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Mientras Haya Vida

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Mientras Haya Vida telenovelaThis is the story of a culture shock between two worlds. The world of the rich and powerful versus the world of the "normal" everyday folk, the one where opportunities are virtually non-existent. And in the middle of both worlds, the one thing that most people in both worlds desire, true love. The powerful that loses everything, except his dignity, and a woman that has almost everything, except money.

Mientras Haya Vida - telenovela

(2007) - Margarita Rosa de Francisco, Saúl Lisazo


Paloma Arredondo ... Gloria
Michel Bos ... Executive Transamerican Trust Fund
Ramón Medína ... Ortega
Margarita Rosa de Francisco ... María
Saúl Lisazo ... Héctor Cervantes
Andrés Palacios ... Sergio
Romina Gaetani ... Romina
Paola Núñez ... Elisa Montero
Héctor Arredondo
Carmen Beato
Ana Ciocchetti
Farnesio de Bernal
Tomy Dunster ... Alejandro Cervantes
Carmen Madrid
Carlos Torres Torrija
Marimar Vega
Alicia Zapien ... Emiliana Montero
Eric Hayser
Alan Ciangherotti
Carolina Cartagena
Mayra Sierra
Tomas Goros
Luis Cardenas
Ana Ofelia Murguía
Fernando Ciangherotti ... Gonzalo Cervantes

Writing credits
Leticia López
Guillermo Ríos
Laura Sosa

Song: Ven a Morir

Original music
Ricardo Martín

Directed by
Victor Hugo Martinez
Moisés Ortiz Urquidi

Produced by
Epigmenio Ibarra
Carlos Payán

Argos Producciones and TV Azteca


Forum Telenovela World - Mientras Haya Vida

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rytah  - like it   |2008-11-24 18:12:47
Ireally like this soap but an episode guide should be posted on the web
Isabela Katondo  - Hola mi amigos......   |2008-12-29 19:32:10
Nice series.I need to get your episodes in writings what should i do.

Muchas gracias...

Nancy andrew  - Mientras haya vida   |2008-12-31 22:19:25
Am the big fan of this telenovela i need the episode in writting to be sent to my e-mail
Mii  - Mientras Haya vida   |2009-05-06 21:31:46
i keen watcher of the movie, i have missed some episodes, is it possible the opera be written in english and sent via my email address. i will be most gratefull.
sally  - lovely   |2009-09-11 18:02:23
this series is the best mexican series i have ever watched
Mary  - Mientras Haya Vida   |2009-10-30 11:27:02
I am a fun of this soap but the hours its aired are bad for me. Are there points in Kenya where can one purchase a DVD?
Dee  - Mientras   |2009-11-03 18:44:59
i totally agree. the airing hours in Kenya are whack! ktn should consider reairing the whole program on saturdays and sundays like they used to.
would anyone who's watched the whole thing mind sending me a brief thru my email??
Natalie  - Excelente!   |2011-01-18 04:14:56
Mientras Haya Vida, una de las mejores novelas que he visto, con temas actuales, fuertes y reales.
mercy  - mientras   |2011-01-22 08:01:18
Hi I would like to know where i can purchase a full dvd in english on his telenovela.
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