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Marimar telenovela Marimar is an innocent girl who lives on the beach with her elderly grandparents. They are very poor, and sometimes, Marimar has to steal to keep food on the table. One day she finds herself in need and she goes to the Hacienda Ibanez to steal some vegetables and eggs for her family.

The foreman catches her redhanded and attempts to take advantage of her; he tells her that she can take the vegetables if she lets him kiss her. Marimar resists and her screams bring Sergio, the spoiled son of the house, running. He defends her and then tells her that under all her grime she is "beautiful." Marimar falls in love with him on the spot. And when Sergio hatches a plot to revenge himself on his family because they won't give him his half of the inheritance, insisting that he settle down once and for all, he concieves of a plan to marry the "dirty girl from the beach" to humiliate them. Marimar, dazzled, agrees to marry Sergio and falls into his fiendish plot without knowing that her own father, an extremely wealthy man who abandoned her mother, is looking for her now to make her his heir.


Thalía as Marimar/Maria del Mar Perez/Bella Aldama

Marimar is a young smart pretty girl though her personality makes people queeze when she decides to show what she can do. She is illiterate and a little bit wild. She has been brought up by her grandparents at the sea. She is used to walking barefoot and shaggy. She is hurt by Serjio and she is only full of the craze to take revenge.

Eduardo Capetillo as Sergio Santibañez

Sergio Santibañez is the man with the good and solid looks. He is handsome and cheerful. He gives up study and the only thing he can afford is waiting for the sale of treasure her mother inherits to kill his step-mother and father and enjoy the life alone. He takes advantage of using Marimar to bother them but the feelings true and real go beyond control and come close to admiration. He is passionate about football and dreams of being a great reputed footballer.

Ada Carrasco as Sofia Cruz

Sofia Cruz is Marimar’s grandmother. She is always next to her. As any elder person, she is loving and responsive woman, tender and kind to Marimar.

Tito Guizar as Don Pancho

Don Pancho is Marimar’s grandfather and husband to Sofia Cruz. He does not work and he can do little what he wishes to do to escape from poor life and attain more stable financial situation in the family.

Miguel Palmer as Gustavo Aldama

Gustavo Aldama is a millionaire. He is not the villain but he is weak-minded. At the very last mement he is caused to give up the mother of his daughter. He gets repented of this deed and affected with the disease he enjoys Marimar and her love.

Chantal Andere as Angelica

Angelica is the wife to Renato whom he treats badly. The major concerns in his life include money, prosperity, high society and everything that is superficial but senseless. She seems to be obedient and helpless though actually she is a real villain with mean intentions. She is younger than her son-in-law, Sergio, and she makes their life unbearable.

Marimar - telenovela

(1994) - Thalía, Eduardo Capetillo


Thalía .... Marimar/Maria del Mar Perez/Bella Aldama
Eduardo Capetillo .... Sergio Santibañez
Guillermo García Cantú .... Bernando Duarte
Alfonso Iturralde .... Renato Santibañez
Chantal Andere .... Angélica
René Muñoz .... Padre Porres
Miguel Palmer .... Gustavo Aldama
Martha Ofelia Galindo .... Josefina
Ricardo Blume .... Gobernado Fernando Montenegro
Ana Luisa Peluffo .... Selva
Juan Carlos Serrán .... Ulises
Marcelo Buquet .... Rudolfo San Genis
Alejandra Ley
Serrana .... Alina
Amairani .... Natalia Montenegro
Ada Carrasco .... Mamá Cruz
Fernando Colunga .... Adrián Rosales
Pituka de Foronda .... Tia Esperanza
Luis Gatica .... Chuy
Daniel Gauvry .... Arturo
Kenia Gazcon .... Atonieta Lopez
Tito Guízar .... Papá Pancho
Toño Infante .... Nicandro Mejia
Julia Marichal .... Corazón
Nicky Mondellini .... Gema
Frances Ondiviela .... Brenda
Marisol Santarcuz .... Monica
Marta Zamora .... Perfecta
Indra Zuno .... Inocencia del Castillo
Rafael del Villar .... Esteban
Rosángela Balbo .... Eugenia
Hortensia Clavijo "La Kukara"
Meche Barba .... Doña Clorinda
Rafael Bazán
Patricia Navidad .... Isabel
Armando Calvo .... Gaspar
Lucero Lander .... Lic. Elena
Alberto Chávez
Ricardo Vera
Rubén Calderón
Karla Barahona
Gabriela Carvajal
Adayari Chazaro
Melva Luna
Alicia del Lago
Elisabeth Macari
Perla Jasso
Eugenio Pérez
Albert Chávez
Agustín Manzo .... Himself
Manuel Negrete .... Himself
Julio Canessa .... Himself

Writing credits
Inés Rodena (original story)
Carlos Romero (adaptation)
Valeria Phillips (free version)
Rosario Velicia (script)

Original music by
Paco Navarette
Viviana Pimstein

Song: Marimar
Singing: Thalía

Cinematography by
Carlos Guerra Villarreal

Directed by
Beatriz Sheridan

Produced by
Valentin Pimstein
Verónica Pimstein



"Marimar" is a remake of telenovela "La Venganza".
"Pulgoso" is played by a dog called "Cuaz".

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nick carter  - great   |2010-03-23 09:14:19
i cant resist laughter whenever am watching is great shot and its casts and the crews deserve a platinum credit.first the pulgoso the dog wont let your rib relax. i say i really like this soap.on behalf of kenyans we are saying thank you and God bless you
Miss Iis ismawati & Harry Prin  - news   |2010-06-11 07:10:09
when movie or telenovela with artis rosalinda thalia is come back....i miss look she is face in televesion with her beautiful hair....
Ada Ndubueze, (Nigeria)   |2010-08-27 11:39:08
I watch Marimar in My TV African and i dont like missing it because i use it to relax every evening. Marima and her Dog Pulgoso would make you laugh even if you are angry. i luv that soap. the cast and the crew are wonderful. i say cudos to them all.
Onu stellamaris, (Nigeria)   |2010-09-13 16:21:42
I cant resist the laughter, marimar and sergio are 5 & 6 nothing can seperate them because they are meant to be together as husband and wife and sergio has a never give up spirit, he fights for what is his, he possess the quality of a real ideal man which men should emulate. Pulgoso too is funny when ever he talks. I luv cruzita bcos her desire is to see her parent united as one.
Fridah Mulenga   |2010-09-29 08:06:19
I love this telenovela i watch it with my family every week night... it is very unpredictable you can never know what its going to be like tomorrow...Chrisiter is my favorite ...Pogoso en fifi they make me laugh:) Marimar & Sergio they look good together...
mirian  - i love this movie   |2011-02-18 09:22:46
i love marimar,is a very interesting soap.sergio and marimar will make a good couple,for real i will be happy to see them up as man and wife,pulgoso and fifii the same.
mutale mbewe  - farcinating movie   |2011-02-24 13:14:46
that a really facinating love story and i think its a must watch because its reflects other possible turn of life
susanedo  - marimar   |2011-03-03 09:22:47
i really luv dis movie marimar. D people i really like most is marimar, sero, cruzita and sero crudos 2 d writer he has done well.
samantha kantinti  - its wonderful   |2011-05-10 21:40:13
the setting is jst lovely, i love the naivety and innocence of marimar, cudos
Jennifer Achen  - Secretary   |2011-06-29 19:23:55
ooh no i really enjoy this movie,but it really hurts me when i have gone for night duty,mostly mari mar and serio
patience mahoso  - great   |2011-07-26 22:58:04
l enjoyed every episode l did not want to miss a single episode but l was heart broken when the telenovela the channel that was broardcasting closed and l did not manage to finish watching it.although l was cut shot l really enjoyed seeing Marimar and Pulgso.
lydia  - smile   |2011-09-20 09:47:22
luv the soap marimar. the way she was able to act 2 characters was wonderful. the wicked ways of angelica left me stunned. i have learnt alot about human beings.
Onoo Columbus  - Viewer   |2011-10-09 14:28:43
I enjoyed the episodes especially marimar's character.However,if angelica really exist in true life,then the world is leading to the rock.
anitaahuama   |2012-04-25 10:38:26
i love the tv series of marimar it is nice and educate people about love and i love the role marimar and sergio played i don't like angelica she is an unforgiving woman and she had mean intentions she never loved sergio's father she just wanted the money of the santibanez family i really love the movie of marimar it si a good one cudos to all the actors who acted in marimar movie
anitaahuama   |2012-04-25 10:54:00
it is also gives the reflection of fatherly love and children need that love a lot i also love the role of marimar and sergio played it is a nice movie
Mirabel  - Wounderful actors nd actress   |2012-05-05 22:07:16
Wow, i luv evry 1 who participated in the movie especially my little cruzita she z jst gud nd also cudos 2 marimar nd sergio wel did wil mk a nice couple .angelika u rilly tried ,infact 2 al u did al wel nt easy keep it up
Nill  - Remake   |2012-08-21 09:33:58
a remake was done in the Philippines, the humor was as good as the Mexican, the actress was Marian Rivera. The series was Hit in the Philippines Asia and Kenya and Uganda.
I fill this movie let it be re   |2013-01-23 13:14:34
I like this movie an i fill it let it be real
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