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Miserables, Los

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Jean Valjean leaves prison after 20 years. He was imprisoned for having stolen bread for his sister and her children. He is under conditional liberty and nobody gives him food and bed; nobody, except the Bishop of Digne. Valjean steals somo silver from the Bishop's house, he is arrested and brought back to the Bishop, who forgives him and gives him a pair of silver candelabrums. This fact changes Valjean into a new man. He becomes the mayor of the small town of Montreuil-sur-mer, where he opens a factory to give job to people. A worker, Fantine, is dismissed from the factory, without Valjean's knowledge, because she is known to have a natural daughter. Her poverty and the necessity to send money to the Thernardiers, a couple with whom her daughter Cosette is in charged, forces her to prostitution...

Los Miserables - telenovela

(1973) - Sergio Bustamante, Diana Bracho


Sergio Bustamante .... Jean Valjean
Diana Bracho .... Cosette
Antonio Passy .... Javert
Magda Guzmán .... Mrs. Thernardier
Carlos Ancira .... Thernardier
María Rojo .... Eponina
Blanca Sánchez .... Fantine
Luis Torner .... Mario
Edith González .... Cosette as a child
Fernando Soler .... Gillenormand
Ángel Garasa .... Bishop Myriel
Alejandro Ciangherotti .... Fauchelevent
Marilú Elízaga .... Senorita Gillenormand
Rosenda Monteros .... Sor Simplicia
Alicia Palacios .... Sor Perpetua
Alicia Montoya .... Mother abbess
José Luis Jiménez .... Mabeuf
Héctor Bonilla .... Gerard (enjorlas)
Enrique Novi .... Luis (cambeferre)
Otto Sirgo .... Felix Tholomyes
Andrea Cotto .... Azelma
Silvia Suárez .... Hermana de Valjean
Socorro Avelar .... Celadora
Norma Jiménez Pons .... Maria Antonieta
Karina Duprez .... obrera
Magda Haller .... Senora Magloire
Rocio Bambila .... Eponina as a child
Antonio Raxel .... Baron de Pontmercy
Rosario Granados .... Margarita
Margot Wagner .... obrera
Judy Ponte .... Senora Burgon
Gloria Jordan .... Teresse (touissant)
Carlos Arguelles .... gavroche
Mario H. Jimenenz Fons .... Andres (Courfeyrac)

Writing credits
Victor Hugo (original story)
Edmundo Báez (adaptation)

Directed by
Antulio Jiménez Pons

Canal 13 de Imevision


"Los Miserables" was shown on channel 13, this channel used to be a govermnental channel and has not been a property of TV Azteca at that time.
There is a Brazilian version of "Los Miserables" (1967) with Leonardo Villar and Maria Isabel de Lizandra, transmitted on Bandeirantes TV.

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