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Mentira II, La

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La Mentira II telenovela Arriving in Mexico for a visit, Demetrio Azunsolo discovers that his half-brother, Ricardo Platas, has committed suicide, apparently because of the cruelties of a woman. Full of pain and rage, Demetrio departs to hunt down that evil woman, vowing revenge. But he doesn't know her name only that it begins with "V", nor how she looks, except that she is beautiful, but with a few clues he arrives on the doorstep of the Fernandez-Negrete household, where two young women live, Virginia and Veronica. Immediately struck by Veronica's beauty, he suspects that she may have been the one who drove his brother to his death. And aided by the manipulations of Virginia, who envies Veronica and was fighting her for the love of their cousin, Juan, Demetrio finds his prey. Who would have thought it was all a lie?

La Mentira II - telenovela

(1998) - Kate del Castillo, Guy Ecker


Kate del Castillo .... Verónica
Guy Ecker .... Demetrio
Karla Álvarez .... Virginia
Salvador Pineda .... Dr. Moguel
Rosa María Bianchi .... Sara
Sergio Basañez .... Juan
Eric del Castillo .... Don Teo
Aarón Hernán.... Padre Williams
Carlos Cámara .... Don Pepe
Silvia Mariscal .... Leti
Guillermo Rivas .... Aguirre
Tony Bravo .... Belot
Tina Romero .... Irma
Luis Gatica .... Santiago
Roxana Castellanos .... Yadira
Israel Jaitovich .... Jacinto
Amparo Garrido .... Toña
Julio Bracho .... Carlitos Jr.
Vicente Herrera .... Mauricio
Blanca Guerra .... Miranda
Rodrigo Abed .... Ricardo
Mayrín Villanueva .... Nicole
José Antonio Ferral .... Don Nato
Ximena Adriana .... Mosita
Claudia Eliza Martínez .... Gildarda
Vanessa Arias .... Bety
Gabriela Arroyo .... Maruquita
Eduardo Iduñate .... Policia
Sergio Reynoso .... Lic. Ernesto Salce
Antono de la Vega .... Pepe
Gustavo Negrete .... Carlos
Alex Trillanes
Claudia Troyo .... Irasema
Audri Vera .... Claudia
Horacio Castelo
Estrella Lugo
Eugenia Avendaño
Liza Willert .... Sra. Gilbert
Alexandra Monterrubio
Elsa Cardenas
Martin Rojas

Writing credits
Caridad Bravo Adams (original story)
Nora Aleman (adaptation)
Martin Tamez (script)
Rene Borbolla (script)

Song: Me Voy a Quitar de En Medio
Singing: Vicente Fernández

Music arranger
Jesús Blanco
Julio César Blanco

Chief of production
Elias Solorio

Production manager
Juan Manuel Silva

General co-ordinator
J.Antonio Arvizuv

Cinematography by
Armando Zafra
Marco Rodriguez (on location)

Directed by
Sergio Cataño
Rafael Esteban (on location)

Produced by
Rafael Uriostegui S. (associated producer)
Carlos Sotomayor



"La Mentira II" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela "La Mentira I"
2 version: telenovela "El amor nunca muere"

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