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Mi Querida Isabel

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Mi Querida Isabel telenovela Isabel Rivas is a simple, beautiful and happy young girl. She dreams one day to become a lawyer. Her family is noble and affectionate but her father hides his addiction to the alcohol and the truth about the mother of Isabel and Marcos, who is alive and unjustly put in jail. While working as a waitress in the university, Isabel meets a nice guy, Juan Daniel. A beautiful, pure and enthusiastic love starts between Juan Daniel and Isabel. Juan Daniel is an architect who is meant to be successful. His family is rich and lives in luxury, but also they have their own secrets. The mother of Juan Daniel is a dominant and bitter widow who controls the life of her children.

Mi Querida Isabel - telenovela

(1996) - Karla Álvarez, Ernesto Laguardia


Karla Álvarez.... Isabel
Ernesto Laguardia .... Juan Daniel
Jacqueline Andere .... Doña Clara
José Elías Moreno .... Manuel
Roberto Ballesteros .... Federico
Roberto Blandón .... Oscar
Carlos Bracho .... Bernardo
Silvia Caos .... Miguelina
Dacia González .... Lupe
Marina Marín .... Irma
Eduardo Liñan .... Hugo del Res
Patricia Martínez .... Amanda
Juan Felipe Preciado .... Rivero
Yadira Santana .... Aleida
Abraham Stavans .... Medina
Ariadna Welter .... Tita
Jorge Salinas .... Alejandro
Eduardo Verástegui
Renata Flores .... Endolina
Arlette Pacheco .... Margarita
Vanessa Angers .... Rosa
Dacia Arcaráz .... Julia
Silvia Campos .... Mary
Mario Carballido .... Rafael
Luis Gatica .... Ricardo
Ernesto Godoy .... Felipe
Mauricio Islas .... Marcos
Mercedes Molto .... Eugenia
Renée Varsi .... Adela
Abraham Ramos .... Rolando
Carlos Peniche .... Mecala
Indra Zuno .... Leticia
Nuria Bages .... Sagrario
Rafael Inclán .... Pantaleón
Lino Martone .... Aldo
Alfonso Iturralde
Victor Hugo Vieyra .... Octavio Romero
Gustavo Rojo .... Joaquín
Nuria Bages .... Sagrario
José María Lafranco .... Dr. Carlos
Guillermo Aguilar .... Dr. Mendiola
Raúl Padilla
Maricruz Najera
Rodolfo Lago
Aida Naredo
Ismael Larumbe .... Pedro
Virginia Gimeno
Lupe Vázquez
Enrique Hidalgo
Marco Antonio Calvillo .... Cácaro
Eduardo Noriega .... Erasto
Eduardo Iduñate .... Callejero
Ricardo Vera
Ana María de la Torre
Martín Barraja
Chuty Rodríguez
Raúl Castellanos
Jonathan Herrera
Milagros Rueda
Carmen Rodríguez
Tere Pave
Fabrizio Mercini
Paty Solorio
Julio Mannino .... Jorge
Mané Macedo
Daniela Garmendia
Manuel Cepeda

Writing credits
Marissa Garrido (original story)
René Muñoz (free version)
Ricardo Fiallega (script)

Song: Mi Querida Isabel
Singing: Kairo

Music arranger
Antulio Jiménez Pons

Art Director
Juan José Urbini

Chief of production
Betsabee Alañiz
Humberto Guerra

Directed by
Antulio Jiménez Pons

Produced by
Angelli Nesma Medina
María de Jesus Arellano (associated producer)



"Mi Querida Isabel" is a remake of telenovela "Paloma"

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jen  - hi   |2008-10-22 01:13:25
what channel did they bring on MI querida isabel
and is it aired now on any channel

hope u'll answer my question
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