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María Belén

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This is a story about a six year old girl who recently has lost her adoptive parents in a tragic accident. She was left under the care of her uncle Rogelio, an ambitious and evil man, he was the one who planned that accident of his half-brother Alfonso García Marín in order to take over his inheritance, but he didn't take into consideration the possibility that María Belén would survive the catastrophe and, much less, that she was exactly the one who was going to inherit the wealth of Alfonso. Because of that, now Rogelio has to hide the girl to achieve his goal.

Maria Belen - telenovela

(2001) - Danna Paola, Nora Salinas, René Laván


Nora Salinas .... Ana del Río
Danna Paola .... María Belén García Marín
René Laván .... Pablo Díaz Cortázar
Maya Mishalska .... Úrsula Arana
Yurem Rojas .... Bruno Sanz Montaño
Luis Xavier .... Antonio Sanz
Alejandra Barros .... Valeria Montaño de Sanz
Harry Geithner .... Rogelio
Dacia Arcaráz .... Malena
María Marcela .... Lucrecia
Antonio Medellín .... Refugio
Graciela Bernardos .... Trinidad
Marcela Páez .... Claudia del Río
Xavier Marc .... Adolfo Serrano
Antonio Escobar .... Ramiro
Marijose Valverde .... Socorro
Irina Wilkins .... Romina
Cristiana Aguinaga .... Déborah
Natush .... Evelyn
Testadura .... Casilda
Mónica Prado .... Hilda Serrano
Héctor Parra .... Trujillo
Marian Karr .... Lolita
Patricio Borghetti .... Ángel
Evelyn Solares .... Camila
Arturo Barba .... Polo
Jorge Ortín .... Pepe
Óscar Ferreti .... Aurelio
Miguel Priego .... Félix
Ricky Mergold .... Pancho
Hanny Sáenz .... Montserrat
Yousi Diaz .... Norma Malpica
Benjamín Islas .... Tiburcio
Eugenia Avendaño .... Tía Eduviges
Mary Paz Banquells .... Patricia
Alfredo Adame .... Alfonso
René Casados .... Jorge
Adriana Laffan .... Margarita
Mariana Sánchez .... Gloria
Gustavo Negrete .... Gastón
Sara Monar .... Mercedes
Sergio Sama .... Carlos Hernández
Nayeli Pellicer .... Sara
Paola Ochoa .... Ramona
Jorge Santos .... Comandante Morfín
Esteban Franco .... Fidelio
Rebeca Manríquez .... Mamá Pirueta
Maricela Fernández .... Mayita
Paulina Martell .... Pirueta
Omar Villanueva .... Valdivia
Arturo Paulet .... Comandante Rivera
Alex Trillanes .... Martín
Sonia Valestry .... Gladys
Patricia Ramírez .... Alejandra
Mauricio Rodríguez .... Roña
Arturo Farfán .... Mudo
Elizabeth Arciniega .... Licenciada Rocha
Leo Navarro .... Héctor
Ruth Sheinfeld .... Mamá Evelyn
Antonio Abascal .... Papá Evelyn
Shirley .... Mamá Socorro
Paco Lozano .... Papá Socorro
Rosario Contreras .... Mamá Romina
Javier Yerandi .... Papá Romina
Angie Toledo .... Susana
Mario Casillas
Geraldine Galván

Writing credits
Julio Porter (original story)
Martha Olaiz (adaptation)
Tanya Bertrán (adaptation)
Antonio Abascal (adaptation)

Song: Maria Belen
Singing: Rabanitos Verdes
Danna Paola

Cinematography by
Oscar Morales
Arturo García Tenorio

Directed by
Arturo García Tenorio
Lili Garza

Produced by
Mapat L. de Zataraín



"Maria Belen" is a remake of telenovela "La Recogida".

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