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María Mercedes

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Maria Mercedes telenovela The poor and innocent María Mercedes must raise her family on her own. Her father is a drunk and her mother left her when she was a little girl (but her mother is always on her mind). A professional street urchin, she does whatever she has to do to keep food on the table and a roof over her family's heads, no matter how ungrateful they are. Santiago del Olmo is monstrously wealthy and has a beautiful mansion in the richest part of city. Although he is dying, he isn't in peace knowing that his villainous and money-hungry sister-in-law, Malvina, will be his sole heir. One day, Santiago is in the gardens when he spots Meche. A large proposal, a marriage, a will, and a conniving plan by a crazed Malvina will turn the lives of everyone in the house of del Olmo upside down - especially that of Jorge Luis, Malvina's tormented son with whom Meche falls in love.


Thalia as Maria Mercedes

Maria is a nice and cheerful young girl living in the neighborhood. She is decent and never tries to manipulate others to live an easy life. She does not speak literally though she is not illiterate, at all. She is aimed at supporting her siblings. She has been beaten by life though she still believes in happiness and justice.

Arturo Peniche as Jorge Luis del Olmo
Jorge is a young man from high society. He has always been supervised by his mother. In most cases he behaves as a man of weak will though sometimes he confronts people. Jorge Luis del Olmo is a very attractive young man with a good easy-going

Carmen Salinas as Dona Filogonia
Dona Filogonia is an aged woman who loves Maria Mercedes and protects her.

Laura Zapata as Malvina del Olmo
Malvina is a mature woman, mother of Jorge Luis and Digna. She is harsh, nasty and rather prudent. She pretends to be kind to inherit from her nephew whom she hates. She uses her own weapon to “struggle” with people preventing her. She is a bitter enemy for Maria Mercedes. She ill-treats everyone except her children. Malvina is too selfish and vacillating to think of others.

Fernando Ciangherotti as Santiago del Olmo
A handsome young man of high society. He has authentic ancient roots from blue-blooded noble ancestors. HHe is wealthy but it hurts him since he suffers from the disease not able to be cured and he is about to die in spite of a fortune he could spend for remedy. He knows his family is expecting his death to inherit the fortune he possesses and they hate him alive.

Maria Mercedes - telenovela

(1992) - Thalía, Arturo Peniche


Thalía .... María Mercedes
Fernando Colunga .... Chicho
Arturo Peniche .... Jorge Luis del Olmo
Carmen Salinas .... Doña Filogonia
Laura Zapata .... Malvina del Olmo
Gabriela Goldsmith .... Magnolia
Fernando Ciangherotti .... Santiago del Olmo
Jaime Moreno .... Rodolfo
Luis Gimeno .... Sebastián
Luis Uribe .... Manuel
Roberto Ballesteros .... Cordelio Cordero Manso
Roberto Guzmán .... Teo 'El Jarocho'
Aurora Molina .... Natalia
Virginia Gutiérrez .... Blanca
Carmen Amezcua .... Digna del Olmo
Jaime Lozano .... Doctor Diaz
Héctor del Puerto .... Funcionario
Héctor Gómez .... Chaplin
Julio Urrueta .... Napoleon
Silvia Caos .... Alma
Carlos Rotzinger
Raúl Padilla .... El Chupes / Arturo
Manuel D'Flan
Irma Torres
José Luis González y Carasco
Agustín López Zaveta
Vanessa Angers .... Berenice
Meche Barba .... Chonita
Sylvia Campos .... Diana
Rosa Carmina .... Rosa
Carlos Corres
Marcela Figueroa
Arturo García Tenorio .... El Latas / Rogariano
Paola García
Diana Golden .... Fabiola Mayerling Sanroman
Alfredo Gutiérrez
Alberto Inzúa .... Lic.Mario Portales
Lucero Lander .... Karen
Arturo Lorca
Rebeca Manríquez .... Justa
Enrique Marine
Nicky Mondellini .... Mística
Irlanda Mora .... Paz
Erika Olivo
Rossana San Juan .... Zafiro
Evangelina Sosa .... Candy
Cuco Sánchez .... Genaro
Marco Uriel
Xavier Ximénez
Rafael del Villar .... Ricardo
Karla Álvarez .... Rosario
Victor Vera .... Juez Registro Civil
Paquita "La del Barrio" .... Paquita
Ari Telch .... Carlos Urbina
David Ostrosky
Elia Domenzain .... Directora del colegio
Jeanette Candiani
Patricia Navidad .... night club dancer
Flavio Peniche
Ricardo Vera
Lina Michel

Writing credits
Inés Rodena (original story)
Carlos Romero (adaptation)
Vivian Peztalozzi (adaptation)
Rosario Velicia (script editor)
Maria Luisa Solis M. (script co-ordinator)

Song: Maria Mercedes
Written by: Viviana Pimstein
Singing: Thalía

Original music
Francisco Navarette

Cinematography by
Antonio Acevedo

Directed by
Beatriz Sheridan

Produced by
Valentín Pimstein
Carlos Sotomayor (on location in NY)
Salvador Mejía (associated producer)



"Maria Mercedes" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela "Rina"
2 version: telenovela "Rubi Rebelde" (Venezuela, 1989) with Mariela Alcala
Further remake of "Maria Mercedes" is telenovela " Inocente de ti "
There is a Venezuelan version called "La italianita" with Marina Baura and Raul Amundaray.
This was the first leading role of Thalía, then followed two other parts of a trilogy: "Marimar" and "Maria la del barrio"

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mr antonio buena vintura nugui  - thalia aka telenovela   |2010-12-27 12:12:23
hi hello it me iam mr antonio nuguid my question is that thalia is most papular and most pretty in most and some of her telenovela is very passion of her acting and importances is she very responsibilty in her caree one that she most papular in her best telenovela 1 maria mercedes and marimar maria ladel barrio and her last novela rosalinda some like her past novela likeluz y sombra and quicenera this it the thalia first acting caree and i wish that thalia will back soon in the big screen and television novela i like thalia forever no matters she is sexy and great singers and actress
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