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Marea Brava

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Marea Brava telenovela What happens when they get together at the same place the most unscrupulous of human’s existences, an adventurer young man who loves diving and liberty and a young woman who only dreams with power to be happy? What happens when a group of young people work at the most luxurious center of Mexico and all of them are arriving ready to begin a new life? What happens when little by little a terrible happening, which condemns all of them, begins to appear and changes the life only of those who want to forget that terrible birth celebrating?

The answers are found in Marea Brava (Brave Tide), a story full of love, entertainment and suspense. A story that will take place at the nicest beaches in Mexico, with the warmest climate and the clearest sky and that its personalities are unexpected and pleasant, dangerous and romantic. So, we meet Alejandra and Daniel, two young persons who are capable to fight against to all the problems that are appearing. Iván has so much malice in his soul as much as his good taste in women and clothes. Soledad is a beautiful woman who has sorrows and with the heaviness of a secret can be humiliated. Zoila is the rascal and enthusiastic hairdresser who wishes to have her own SPA and Rómulo and Remo are two siblings who are rare associates with great abilities. Gilda Soto who won 4 million dollars was able to fulfil the illusion that she always had; to have a gold tooth and Rita who dreams of becoming a star. All together are looking for an opportunity to prove their selves and that they are capable. "Marea Brava", a story where sun and love are co-staring. A story that takes your breath away... A story full of passion... A story where the sea baths the heaven and the heaven transforms in a perfect scenery for a unique love...

Marea Brava - telenovela

(1999) - Héctor Soberón , Anette Michel


Anette Michel .... Alejandra
Héctor Soberón .... Daniel
Tomas Goros .... Iván
Angélica Aragón
Sara Bachelder .... Golddigger at Rafael's wedding
Pilar Boliver .... Zoila
Rarden Braun .... Ivan's bodyguard #1
Ruth Buxton .... Guest at Rafael's wedding
Julio Casado .... Charly
Miguel Couturier .... Gregorio
Livier Dueñas .... Interior Designer
Víctor González .... Paulo
Vincent Hayes .... Wealthy older man at Rafael's wedding
Roberto Mateos .... Marcelo
Karla Rico
Lola Merino
Guillermo Murray .... Rafael
Ricardo Nuncio .... Judicial
Gloria Peralta .... Soledad
Marcela Pezet .... Sofía
Darío T. Pie .... Rodrigo
Robin Rosen .... Guest at Rafael's wedding
David Zepeda
Armando Rubio .... Ivan's bodyguard #2
Adriana Terrones .... Nurse
Jorge Valdés García .... Judicial #1

Writing credits
José Ignacio Valenzuela (original story)
José Luis Durán (adaptation)

Song: Hielo y Fuego
Writtien by Kike Sanatnder
Singing: Olga Tañon

Production manager
José Solano

Directed by
Heriberto López de Anda
Gerardo Pardo Neria
Alejandro Rojas Bracho

Produced by
Elisa Salinas
Juan David Burns
Alberto Cervantes (associated producer)
Alejandra Hernández (executive producer)

TV Azteca


"Marea Brava" is a remake of telenovela "Marparaiso" (1998, Canal 13 de Chile) with Cristian Campos as Ivan Andrade

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