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Mi Destino Eres Tu

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Andrea Sanvicente is a young lawyer, an intelligent, modern woman with a passion for law and justice. Andrea falls in love with Ramiro, a young man from a wealthy family. After many complications, Andrea and Ramiro get married, but destiny has yet another painful test in store for Andrea: while still on her honeymoon, Ramiro dies, leaving his young bride devastated. Andrea takes refuge in her work and her studies and gets her Master's degree in psychology.

Soon, two very different men will enter Andrea's life: Eduardo Rivadeneira and Mauricio Rodríguez. One of them is destined to awaken her heart once more. Mauricio is a superficial young man who has always lived under the shadow of his father, Augusto, a rich and powerful textile merchant. Until the very moment he meets Andrea, he has seen women as mere sexual objects and has never experienced true love. His relationship with Andrea will shatter his pre-conceived notions about women, and open his eyes to a new reality. Eduardo Rivadeneira, like Andrea, is a brilliant young lawyer. They meet when she represents an employee who has been fired without justification from a company which has hired Eduardo to handle its legal affairs. From the moment they meet, they feel strangely attracted to each other. But there are obstacles. A tragic accident has left Eduardo's wife, Emma, in a coma and Eduardo has been forced to assume the role of mother and father to their little girl. Andrea feels that Eduardo's love is forbidden to her. She refuses to destroy a family, a little girl's home. Eduardo, likewise, doesn't have the heart to leave his wife while she is ill. Caught in the unpredictable hands of fate, Andrea, Eduardo and Mauricio are left to wonder what destiny has in store.

Mi destino eres tu - telenovela

(2000) - Jorge Salinas, Lucero, Jaime Camil


Lucero .... Andrea Sanvicente Fernández
Jorge Salinas .... Eduardo Rivadeneira del Encino
Susana Zabaleta .... Emma Pimentel de Rivadeneira
Mauricio Islas .... Ramiro Galindo Suárez
Jaime Camil .... Mauricio Rodríguez Calderón
Jacqueline Andere .... Nuria del Encino
Julio Alemán .... Augusto Rodríguez Franco
Silvia Pasquel .... Zulema Fernández de Sánchez
Jorge Reynoso .... Genaro Gil
Azela Robinson .... Isaura Becker
Miguel Ángel Biagio .... César
Orlando Carrió .... Enrique Sanvicente Ordoñez
Natalia Streignard .... Sofía Devesa Leyva
Andrea Lagunes .... Ximena Rivadeneira Pimentel
Lorena Herrera .... Olga Ramos Moret
María Sorté .... Amparo Calderón de Rodríguez
Magda Guzmán .... Nana Nina
Carmelita González .... Asunción Rivadeneira
Silvia Mariscal .... María Suárez de Galindo
Héctor Ortega .... Anselmo Sánchez Pérez
Jan .... Fernando Rivadeniera del Encino
Juan A. Baptista
Patsy .... Claudia
Luis Bayardo .... Samuel Galindo Betancourt
Ana María Aguirre .... Tere
Guillermo Aguilar .... Gaspar Linares Saval
Cosme Alberto .... Juancho Reyes Solís
Anthony Alvarez .... Luis
Amparo Arozamena .... Chonita
Silvia Eugenia Derbez .... Juliana Rodríguez Calderón
Fernanda Chabat .... Viví Legorreta del Alba
Miguel Galván .... Evaristo Reyes Hernández
Mariana Karr .... Irene
Lucero León .... Elena
Sheyla .... Celia López Hernández
Sherlyn .... Georgina 'Gina' Sanvicente Fernández
Abraham Stavans .... Francisco Canseco
Andrea Torre .... Magda Sánchez Fernández
Gabriel de Cervantes .... Marco
Jorge Vargas .... Héctor Fuentes Menduet
Joaquín Cordero .... José Ignacio Rivadeneira Orendain
Gabrielle Baez .... Diana Solís de Reyes
Raúl Castellanos .... Alfredo
Susy-Lu Peña .... Lupita Reyes Solís
Dalilah Polanco .... Noemí
Andrés Puentes .... Ricardo Reyes Solís
Sergio Saldívar .... Daniel
Gabriel Soto .... Nicolás
Cynthia Klitbo .... Amara
Raymundo Capetillo .... Sergio
Jerry Rivera .... Himself
Jon Secada .... Himself
Elizabeth Álvarez
Miguel Angel Cardiel
Rudy Casanova
Ana María Jacobo
Victor Lozada
Eduardo Lugo
Sara Monar
María Dolores Oliva
Jessica Salazar

Writing credits
Martha Carrillo (adaptation)
Cristina García (adaptation)

Song: Mi destino eres tu
Singing: Lucero

Directed by
Miguel Córcega
Monica Miguel

Produced by
Carla Estrada



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