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Más Allá de la Usurpadora

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Mas Alla de la Usurpadora telenovelaA year has passed since Carlos Daniel and Paulina got married and now they have a daughter called Paulita after Paulina’s mother, Paula. Paulina isn’t feeling very well so she goes to the doctor with abuela Piedad. There, she finds out that she has terminal cancer and she has only 3 months to live. Raquel is the woman who takes care of the children. She pretends to be nice and kind but in reality she dislikes the children and she wants Carlos Daniel.

Paulina doesn’t want to leave Carlos Daniel alone again and she decides to prepare Raquel to be after her the new Mrs. Bracho so she tells her the truth. She also tells it to abuela Piedad because she had already started suspecting it. Raquel, as part of her plan to conquer Carlos Daniel, she tells him about Paulina’s illness. Carlos Daniel runs straight away to Paulina and tells her that they will do everything possible to help her and that he will always love her. At the same time Estefania is gets better and escapes from the clinic to find her baby. Then she steals it from the house of Rodrigo and Patricia. At the anniversary of Paulina and Carlos Daniel, Raquel puts in a glass of wine some poison and offers it to Paulina. This way Paulina would die and she wouldn’t have to wait for months to have Carlos Daniel. While Carlitos and Lisette are playing they accidentally switch the glasses of wine so Raquel drinks the one with the poison. Suddenly Paulina faints and after her Raquel faints too. Both of them are taken to the hospital. There, they discover that Paulina’s illness was a mistake and the one who is sick is Raquel. The reason that Paulina wasn’t feeling well is because she is pregnant again. The next day all the Brachos are at the house. Rodrigo says that he and Patricia are going to a second honeymoon and Paulina with Carlos Daniel announce that they are having another baby.

Mas Alla de la Usurpadora - telenovela

(1999) - Gabriela Spanic, Fernando Colunga


Gabriela Spanic .... Paulina Martinez Bracho/Paola Bracho
Fernando Colunga .... Carlos Daniel Bracho
Yadhira Carrillo .... Raquel
Libertad Lamarque .... Abuela Piedad Bracho
Chantal Andere .... Estefania Bracho
Marcelo Buquet .... Rodrigo Bracho
Jessica Jurado .... Patricia Bracho
Paty Díaz .... Lalita
Magda Guzmán .... Fidelina
Sergio Miguel .... Carlitos Bracho
Sara Montes .... Eloina
María Solares .... Lisette Bracho
Adriana Fonseca .... Veronica Soriano
Tito Guizar .... Don Panchito
Antonio De Carlo .... Osvaldo Reséndiz
Javier Herranz .... Dr. Varela
Ninon Sevilla ... "Cachita"

Original music by
José Antonio "Potro" Farias

Song: La Usurpadora
Singing: Pandora

Cinematography by
Jesus Najera

Directed by
Beatriz Sheridan
Eduardo Said
Manuel Barajas

Produced by
Salvador Mejía



The short sequel to La Usurpadora

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Zaida  - Mas Alla de la Usurpadora   |2008-10-14 10:10:18
I would like to know where can I purchase the video or DVD thank you
Zaida C Stewart
rafaela  - mario   |2013-01-21 22:06:02
corta o cabelo deixa ele como o do fernando colunga
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