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Monte Calvario

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Monte Calvario telenovela Ana Rosa is a beautiful and generous young woman who is forced to marry an ugly, prudent and arrogant Octavio. She does that for the sake of her family and family goals.

Ana Rosa is in love with Carlos, instead, but she cannot change anything but get parted. Ana Rosa starts living in the hell, made by Octavio’s sister, Olivia who hates her for nothing. Octavio lives a life in a wheelchair and he does everything to make everyone’s life impossibly miserable.

With the purpose to avoid some home pressure, Ana Rosa gets the job at the orphanage home. She meets Gustavo there, a handsome young doctor. She takes attempts to achieve her goal and live a happy life with the beloved man and Octavio is finally agreed to make her free.


Edith Gonzales as Ana Rosa

Ana Rosa is a beautiful woman, tender and delicate. She has generous heart, and she open to getting to know new people. She loves kids and she knows work at orphanage home requires emotional pressure and, however, decides to share her love and affection with children. She looks and acts determined to be with the beloved man.

Arturo Peniche as Gustavo

Gustavo is a humble, purposeful young doctor at the orphanage house. He is tall and handsome. His intelligence and devotion to his science make him one of the wanted doctors in the region. He is rather moderate than determined, though he promises Ana Rosa to support her in what she can do to part with Octavio.

Ursula Prats as Olivia

Olivia is the sister of Octavio. She is bossy and arrogant. She really enjoys humiliating and pressing people subject to her. She feels the power in her hands making Ana Rosa miserable in Octavio’s eyes. She is wicked and so tricky, that it takes her nothing to make a person blame and accuse of impossible things. She feels Ana Rosa has the potential to endure much from her family for the sake of her own family’s reputation and that’s the strings of the puppet she pulls.

Monte Calvario - telenovela

(1986) - Arturo Peniche, Edith González


Edith González .... Ana Rosa
Arturo Peniche .... Dr. Gustavo Seckerman
José Alonso .... Octavio Montero
Aurora Molina .... Chana
Alfonso Iturralde .... Roberto
Ursula Prats .... Olivia
Lili Inclán .... Tomasa
René Muñoz .... Padre Cito
Consuelo Frank .... Rosario
Javier Herranz ... Carlos
Odiseo Bichir
María Idalia .... La Loca / Ana Teresa
Alejandro Landero .... Margarito
Lizzeta Romo .... Elisa
Juan Carlos Serrán .... Juan
Sylvia Suarez .... Mercedes
Raquel Parot .... Madre Directora
Rosa María Bianchi .... Esther
Leticia Calderón .... Tere
Ricardo Cervantes .... Inspector
Patricia Davalos .... Mama
Omar Fierro .... Roman
Armando Franco .... Jaime
Pedro Geraldo .... Graciano
Antonio Gonzalez .... Juez
Christopher Lago .... Marito
Rodolfo Lago .... Fermin
Ismael Larumbe .... Medico
David Rencoret .... Felipe
Armando Palomo .... Julio
Aurora Clavel .... Fernanda
Liliana Weimer .... Susanna
Pedro Damián .... Alfonso
Rafael Inclán .... Armando
Armando Calvo .... Antonio
Ana Luisa Peluffo

Writing credits
Delia Fiallo (original story)
Carlos Romero (libretto)
Valeria Phillips (adaptation)

Song: Como fue
Singing: José José

Cinematography by
Ernesto Arreola

Directed by
Jorge Sanchez Fogarty

Produced by
Valentín Pimstein



Further remake of "Monte Calvario" is telenovela "Te sigo amando"

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