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Mi Pequeña Traviesa

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Mi Pequeña Traviesa telenovela Julia is a seventeen year-old girl who takes care of her family. Julia tries to get a job to survive but she is rejected everywhere. The she gets flashed with the idea to pretend to be a boy to get a job. She introduces herself as a Julio and is employed as an office boy to the tailor shop belonging to Marcello Fabio. Just before getting the job Julia gets to know Alberto, a young lawyer. She falls in love with him, though Alberto has a fiancée, Debora. A bit later Julia is employed at Alberto’s father’s office.

Julia works as a lawyer in Antonio’s office in the morning and in the evening she works for Don Marcello. As an errand boy, she has to deliver things to customers and it happens that Julia has to deliver the parcels to her fiancée’s father regularly pretending she is Julia’s twin brother.

Julia had a boyfriend Mercurio, a guy from the local gangster band so popular in Mexico. Julia quits with Mercurio but he is not willing to make it up and decides to take revenge.


Michelle Vieth as Traviesa (Julia/Julio)

Young, joyful, enthusiastic girl. She never gives up and grows to be more professional and skilled in what she is doing. In spite of her early age, she is looking for job to provide her family. She is impulsive though determined; she is enthusiastic to climb the career ladder but she still has generous, caring and open heart ready to help to people in need. She has to confront Debora but she does not yield to her mentally and thus, she wins.

Julio is an outspoken boy with good manners. He easily makes friends, never confuses and tries to reveal some Julia’s secrets to the concerned people to get them informed positively on some particular things and to avoid others from doing wrong.

Hector Soberon as Alberto Miranda

Young and attractive man in his late 20s. He is humble and very smart. His fiancée does wrongly towards Julio and he has nothing to do. When he is in love with Julia, he has to take serious actions to confront Debora.

Arleth Theran as Deborah

Deborah is Alberto’s fiancée. Sheis the typical young lady from high society: fickle, selfish, ambitious, and apt to discussing fashion and shopping only. She instinctively senses Julia is her opponent and she tries to make her life miserable. The most irritating thing is that Julia does feel herself oppressed or humiliated, which makes Deborah furious and she often loses control to fall into a snare she got made for Julia.

Khotan as Mercurio

Mercurio is an attractive local gangster dating with Julia. When Julia grows a little bit higher from her ex-life, she quits with Mercurio. He is impulsive, not so intelligent, young man who wants easy and joyful life without any efforts.

Mauricio Islas as Juan Felipe

Juan Felipe is a humble and honest locksmith who sincerely loves Julia for nothing. She just lives at her side and tries to let her know about his sincere and serious intentions.

Mi Pequeña Traviesa - telenovela

(1997) - Héctor Soberón , Michelle Vieth


Michelle Vieth .... Traviesa (Julia/Julio)
Héctor Soberón .... Alberto Miranda
Enrique Rocha .... Antonio
Rafael Inclán .... Marcello
Martha Roth .... Elena
Anahí .... Samantha
Eduardo Arroyuelo .... Eje 8
Khotan .... Mercurio
Mauricio Islas .... Juan Felipe
Aitor Iturrioz .... Hugo (#1)
Arath de la Torre .... Hugo (#2)
Margarita Magaña .... Mariana
Mariana Seoane .... Bárbara
Arleth Terán .... Déborah
José María Torre .... Toño
Katie Barberi .... Pamela
Juan Carlos Bonet .... Diego
Riccardo Dalmacci .... Gerardo
Alicia Fahr .... Eloísa
Rosario Gálvez .... Sofia
Arturo García Tenorio .... Rafael
Tomas Goros .... Raspa
Rebeca Manríquez .... Gloria
Beatriz Moreno .... Rosa
Gerardo Murguía .... Manuel
Alejandra Peniche .... Amalia
Judy Ponte .... Carmen
Mariagna Prats .... Fernanda
Eduardo Iduñate .... Andres
Adrián Ramos .... Don Chente
Eleazar Gómez
Francisco Huerdo
Carmen Salinas .... Maty
Eduardo Antonio
Cecilia Suárez .... Pily
Julio Bracho .... El Galaxi
Gerardo Albarran .... Comandante
Cinthia Arvide .... Mari Trini
Renato Bartilotti .... El Sopas
Rafael Bazan .... Maicro
Jorge Capin .... El Cholo
Ehecatl Chavez .... El Navajo
Martha Itzel .... Edith
Alejandra Jurado .... Lucía
José Pablo López .... El Brody
Gustavo Navarro .... Martin
Polo Ortin .... Marcario
Mapy Sordo .... Geisha
Gabriela Tavela
Geraldine Bazán

Writing credits
Abel Santacruz (original story)
María Balmoni (adaptation)
Katia R. Estrada (adaptation)
Blanca Peña (adaptation)
Rosario Velicia (script editor)

Song: Te Quiero Tanto, Tanto
Singing: Onda Vaselina

Song: Mi pequeña traviesa
Eduardo Antonio

Music arranger
Juan Lopez Arellano

Set Decoration
Mirsa Paz

Production co-ordinator
Georgina Garibay

Cinematography by
Carlos Sanchez Zuniga

Directed by
Pedro Damián

Produced by
Pedro Damián
Nicandro Diaz Gonzalez (associated producer)
Georgina Castro (associated producer)



"Mi pequeña traviesa" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela "Me llama Gorrión" (1972, Argentina) with Beatriz Taibo and Alberto Martín
2 version: telenovela "Hola Pelusa" (1980, Argentina) with Ana María Piccio and Juan José Camero
3 version: comedy "María Sol" (1993, Argentina) with Flavia Palmiero and Juan Ignacio Machado
The Brazilian version of "Mi pequeña traviesa" is telenovela "A Pequena Travessa" (SBT) with Bianca Rinaldi and Rodrigo Veronese.
The Peruvian versions of "Mi pequeña traviesa" are telenovelas "Me llama Gorrion" (1974, Panamericana TV) and telenovela "Gorrion" (1994).
The futher remake of "Mi pequeña traviesa" is mexican telenovela "Niña de Mi Corazón" (2010) with Paulina Goto and Erick Elías


Si tal vez...
pudieras comprender
que no se
como expresarme bien.

Si tal vez
pudiera hacerte ver
que no hay otra mujer
mejor que tu para mi.

Si, tal vez,
me harias muy feliz,
si tal vez,
me lo podrías decir.

Si tal vez
detalle a detalle
podrías conquistarme
sería tuya...

Te quiero tanto tanto tanto tanto tanto,
cada dia un poco mas, (pequeña traviesa)aha
Te quiero tanto tanto tanto tanto tanto,
para mi no hay nadie igual,(pequeña traviesa)no lo hay
Te quiero tanto tanto tanto tanto amor,
que ya no puedo mas, ya
no puedo mas...

Pues, tal vez
el mundo aprenderá
con nuestro amor,
lo bello que es amar;

Y tal vez,
lo vuelva a repetir
pareja por pareja
el mundo entero al fin.

Te quiero tanto tanto tanto tanto tanto,
cada dia un poco mas, (pequeña traviesa)aja
Te quiero tanto tanto tanto tanto tanto,
para mi no hay nadie igual,(pekña traviesa)no lo hay
Te quiero tanto tanto tanto tanto amor,
que ya no puedo mas,yo ya
no puedo mas...

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Helen  - Hi, looking for this telenovela to buy.   |2009-12-02 03:35:05
Do you know where I can get the VHS or DVD of this Telenovela? I watched when it first premiered (I was seven then, am nineteen now) and would like it if someone could tell me where I can buy this telenovela? Thank you.
Yashira   |2014-04-11 19:59:46
did you find the telenovela mi pequena traviesa and where?
Myra  - Mi Pequena Traviesa   |2012-06-25 15:16:05
I would love to buy this telenovela does any one know where I can get either the DVD or VHS copy. I have been searching to no avail. Please help
Felicia  - Looking for mi pequena traviesa   |2013-06-13 03:34:22
I am also looking to purchase this telenovela
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