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Mision S.O.S. "Aventura y Amor"

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Mision S.O.S. Aventura y Amor telenovela Diana and Christian are two great kids who meet and become good friends....  without knowing that their families are enemies!  Soon they will discover that Salvador (father of Christian) and Ximena (mother of Diana) used to be in love, but were separated by the evil Severiano. Diana and Christian have a group of friends, consisting of Alejandro, Alonso, Dany, Federica and Rodrigo.

All live in the colony named Buenaventura and along with their families are threatened to lose their homes, school, park, theater and in some cases even their jobs!  This threat comes from the grandfather of Christian, Severiano, an ambitious man, who wishes to construct a Commercial Center on the lands of the colony. In the old abandoned theater, the group of kids meets an extraordinary personage, el Chaneque, that has a very important Mission to accomplish! El Chaneque invites them to participate in his Mission, which is to save their world from destruction. The children enthusiastically accept the Mission. Soon they will discover the evilness of Severiano and his plans to usurp the lands of all colony. This telenovela is different, as it's a first interactive one: the viewers will be able to choose the future destiny of the personages and the novela's ending.

Mision S.O.S. "Aventura y Amor" - telenovela

(2004) - Allison Lozz, Diego González


Allison Lozz .... Diana Lozano - main heroine
Diego González .... Christian Martínez - main hero
Maribel Guardia .... Ximena Aranda viuda de Lozano
Guillermo Capetillo .... Salvador Martínez
Manuel Ojeda .... Severiano Martínez
Jesús Zavala .... El Chaneque
Gabriela Goldsmith .... Vivian Johnson de Martinez
Johnny Lozada .... Gonzalo Ortega
Silvia Lomeli .... Lidia Rendon
Magda Guzmán .... Doña Justina Aranda
Maribel Fernández .... Ángeles
Diana Golden .... Doris Ramírez de Guerra
Alejandro Ruiz .... Ezequiel Guerra
Marco Uriel .... Edor
Roberto Sen .... Roberto Espinos
Zaide Silvia Gutierrez .... Lupe Espinos
Jonathan Becerra .... Alejandro Ortega - brother of Dany
Dragón .... Dragón
Chinos .... Chinos
Felipe .... Felipe Lozano - brother of Diana
Naidelyn Narravete .... Gaby - friend of Mónica
Wendy González .... Mónica - girlfriend of Felipe
Gladys Gallegos .... Federica Guerra - sister of Rodrigo
Miguel Martínez .... Rodrigo Guerra - brother of Federica
Alejandro Correa .... Dany Ortega - brother of Alejandro
Marijose Salazar .... Monchita Buenrostro
Anhuar Escalante .... Alonso Espino
Pablo Poumian .... young Severiano
Alex Rivera .... Hugo
Adalberto Parra .... El Tlacuache
Daniel Gauvry .... Douglas
Roxana Saucedo .... Ursula
María Prado .... Madre Superiora
Alejandro Speitzer .... Quechane Chale
María Chacón .... Chanya
Raúl Magaña .... Leonardo
Nora Canao .... Lechugona
Alex Goldberg .... Piropolo
Michelle Alvarez .... La Chaneca Dorada
Liza Echeverria .... Sra Del Agua
Pietro Vamucci .... Señor Del Fuego
Liz Vega .... Sra de la Tierra
Victor Jimenez .... Señor Del Viento
Irma Lozano .... Clemencia Martinez
Alberto Chávez .... Guardia
Aurora Clavel .... Pura

Song: Atado a Nada
Written by: Alejandro and Cristina Abaroa
Singing: Jonathan Becerra

Directed by
Salvador Sánchez

Produced by
Rosy Ocampo



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elaine maria martinez polo  - nada   |2008-12-22 05:45:38
esta cancion es para una amiga querida se llama geraldine
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