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Mirada de Mujer

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Mirada de Mujer telenovela After 27 years of marriage, prominent attorny Ignacio San Millan decides to leave his wife, Maria Ines and his children for Daniela, a woman 30 years yonger than he is. Maria Ines is left to struggle with the hostility of her daughters, who blame her for their father's desertion. It is then that she meets Alejandro Salas, a young journalist who is 16 years younger than she is but who is more than willing to give her the love and respect that she deserves.

Mirada de Mujer - telenovela

(1997) - Angélica Aragón , Fernando Luján


Angélica Aragón .... María Inés Domínguez de San Millán
Ari Telch .... Alejandro Salas
Fernando Luján .... Lic. Ignacio San Millán
Margarita Gralia .... Paulina
Evangelina Elizondo .... Doña Emilia Elena viuda de Domínguez 'Mamá Elena'
Verónica Langer .... Rosario
María Renée Prudencio .... Adriana San Millán
Bárbara Mori .... Mónica San Millán
Plutarco Haza .... Andrés San Millán
René Gatica .... Francisco
Muriel Fouilland .... Ivana
Álvaro Carcaño Jr. .... Nicolás
Olmo Araiza .... Alex Salas
Carlos Torres Torrija .... Marcos
Paloma Woolrich .... Consuelo
Carmen Madrid .... Marcela
Martha Mariana Castro .... Daniela
Víctor González .... Fernando
Alma Rosa Añorve .... Gloria
Enrique Singer .... Enrique
Dora Montero .... Elvia
Ana Graham .... Marina
Guadalupe Noel .... Doña Felisa

Writing credits
Bernardo Romero (original story)
Monica Agul (original story)
Bernando Romero (script)
Jimena Romero (script)

Song: Dime
Written by Armando Manzanero
Singing: Aranza

Song: Ese
Singing: Jerry Rivera

Art Director
Ariel Bianco

Cinematography by
Jorge Rios Villanueva

Directed by
Antonio Serrano

Produced by
Epigmenio Ibarra

TV Azteca


"Mirada de mujer" is a remake of telenovela "Señora Isabel" (1995, Colombia).
The sequel of "Mirada de mujer" is telenovela "Mirada de mujer: El Regreso"

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Natalie  - La numero !!!   |2011-01-18 04:17:45
Simplemente buenisima!!
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