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Montecristo telenovelaSantiago Diaz Herrera is a young man who seems to be the happiest person in this world to enjoy everything he wishes. But his life is stirred with the twist of events he never expects to happen. Santiago is appointed as the secretary of the court where his father was the judge. In future he plans to marry Laura, his beloved. Being smart and educated, Santiago feels very comfortable in law as well as fencing, and he masters in both.

When Santiago and his friend Marcos arrive to Morocco for a fencing tournament, he finds himself in a dirty and mean treachery. Sometime before Santiago’s father shared the news with him that Marco’s father committed a crime in the past to be accused of and taken to court now. Santiago did not tell a word to Marcos not to hurt him but Luciano decides to take his attempts to stand out. He seriously believes that Santiago has been appointed the secretary by his father. Marcos and Horacio make the evil to Santiago in Europe to get rid of him.

Judge Herrera dies in the accident caused by Laura’s uncle making up the plan to accuse Santiago in his death. Santiago is arrested and accused of the death of his father. Laura makes all endeavor to arrive to Morocco but she is misadvised. She finds out she is expecting a baby from Santiago and thus, she agrees to marry Marcos. In the meantime Santiago is in the jail with Ulises, an old art dealer, who helps him recover. They discover the treachery made by Marcos and since then Santiago is obsessed with the only though: to take revenge.


Diego Olivera as Santiago

Brave and honest young man in the peak of his court career. Keen on fencing. Loved by the most beautiful girl in the place. What else to beg from fate& Troubles came suddenly in face of his best friend Marcos. The fencing tournament they travelled to together with Marcos was the beginning of the end. He spends more than 10 years in the jail until he uses the chance to escape and inherit the treasure to take revenge of those who committed to make his life messy and lonely.

Silvia Navarro as Laura

Santiago’s lover. Beautiful, smart and patient woman. Devoted to Santiago and bears her love to him throughout all her marriage with Marcos. She feels faulty that she did not insist on looking for Santiago but she was then pregnant and vulnerable. She herself is raised by people but her parents who dies during the warlordism. She has a sister Victoria and they finally meet each other later.

Omar Germenos as Marcos

In love with Laura, but has a relationship with Milena with a son from her. He let Santiago down by his father’s order and he married the fiancée of his best friend. Marcos is extremely jealous person, suspicious and mean, involved in dirty illegal business of his father. He makes everything to prevent Mattias know about his biological father.

Montecristo - telenovela

(2006) - Diego Olivera, Silvia Navarro


Diego Olivera ... Santiago
Silvia Navarro ... Laura
Omar Germenos ... Marcos
Fernando Luján ... Alberto
María Renée Prudencio ... Victoria
José Alonso ... Horacio
Julieta Egurrola ... Sara
Margarita Sanz ... Leticia
Luis Felipe Tovar ... Ramón
Álvaro Guerrero ... Leandro
Victor Hugo Martin ... Rocamora
Leticia Huijara ... Lola
Pedro Sicard ... Luciano
Carmen Delgado ... Helena
Carlos Hays ... Matías
Víctor Huggo Martin ... Rocamora
Sergio Bustamante
Anette Michel

Writing credits
Marcelo Camaño
Bethel Flores
Adriana Lorenzón

TV Azteca


Remake of argentinian telenovela Montecristo

Sebastián Estevanez and Mariano Martínez were considered to star

Ana Serradilla was considered to star

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Armando  - Montecristo   |2008-12-10 13:00:47
Alguien sabe donde puedo comprar la telenovela Montecristo con subtitulos en ingles?
Poovanes  - Fantastic !!!   |2009-04-24 13:38:51

My name is Poovanes and I am from Malaysia. I watch Montecristo without missing it a day..... I just love the acting of silvia Navarro. She's so natural and also Omar Germenos, Margarita Sanz. Simply brilliant acting. Carlos Hays the best child actor. Another character Sarita, I am not sure of her real name....She's equally excellent.... I understand that it's 2006 telenovela but it is only playing now in M'sia. Hats off to Montecristo team. Bravo !!!
Natalie  - Montecristo.   |2011-01-18 04:20:18
Muy buena historia, actuaciones, muchisima quimica de los protagonistas.
juanny hernandez  - montecristo   |2011-10-10 20:08:31
en que horario esta ahora montecristo
Catherine   |2011-10-18 18:17:27
La estaban dando en Tv Azteca, Pero la quitaron dis que por que tenia rating bajo
Anonymous  - montecristo   |2011-10-18 21:34:45
Que regresen a su hoario a monte cristo
Mariana  - Montecristo   |2011-10-21 20:46:26
pueden regresar la novela montecristo a su horario habitua la novela esta buena que mala costumbre de cambiar las cosa en azteca.
lupe  - Que sigan transmitiendo MONTECRISTO   |2011-10-24 05:11:53
Que pasa TVAZTECA?..porqué quitan la novela!..que regrese MONTECRISTO!!
ustedes no respetan.
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