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Mariana de la Noche

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Mariana de la Noche telenovela Atilio has two sisters. Isabel, the older sister, is a nice woman who raised up Mariana and loves her as a daughter.  Marcia, the younger sister, is arrogant and cold-hearted, she has never been in love, until Ignacio Lugo arrives in town. Ignacio is an attractive young man, a journalist, who has arrived under the false name, in search of his roots. Ignacio meets Mariana and falls in love with her, and Mariana also gives him her body and soul.

But Marcia also falls in love with Ignacio and she is dying from jealousy when she discovers that he and Mariana have married secretly. Furious and desperate, Marcia tells her brother about the marriage, and Atilio is determined to kill Ignacio without knowing that he is sentencing to death his own son, as Ignacio is a fruit of the love affair he had with Lucrecia, the owner of the restaurant in the town. Nevertheless, during the accident at the mine,  the destiny saves the life of Ignacio and Atilio is hurt pretty bad. Mariana runs away to the jungle after she finds out that Atilio killed her previous pretendants.

Mariana is pregnant with Ignacio's child, but she has an accident and loses her memory. Atilio finds Mariana and takes her to live with him in another island, where she has her baby. Since she cannot remember anyhing, Atilio tells her that she is Elisa, his love from the past, for whom he killed the entire Lugo Navarro household. Later Mariana recovers her memories from the past, though she doesn't remember her days in the island. Marcia gets Mariana's baby after Atilio tries to have him killed, and passes him as her own, forcing Ignacio to marry her. As time passes, Marcia's twisted desires turn her into a serial killer, and Atilio pretends he cannot walk in order to hold Mariana to his side. The story of Mariana is like the legend of the beautiful woman who always dresses black because of her terrible curse: Mariana of the night.

Mariana de la Noche - telenovela

(2003) - Alejandra Barros , Jorge Salinas


Alejandra Barros .... Mariana - main heroine
Jorge Salinas .... Ignacio - main hero
César Évora .... Atilio - stepfather of Mariana, in love with her, villain
Angélica Rivera .... Marcia - sister of Atilio, in love with Ignacio, villain
Alma Muriel .... Isabel - aunt of Mariana, sister of Atilio
René Strickler .... Camilio - doctor, husband of Chachi
Patricia Reyes Spíndola .... Maria Lola - mother of Chachi, mentally ill
José Carlos Ruiz .... Isidro - protector of Ignacio
Patricia Navidad .... Yadira - in love with Camilo, friend of Mariana and Lucrecia
María Rojo .... Lucrecia - mother of Ignacio
Roberto Blandón .... Iván - cousin of Ignacio, villain
Aurora Clavel .... Mamá Lupe - maid at montenegro's house
Adriana Fonseca .... Chachi - sister of Mariana
Ignacio Guadalupe .... Medio Mundo - friend of Ignacio
Jaime Lozano .... Eladio - worker at the Montenegro's mine
Aleida Núñez .... Miguelina - maid at Montenegros's house
Esperanza Rendón .... Irma - friend of Lucrecia
Rafael Rojas .... Gerardo - in love with Marcia
Sergio Acosta .... Cumache - foreman of Atilio, villain
Valentino Lanús .... Javier Mendieta - first in love with Mariana at this story
Marjorie De Sousa .... Carol - misstress of Atilo and Ivan's Assistaint, villain
Miguel de León .... Jose Ramon - suitor of Mariana
Socorro Bonilla .... Yadira's mother
Sandra Montoya .... Itzel - fiance of Camilo
Raul Ramirez .... Padre Pedro
Daniel Continente .... Juan Pablo - brother of Camilo
Benjamin Islas .... Liborio - accomplice of Atilio and Ivan
Joustein Roustand .... Gonzalito
Ileana Montserrat .... Teresita
Roberto Vander .... Angel - suitor of Isabel

Writing credits
Delia Fiallo (original story and adaptation)
Liliana Abud (TV version)
Dolores Ortega (script editor)

Song: Yo Te Recuerdo
Written by: Juan Gabriel
Singing: Juan Gabriel

Original music
Jorge Avendaño

Music arranger
Eduardo Magallanes

Set Decoration
Mario Sánchez

Adrián Frutos Marco A. Rocha

Production co-ordinator
Laura Mezta Bosco Primo de Rivera

Cinematography by
Manuel Barajas

Directed by
Miguel Córcega
Edgar Ramírez (on location)

Produced by
Salvador Mejía Alejandre
Natalie Lartilleux (associated producer)



"Mariana de la noche" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela "Mariana de la noche" (Venezuela, 1975) with Lupita Ferrer and José Bardina.
2 version: telenovela "Selva María" (Venezuela, 1988, RCTV) with Mariela Alcalá ( Alejandra Barros ), Franklin Virguez ( Jorge Salinas ), Guillermo Ferran (Cesar Evora) and Hilda Abrahamz ( Angélica Rivera ).

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marty17129  - Mariana de la Noche   |2009-08-17 15:35:29
Mariana de la Noche es muy buena telenovela, me encanto ver Angelica Rivera en su primer papel de villana.... Angelica es una excellente actriz, ella y Cesar Evor se robaron telenovela...... Despues de Mexico, el primer pais donde se transmito esta novela fue precisamente, mi pais, Croacia :-)
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