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Marcha Nupcial

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Mary Lola is a humble girl, she suffers from poliomyelitis and she limbs. She lives in a poor neighborhood with her mother Margarita, who was rejected by her family (the Larezgoitia) because she married a man of low social class. They work selling books on the fairs and as the laundresses. Mary Lola meets Fernando, an ex offender, and she falls in love with him. Then Don Esteban, who is Margarita's father, dies and he mentions her as a heiress. Margarita dies and Mary Lola meets her cousin, doctor Sergio, who falls in love with her, but he is engaged to Paty. Mary Lola and Fernando marry, but he is having relation with his lover Imelda. Sergio marries Paty, but she has an incurable disease and she dies. Then Fernando dies in a fire and Imelda swears to take a revenge on Mary Lola. Then the action moves into a place called "San Martin" farm, where all go to work in a little hospital, because the Larezgaitia finish in decadence. Luisa, who is Sergio's mother, gets mad, she hates Mary Lola, doctor Mario Lopez will love Imelda, who will give up on her revenge. Lucila, who is the farm owner's daughter, will marry Ruben and Sergio and Mary Lola can live their love freely.

Marcha Nupcial - telenovela

(1977) - Alma Muriel , Carlos Piñar


Alma Muriel .... Mary Lola
Carlos Piñar .... Sergio Larezgoitia
Ofelia Guilmáin .... Luisa
Blanca Sánchez .... Imelda
Enrique Rocha .... Fernando
Augusto Benedico .... Don Ernesto
Rosario Granados .... Margarita
Elsa Cárdenas .... Dora
Gustavo Rojo .... Esteban
Aldo Monti .... Julio
Roxana Saucedo .... Paty
Lucía Guilmáin .... Lucila
Miguel Gómez Checa .... Don Antonio
María Belzares .... Madrina
Héctor Cruz .... Ruben
Miguel Corcega .... Dr. Mario López
Aurora Molina .... Petra
José Elías Moreno .... Lacio
Renata Flores .... Georgina
Tony Carbajal .... Padre Simon
Aurora Medina .... Josepha
Arturo Lorca .... Calisto
Fernando Mendoza .... Jacinto
Estela Chacón

Writing credits
Inés Rodena (original story)
Luis Reyes De La Maza (adaptation)

Directed by
Noé Alcántara

Produced by
Valentín Pimstein



Further remake of "Marcha Nupical" is telenovela "Marisol".
The Venezuelan version of "Marcha Nupical" is telenovela "Abandonada" with Marina Baura and Raul Amundaray.

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Anonymous   |2008-07-31 22:06:44
"Marcha Nupcial" is a good telenovela from the '70s because it's the inspiration for "Marisol".
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