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Mi Pequeña Soledad

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Mi Pequeña Soledad telenovelaA dream come true! Isadora is to be crowned the "Silver Queen" the highest honor bestowed to a young lady in the old mining town of Taxco. Don Manuel is proud of his daughter and happy to know that she will soon marry José Luis, a fine young man. The troubles with her last boyfriend, Gerardo are finally buried in the past. The night before the coronation, in an act of jealousy, Gerardo rapes Isadora.

For weeks Isadora refuses to tell anyone, but because of the strong love and trust she feels for José Luis, she can no longer hide the truth and decides to tell him. Just before the wedding, Gerardo confronts José Luis and intentionally provokes a terrible fight. Isadora fears something terrible has happened when he doesn't arrive at the church. Hours later, José Luis is found stabbed to death. Isadora's hopes and dreams are shattered when she learns of José Luis's death. Isadora is carrying Gerardo's child, and her stepmother Piedad is terrified this will force Gerardo to marry her. For years she has hoped Gerardo would forget Isadora, but ever since she married Isadora's father, she's been jealous of his beautiful daughter and felt victorious when Gerardo became her secret lover. Piedad decides to get rid of the child at the first opportunity. Isadora decides to move to the big city in hopes of finding her daughter and starting a new life for herself. Several years later, Soledad has grown into a kind and beautiful woman who looks exactly like her mother. Fate will bring them together as Soledad moves to the city. Isadora and Soledad...two parallel lives... the story of a mother and daughter who long to reunite someday.

Mi Pequeña Soledad - telenovela

(1990) - Verónica Castro, Omar Fierro


Verónica Castro .... Isadora/Soledad
Omar Fierro .... Carlos
Salvador Pineda .... Gerardo
Roberto Ballesteros .... Mateo
Rosa María Bianchi .... Piedad
Carlos Bracho .... Hernán
Elsa Cárdenas .... Bárbara
Silvia Caos .... Elodia
Orlando Carrió .... Fernando
Mapita Cortés .... Blanquita
Gabriela Goldsmith .... Ana Silvia
Alicia Fahr .... Lidia
Laura Flores .... Dulce María
Sergio Sendel .... Tavo
July Furlong .... Natalia
Ana Bertha Lepe .... Lolita
Rafael Rojas .... Lalo
Roxana Saucedo .... Sirena
Juan Carlos Serrán .... Sebastián
Rafael Baledón .... Don Manuel
Damián Alcázar .... Florentino
Antonio De Carlo .... José Luis
Alexis Ayala .... Coque
Mariana Leites .... Lily
Socorro Bonilla .... Toña
Arturo Alegro .... Danilo
Aurora Medina .... Luciana
Javier Díaz Dueñas
José Antonio Ferral .... Fidel
Cecilia Gabriela .... Clara
Alicia del Lago .... Pura
Paola Ochoa .... Malu
Ernesto Rivas .... Fay
Angélica Rivera .... Marisa
Raúl Macías .... Miguel
Mario Sauret .... Ramon
Armando Palomo
Pilar Souza
Marta Zamora .... Amparo
Erika Magnus .... Carmelita
Rolando de Castro .... Luis
Juan Zaizar .... Empleado
Karen Senties .... Empleada
Alejandro Montoya .... Mensajero
Edmundo Arizpe .... Gerente
Natalia Rendon .... Carmen
Cinthia del Villar .... Beatriz
Alejandra Loreto .... Josefina
Paco Monteros .... Sacerdote
Alberto Gonzalez .... Ernesto
Ruben Morales .... Alberto
Jose C.Teruel .... Gilberto
Oscar Vallejo .... Niño Acapulco
Ricardo Pald .... Mario
Pilar Souza
Norma Lazareno .... Yolanda
Juan Felice Preciado
Carlos Marvez
Aida Naredo
Lucero Reynoso
Lupita Zamora
Rolandito Zamora
René Muñoz .... Gaetano
Cynthia Klitbo
Javier Herranz .... Guido
Arturo Alegro .... Danilo
Armando Franco .... Pepe
Luis Alfredo .... Mochito

Writing credits
Jorge Lozano Soriano (original story)
Marissa Garrido (adaptation)
René Muñoz (adaptation)
Dolores Ortega (script)
Rosario Velicia (script)

Song: Mi pequeña Soledad
Written by Verónica Castro, Massías and López Lee
Performed by Verónica Castro

Original music
Eduardo Magallanes

Cinematography by
Ernesto Arreola

Directed by
Beatriz Sheridan

Produced by
José Alberto Castro
Verónica Castro
Angelli Nesma Medina


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latinova  - Great   |2009-06-16 14:17:09
I like this novela
Anonymous   |2010-03-01 09:42:12
Que chida esta novela,como muchas otras de la vero!!!
Anonymous   |2012-08-29 18:03:22
bueno a mi mama le gusta esa novela
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