their feelings being separated. They write loving letters to one another. But  Eduardo’s mother Soledad being defrauded by Barbara Greko hides all the letters and doesn’t allow the addressees to receive them, however much harmful it is for her. She does it for Eduardo to forget Fernanda and Fernanda to forget Eduardo.

Next step in Artemio’s plan is Gonsal and Rebeca (Barbara Greko) wedding. So Rebeca stifles Montserrat to death with pillow and puts Lilian (Gonsalo’s eldest daughter) under this crime. Nobody belives the Lilian’s claims about her innocence, vice versa she is sent to a psychiatric hospital. And now it’s high time to finish the Artemio’s plan of revenge. Gonsalo marries to Barbara Greko and makes her a member of board of directors at his company.

Solidad is the only person in the house who knows how cruel person Barbara is, but she keeps silence as she is scared of Barbara to kill her son Eduardo like she has threatened to do. Solidad lives in horror during many years.

The time has passed. Eduardo takes his Magister Degree and come back home, where he finds his mother desperate ill. Being contrited Soledad tells her son about the letters she hid many years ago. And Eduardo decides to struggle for right.

At the same time Barbara says her new assistant Damien to make Fernanda fall in love with him and marry him. And she tries to make this plan true.

Eduardo has developed a plan in order to bring all cruel enemies of Elizalde to light. Being unrecognized by no one of Elizalde family he is employed to Elizalde company under the name Franko Santoro. Fernanda feels this young man attracts her much. It her true love has started again after some years sleeping.

In difficult situation Eduardo feigns his death. Be one day Fernanda finds his refuge and finds out Franko Santoro to be the great love of her youth – Eduardo. She can’t forgive him to leave her for two times already, to fraud her to be near you. But Eduardo explains him to do this in order to save her from fury and hatred of cruel Barbara (Rebeca in real). And Fernanda forgives him. Fernanda and Eduardo are together again and Barbara-Rebeca makes all her efforts to separate them.

But there are two more young people in love whose happiness is harmful for Barbara – James and Aurora. Barbara meets Aurora with the help of James’ brother Camilo and becomes a “good friend” for Aurora. When Aurora tells Barbara the truth about her feelings the latter gives her some drugs and hides her with Artemio’s help. Then she does her best to convince James his Aurora has left the city with another man. She eve threatens Eduardo to kill Lilian if his friend James not to leave for abroad.

Later Barbara-Rebeca finds out Aurora to be her and Artemio’s daughter, and now her purpose is to separate James and Aurora forever. Barbara lies & wriggles a lot for it. But the truth is indeed fighting for light and everybody is starting to understand who is Barbara and what have she being done during these years in spite of al Barbara’s intrigues. During her married life with Gonsalo Barbara have made some efforts to kill him, but they all have been failed.

When the truth is appeared after all Artemio and Barbara makes effort to escape and take their daughter Aurora with them. But Aurora refuses. She doesn’t want to know such cruel parents. In order to come off this situation clear Artemio feigns Rebeca Sanches murder and puts Barbara under this crime. Barbara is sentenced to 200 years in proson. Nobody believes Barbara’s claim her to be Rebeca Sanches. And she is put to psychiatric hospital after this claim and overdoze of drugs and alcohol. Barbara-Rebeca is left there alone in the company of her cruelty, hatred and despair. Her only happy moment in this hospital is the letter from daughter who has never regretted of her decision.

As for Elizalde family – everthing is good for them from that moment. The family is together. Fernanda and Eduardo have married after long years of separation.


Fernando Colunga as Eduardo Juárez Cruz / Franco Santoro

Eduardo, as a happy child, feels so profound emotions to his mother. His father died when he was only 6. Eduardo inherits love to animals and nature. He is a real daydreamer and his love to Fernanda is strong to last for ever. Though Barbara is a villain to prevent happy life for him for many years, Eduardo feels courageous and strong enough to struggle for his love and justice.

Silvia Navarro as Fernanda Elizalde Rivera

Fernanda Elizalde is a very beautiful, gentle, tender and generous young girl. She keeps strong beliefs about the social life and conduct. She is strong enough to care of other people in need. Her naïve and tender heart is broken, when she has to part with Eduardo and when he mother dies further. Fernanda is too sociable and enthusiastic girl to step aside and live a life aspiring to achieve her goals. As an adult, she is one to manage the family business but she dreams of establishing a handicraft center for the place she lives in.

Lucero as Bárbara Greco de Elizalde /Rebeca Sánchez Frutos

Bárbara is an attractive woman with the stunning shapes and ingenius mind. She manages to manipulate people for the sake of her own goals. She suffered from ill-treatment in the childhood which led to her escape and death of her parents. After long years and sea changes Bárbara Greco is employed at the Gonzalo’s Company and she aims to destroy the smooth and regular setup in Elizalde family instructed by Artemio.

Sergio Sendel as Damián Gallardo

Damián Gallardo is Fernanda’s husband-to-be. They have been engaged but he dates with her and takes decision to marry her for social purposes instructed by Bárbara. He is the social climber as well as Bárbara and he holds the position of the Financial Manager at the promising company. Damián left the parents’ house for he is sick and tired with his obsessive and abusive mother Úrsula who bothers with excess care.

Dominika Paleta as Liliana Elizalde Rivera de Lascurain

Liliana is a straightforward and still responsive teenager who hates hypocrisy and does against it. She is too rebellious to live as a crowd and she prefers breaking rules and enjoying results. She is a pain in the neck for her mother and an object of admiration for her father. She is very close to Soledad and Eduardo, and protects her sister Fernanda. Her life ruins at a time Bárbara accuses her of killing Montserrat and appears in the psychiatric clinics for several years.

Mañana es para siempre - telenovela

(2008) - Silvia Navarro, Fernando Colunga


Silvia Navarro ... Fernanda Elizalde
Lucero ... Barbara Riascos de Elizalde
Fernando Colunga ... Eduardo Montenegro/Marco Viera
Sergio Sendel ... Renato León
Rogelio Guerra ... Don Gonzalo Elizalde
Guillermo Capetillo ... Federico Elizalde
María Rojo ... Soledad de Montenegro
Erika Buenfil ... Monserrat de Elizalde
Dominika Paleta ... Irene Elizalde
Natalia Esperón ... Azucena Chaparro
Eugenia Cauduro ... Susana Suescún de Elizalde
Michelle Vieth ... Fernanda's sister
Sergio Mayer ... Fernanda's brother
Luis Gimeno
Marisol del Olmo ... Silvia Vallejo
Arleth Terán
Lourdes Munguía ... Dolly
Gabriela Goldsmith
Roberto Palazuelos ... Camilo Elizalde
Ursula Prats
Carlos de la Mota ... Mike Horton
José Luis Reséndez ... Simón Lagos
Ariadne Díaz ... Lucia
Humberto Elizondo
Dacia Gonzalez
Alejandro Ruiz ... Jacinto
Tania Vásquez ... Marcela Carranza
Aleida Núñez ... Natalia/Venus Horton
Jaime Garza
Dacia Arcaráz ... Margarita
Mariana Ríos
Adalberto Parra
Jaime Lozano
María Prado
Rafael del Villar
Claudia Ortega
Rafael Novoa ... Miguel Lascuráin
Jorge “El Burro” Van Rankin ... Jacko
Mariana Seoane ... Chelsy

Writing credits
Mauricio Navas
Guillermo Resptrepo
Conchita Ruiz
Tania Cárdenas
Kary Fajer
Gerardo Luna

Song: Mañana Es Para Siempre
Written by: Mauricio Arriaga, Jorge Eduardo Murguía
Singing: Alejandro Fernández

Original music
Alejandro De La Parra
Miguel Góngora
Maryté Gutiérrez
Juan López Arellano
Miguel Ángel Mendoza
Alex Sirvent
Rubén Zepeda
Fernando de Miguélez
Uriel Salinas
Manuel Vázquez

Cinematography by
Alejandro Frutos
Gabriel Vázquez Bulman

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Salvador Garcini
Ricardo de la Parra

Produced by
J. Antonio Arvizú
Nicandro Díaz
Maricarmen Marcos



Remake of the colombian telenovela Pura Sangre

This telenovela marks Lucero's return as an antagonist

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yolanda  - !!!   |2008-11-22 04:49:26
la novela mañana es para siempre esta super padre mejor que la chafa de fuego en la sangre esta esta buenisima epero que siga asi bye atte:yolanda
Guillermo Garcia.  - Fallas   |2008-11-26 15:37:18
la muchacha que esta en el manicomio se ve mucho mas joven que la hermana (Fernanda). Y a Lucero le faltaron canas,
se les fueron varios detalles Y Colunga no parece nada veinteañero. Chequenle ..
Les falto mas inspiracion en el reparto.
di   |2009-01-02 18:19:40
colunga puede hacer cualquier papel y ni me importa, pero la misma lucero lo dijo que fueron muy buenos con ella pasaron 15 anos y se ve igual , aun asi esta muy buena la novela, sigan el trama me tiene intrigada cual es el odio del tan artemio
maira pena  - re: Fallas   |2009-11-07 09:18:56
la muchacha que esta en el manicomio se ve mucho mas joven que la hermana (Fernanda). Y a Lucero le faltaron canas,
se les fueron varios detalles Y Colunga no parece nada veinteañero. Chequenle ..
Les falto mas inspiracion en el reparto.
carlos  - mañana es para sienpre   |2008-11-30 02:34:30
como se llama la chaba que sale en mañana es para sienpre que en la novela le llaman prisila
jenny  - asi se llama priscila   |2008-12-30 13:27:41
se llama arleth terna
marisol   |2008-11-30 06:30:41
me parece una exelente novela con exelente elenco, me encanta fernando colunga y lucero tambien.
silvia lizbeth   |2008-12-01 07:34:09
me parece una excelente fasinan fernanda y eduardo.....
esta padrisima
latinova  - Indonesia   |2008-12-02 11:15:30
I hope it will play in Indonesia
Cinthia   |2008-12-04 06:07:08
me encanta la novela MAÑANA ES PARA SIEMPRE esta super padre, sigan asi. y una cosa fernando estas bien guapo igual tu silvia bye. mi email:
lucero   |2008-12-20 12:44:58
quisiera ver el capitulo de hoy por internet como lo pudo ver
heidy rethi   |2009-10-11 04:50:56
me perdi la novela quiero saber cuando la van a volver a repetirla
karina  - pos yoppp   |2008-12-25 13:26:05
me encanta la novela no me la he perdido me encanta como actua fernando colunga y silvia navarro son super. yupi. y me da miedo la lucero hasta en la vida real. jajaja.
Vanessa  - Yo Los Amo!!!!   |2009-01-03 17:52:27
A mi me encantan!!!! Es la mejor novela de todas! Fernando Colunga y lucero hacen q la Novela sea asi.
Alesi-Fernano Colunga es el me  - Me encanta Colunga es el mejor!!!!   |2009-01-04 18:37:12
A todos en casa nos encanta la telenovela. Somos todos fans de Fernando Colunga.Es un gran actor, el mejor!!!. Sabemos que su trabajo es garantia de calidad. Todo el elenco esta genial y si Lucero se ve joven pero su magnifica actuacion y belleza minimiza la importancia de su joven apariencia. Felicidades a todos. Esta si es una telenovela de verdad.
Anonymous   |2009-01-05 03:43:26
la verdad k esta novela esta muy bien lo felicito a todos y espero k siga asi les deseo mucho exito en este año nuevo
cirila navarro   |2009-01-07 18:09:06
la novela esta chafa era mejor la de fuego enla sangre aunque les duela
agueda  - agueda   |2009-01-16 00:38:51
la novela esta sssuuuper y lo mejor de ella es fernando colunga que esta cuerisimo... muchas felicedades fernando eres un gran actor.... sigue siempre en la pantalla para que nos deleites con tu imagen en la tele.... a toooodo chihuahua felicidades!!!!!!
claudia  - felicitar   |2009-01-17 03:53:42
la verdad cuando supe el elenco no me agrado verla colunga no es de mis favoritos pero la vi y ya opino totalmente diferente esta mucho mejor actua muy bien y ya no me la pierdo los felicito que decir del resto del elenco es la primera novela que veo de colnga que bien actua silvia buenisima actriz bienvenida a televisa
marilu  - conclusion   |2009-01-17 04:08:00
todo va bien,solo que si le faltan canas a lucero y esperar 15 años para vengarse osea? ilogico y cuando todo pase y se venge eduardo !fernanda lo perdonara?
fatihah  - ooo   |2009-01-20 08:57:12

i hope it will play in MALAYSIA
evelin  - quja   |2009-01-22 17:31:58
la novela me encanta tiene una historia de fantasía,lo único malo es que repiten 8 minutos de capitulo anterior y eso aburre mucho
isamary fuentes   |2009-01-23 01:05:46
me gusta mucho esta novela no me la pierdo por nada del mundo me gusta mucho la participasion de todos los actores
evelyn hernandez   |2009-01-31 16:15:39
fuego en la sangre es la novela #1 me encanta.
annie abreu  - manana es para siempre   |2010-07-17 16:25:40
vi esta novela en Puerto
rico,de donde soy. Me encanto y la compre. Pero tantl Fernando como Sylvia lucieron poco enamorados; sus besos lucian forzados y de mentiras. Fernando debio ver la Heredera de Sylvia y Sergio para que viera como lucen los besos de verdad en una novela. Que no le de miedo besar a una mujer porque besarlo a el debe ser toda una experiencia sobre natural. Guau.
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