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Mar de Amor

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Mar de Amor telenovelaEstrella will go through a big love that definitely took her via passionate youth to a calm life. Estrella Marina is a dreamy restless girl living in Playa Escondida town. She was brought up by her godparents, a kind couple of fishermen who love her like a daughter. Estrella was born as a product of rape and her mother Casilda got mad after bearing her, since that time she is roams about the streets of town.

The powerful and one of the most important citizens of Playa Escondida is León Parra Montiel who has two daughters – despotic Oriana and haughty Elenita.

Víctor Manuel Galíndez comes back to Playa Escondida after long years travelling. He is in deepest depression and wish to live in piece in this small town far from all world. Oriana tries to catch him into her love net, but Víctor falls in love with Estrellita, who answers his feeling desperately with all her heart. But the life of Víctor Manuel is full of secrets of his past on the contrary to clear mind and kind soul of Estrella. Víctor is hiding some facts of his past that torment him.

León Parra Montiel, the richest man of town, is proud of his daughter Oriana who is graduating the university as an engineer. Oriana is not a good person, she is selfish and wicked. León is going to built a big hotel complex in Playa Escondida and wants Oriana to manage this project.

But before start of the building León Parra Montiel has to buy the land for hotel from Víctor Manuel who is the real landlord of Playa Escondida. Oriana falls in love with Víctor, but the man escapes her feelings as his heart is full of love to Estrella Marina.

The meek poor girl and the land heir don’t know it will be difficult for them to be happy together, because Oriana makes all her best to separate two loving people an her father León has fallen in love with Estrellita and wants her to be his wife, so he help his daughter intriguing against these two people to be together.

One day after a violent thunderstorm a strange woman appears on the beach of Playa Escondida. She doesn’t remember who is she and somebody are tending to suggest her a mermaid or enchantress come from the sea. She is Coral – the woman from secret past life of Víctor Manuel. He was in loved her before.

When Víctor finds out who is she, he tries to help her in honour to his great love. Estrellita feels jealously about Víctor’s care. León and Oriana try to add fuel to her fire of jealousy when repeating her again and again that Víctor loves Coral and he is going to marry that woman.

Estrella Marina, whose heart is broken, takes her mentally ill mother and leaves Playa Escondida for a big city. There she meets Hernán, a famous psychiatrist who promises Estrellita to heal her mother up. Hernán falls in love with a noble and despaired Estrella and the girl agrees to be with him, although she cannot forget Víctor Manuel.

Coral remembers everything and understands she loves Víctor Manuel with all her heart. The wanton woman decides to destroy Estrella’s life. It seems the whole world is against the love of Víctor and Estrella and they can never be happy together.

Their great love is the only thing that can help them to find the way to happiness.


Zuria Vega as Estrella Marina Briceno

Estrella Marina Briceno is the main protagonist, the daughter to William and Casilda. She is young and beautiful. She is not satisfied with what she is gifted with life and nature. She dreams of having too many things. Estrella learns to read by herself. She is a great reader and is always ready for new impressions. The other fishers work at the sea and they are used to this life. Estrella is rebellious to escape form there.

Mario Cimarro as Víctor Manuel

Víctor is a person who succeeds in most things at ease. He owns a boat. He is a millionaire and the only son to the family known in the region. He is left the orphan one day and was assigned abroad to study. He studies in progress, as everything he does. He is the best friend to Casilda and Oriana and the adoptive father of Tilico. Victor is in love with Estrella or Coral, he is confused. But he ends up in love and marriage with Estrella.

Ninel Conde as Coral

Coral is very strange and mysterious. She is beautiful, though. She knows Victor intends to conquer her in anyway. She is frivolous and light-minded with men. She is the bitter enemy to the main protagonist, Estrella. Throughout the entire novel, the time flows have been circulated. She is the mother to Tilico adopted by Victor. She finds her love with Leon.

Mariana Seoane as Oriana

Oriana is Leon’s daughter. She is arrogant and caprice. She has intentions to make the fisher village into the resort. She meets with Victor Manuel and falls in love with him. With the purpose to win, she has to sell her share in Playa Escondida. She is a freedom-loving woman without brakes and she can do whatever she wants, for she is used to this outcome only.

Erika Buenfil as Casilda

Casilda ist he tritragonist and Estrella’s mother. She is beautiful but insane. She has best friends, Aurora and Violeta.  She went crazy when raped as a teenager. She loves traveling from village to village and she disappears for several months and nobody knows where she has gone and why. Estrella wants to take her to Mexico for the internship period at the psychiatric clinic where her mother could be treated well.

Manuel Landeta as León Parra-Ibáñez

León is a main villain known in history. He is powerful billionaire and owner to the Playa Escondida. His biggest dream is to construct the Hidden Beach Hotel Complex which makes him get richer three times as much. Leon is cruel and he can act only in the way to succeed with his projects. He is the father to three children, different but not very nice: arrogant and powerful Oriana, haughty Elenita and Jorge. He is in love in Coral being the rival to Estrella.

Juan Ferrara as Guillermo

Guillermo is the uncle to Oriana, Elena and Jorge. He has a great secret about his past life which makes him a little bit unhappy. If only he could reveal the secret.

Mar de Amor - telenovela

(2009) - Zuria Vega, Mario Cimarro


Mario Cimarro ... Víctor Manuel Galíndez
Zuria Vega ... Estrella Marina Briceño
Ninel Conde ... Catalina / Coral
Juan Ferrara ... Guillermo Briceño
Mariana Seoane ... Oriana Parra
María Sorté ... Aurora de Ruiz
Arturo Carmona ... Santos
Manuel Landeta ... León Parra Ibáñez
Norma Herrera ... Violeta
Erika Buenfil ... La loca Casilda
Patsy ... Lucía Galíndez
Raquel Olmedo ... Luz Garabán
Sergio Reynoso ... Antonio Ruiz
Ignacio López Tarso ... El Mojarras
Yulianna Peniche ... Reyna
Marcelo Córdoba ... Hernán Irazabal
Ramón Valdez ... Salvador
Georgina Salgado ... Esperanza Ruiz
Florencia de Saracho ... Elena Parra
Rodrigo Nehme ... Lorenzo Garabán
Renata Notni ... Carmita Bracho
Nicolás Mena ... Jorge Parra
Adrián Martiñón ... Martín
Arturo Carmona ... Santos Nieves
Juan Ángel Esparza ... Osvaldo Ascanio
Javier Ruán ... Bracho
Toño Infante ... Tiburón
Arlette Pacheco ... Maura Larroja
Beatríz Monroy ... Crisanta
Mar Contreras ... Roselia
Oscar Feretti ... Padre Zamorita
Elizabeth Dupeyrón ... Mística
Claudia Ortega ... Silvia

Writing credits
Delia Fiallo (original story)
Alberto Gómez (adaptation)
María Antonieta "Calú" Gutiérrez

Song: Regálame un beso
Written by:
Singing: Fanny Lu

Language : Spanish
Country: Mexico

Directed by
Eric Morales
Xavier Romero

Produced by
Natalie Lartilleux



Consists of 150 episodes

Remake of venezuelan telenovela "María del mar" by Delia Fiallo (1978) with Chelo Rodríguez and Arnaldo André

Forum Telenovela World - Mar de Amor

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bess  - hola   |2009-09-12 18:17:48
hola todos espero que telenovela MAR DE AMOR va a se una telenovela exitosa
ademas tiene buenos actores ..
sachellek  - mar de amores   |2009-11-19 10:51:00
hola a todos sin duda ba aser una telenovela muy bonita pero sin duda ninel conde. como protagonista NO que horor la mejor actris para esa te lenobela es DANNA GARCIA me recuerdo una novela mu bella fue LA TRAICION que fue protagonisada por mario cimaro y danna garcia fue muy bella canbien a ninel por DANNA GARCIA porfavor
karen  - ????   |2009-11-24 02:59:36
solo quiero felicitarlos por la telenovela que está muy bonita pero quisiera que cambiaran de protagonista o que cambiaran de papeles con ninel conde porque la verdad no le va ese papel a ella gracias espero que lean esto!!!
karen  - ?????   |2009-11-24 03:13:28
la novela esta muy bonita y tienes buenos actores bueno sola si cambiaran a la protagonista (zuria vega) porfavor cambienla!!
diego  - muy lindaaa   |2009-12-03 17:30:09
muy bonita la telenovela, hermosa y mas bonita la cancion y elegir a fanny lu para que la cante hermoso,amo la telenovela y a fanny... besos desde argentina y exitos...
diego  - re: mar de amores   |2009-12-03 17:34:24
sachellek wrote:
hola a todos sin duda ba aser una telenovela muy  bonita pero sin duda ninel conde. como  protagonista NO que horor la mejor actris para esa te lenobela es DANNA GARCIA me recuerdo una novela mu bella fue LA  TRAICION que fue protagonisada por mario cimaro y danna garcia fue muy bella canbien a  ninel por DANNA GARCIA porfavor
Ana  - OMG kiten a Zuria Vega   |2009-12-05 01:57:55
Primero que nada, la novela tiene buena trama pero al casting director que le pasaba por la mente osea nada que ver Zuria Vega se ve super insignificante junto a Mariana Seoan; hubieran puesto a alguien mas.....
Natalia  - Qué te pasó Mario   |2009-12-08 21:53:30
Soy fan de Mario y no me gusta como está en esta novela,además la trama es bastante vulgar, nada que ver con El cuerpo del deseo o La traición.Me hubiese gustado que la protagonisma fuese Danna G. o Bárbara Mori(¿alguna vez los veré juntos?),espero que hagan una novela de época con B.Mori.y Mario
Natalia   |2009-12-08 21:54:35
Mario está muy flojo en la actuación,no me gusta,la novela mas o menos y la protagonista no es linda.
Maria Perez  - Mar De Amor   |2009-12-12 05:12:37
En donde esta filmada esta Telenovela?
alguien   |2009-12-18 23:29:04
la verdad esa telenovela no me gusto ninel conde deberia estar en el papel de la tiburona y la tiburona en el papel de zuria vega asi la novela llevaria muy buen ritmo porfa cambien los asi como les digo
shasha  - mar de amor me encanta   |2009-12-23 02:27:32
mar de amor me encanta la telenovela porgeu yo amo playa escondida i me da fastidia qeu se ponen a vicor manuel se tube qeu poner a el diablo en el telenovela juan de dios
yo misma   |2009-12-24 12:03:05
es una telenovela bien entretenida y con un buen protagonista pero a zuria vega hay que arregrarle bien las cejas, pues siempre tiene una mas alta que otra, chequen y veran.
Lupita  -   |2009-12-27 02:46:56
Zuria Vega no me gusta para nada como protagonista de esta actua bien ni esta bonita.Estoy de acuerdo con los otros comentarios que la cambien..PORFAVOR. gracias
celine  - Mar de Amor me encanta   |2009-12-30 19:38:54
A mi me gusta la novela y me parece que todos los personajes están bien. Ojala todos supieramos aunque sea un poquito de actuación como lo saben los protagonista, solo así pudieramos juzgar.
Laura   |2010-01-07 01:20:00
Me gusta mucho esta novela, se podria decir que es mi favorita :) me gusta mucho como actua zuria vega y mario cimarro son excelentes actores, podria decir que los mejores del momento. Sigan así y conseguirán mucho mas éxito!
nenita   |2010-01-07 01:57:48
la verdad esta algo buena la novela pero not anto de hechoalgunos artistas de la novela no se por q no se dejan tomar fotocon la gente s i ellos se deben a nosotrso deben sermas amables y la gente de la ciudad donde graban la novela son muy buena gente y amables perob ueno qdecepcion
veronica   |2010-01-07 22:00:44
me encanta la novela es toda un exito es una historia increible k nu se puede dejar pasar nadie se la puede perder los felicito por el gran elenco escogido. Felicidades
julieth   |2010-01-08 12:27:12
La novela al principio me intersò mucho pero en el transcurso de la misma me dì cuenta que esta como un poco aburrida, tiene una buena historia pero los personajes no le ponen feeling al asunto. Mario Cimarro muy buenmozo pero lo veo un poco apagado
julio cesar  - buena novela   |2010-01-08 15:39:19
Holaen mi punto de vista difiero en todas la opiniones creo que es una buena trama, tiene exelentes actores, todo el elenco es muy bueno, solo que PORQUE TENIA QUE DESAPARECER jORGE (NICOLAS MEDINA) es un buen actor y wow es un tipazo.

Sigan teniendo exito y espero Jorge tenga un regreso muy pronto
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