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Mi Segunda Madre

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Mi Segunda Madre telenovela Daniela is a fashion designer. She loves her husband, Alberto, but appears that he has another wife and 2 children. In addition, he is a thief who constantly steals money from Daniela. Finally she finds out and reports him to the police. He is sent to jail and swears that he will avenge when he gets out. At the same time, a tragedy occurs in the family of Juan Antonio - his wife dies. Though he didn't love her and was cheating on her, their little daughter, Monica, suffers a lot from her mother's death. After some time, Juan Antonio and Daniela go on vacation on the same cruise ship to have some fun and forget about their misfortunes. They meet each other, fall in love and shortly after get married. Monica refuses to accept Daniela as her new mother. Daniela got pregnant, but the ex-lover of Juan Antonio, Irene, arranges a car accident in which Daniela looses her child and cannot have any more kids. She is broken apart and is on the verge of a suicide, but Monica helps her to go ahead with her life and finally calls her "Mom". Life seems to return back to normal, but years later the past returns back to their happy family - Alberto gets out of jail.

Mi Segunda Madre - telenovela

(1989) - María Sorté, Daniela Castro, Enrique Novi


María Sorté.... Daniela Lorente - main heroine
Enrique Novi .... Juan Antonio - main hero
Daniela Castro .... Mónica - daughter of Juan Antonio
Fernando Ciangherotti .... Alberto - ex-husband of Daniela, villain
Alfredo Adame .... Hans - friend of Juan Antonio, German
Liliana Abud .... Sonia
Claudio Báez .... Gerardo
Arsenio Campos .... Felipe
Gina Moret .... Gina - friend of Daniela
Ada Carrasco .... Lolita
Ernesto Gómez Cruz .... Nacho
Cynthia Klitbo .... Leticia - friend of Monica, villain
Irma Lozano .... María
Alejandra Maldonado .... Irene - in love with Juan Antonio, villain
Toño Mauri .... Sico
Blanca Torres .... Amanda
Irlanda Mora .... Amelia
Angelina Pelaez .... Arcelia
Roberto Blandón .... Enrique
Raquel Morell .... Raquel
Roberto Palazuelos .... David
Juan Verduzco .... Marcelo
Gastón Tuset .... Alejandro
Guy de Saint Cyr .... Gonzalo
Francesca Guillen .... Luisita
Diana Ferreti .... Carolina
Carlos Riquelme
Berenice Domínguez .... Irene as a child
Lucero Lander
Hector Pons .... Lalito
Alejandra Gollas
Lupita Ochoa .... Margarita
Cristián Castro .... Ruben
Estela Ruiz .... Malona
Gabriel Pingarron .... German
David Rencoret
María Armela
Ruben Rojo
Jorge Fegan
Héctor Suárez Gomis
Aurora Cortes
Miguel Garza Ramirez
Karla Talavera
Andrea Legaretta

Writing credits
Abel Santacruz (original story)
Eric Vonn (libretto)

Song: Sola
Singing: María Sorté

Cinematography by
Gabriel Vasquez Bulman

Directed by
Miguel Corcega

Produced by
Juan Osorio
Alessandro Jachia (associated producer)



"The best telenovela of the year", TVyNovelas award, 1990.

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mi segunda modre   |2009-02-04 16:41:06
mi segunda modre is the best
Adi Martucci  - Mi Segunda Madre   |2010-03-27 17:10:49
I am interested in purchasing this novela. If it's not possible then I am looking for the soundtrack for this Novela. There is instrumental music on the Novela that I would like to purchase.
Iris Rodriguez  - Mi Segunda Madre   |2011-01-13 17:25:06
Hi, I'm very interested in buying this novela (Mi Segunda Madre), please let me know how or where I can purchase this.
manuel nieves  - xtra en novela mi segunda madre   |2011-01-31 23:16:56
HI hace mas de 20 a~nos yo estaba de vacaciones en mejico y tuve la oportunidad de ser parte de esta novela sali de xtra en 3 partes de la novela ,como puedo odtener una copia de la novela
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