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Morir Dos Veces

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Morir Dos Veces telenovela Silvana is an ordinary housewife with a daughter, Andrea and a husband, Cristobal, who has quickly made prosperous an art shop left to her by her father many years ago. Though she had recently been on the brink of divorce, Silvana is attempting to save her marriage. Unfortunately her plans are dashed by the sudden death of Cristobal. Silvana cannot understand how a man as young and healthy as her husband could have suffered a heart attack, yet his body is not even cold when she finds out that both the art shop and her home have been burglarized. Then several mafia henchmen accost the young widow to demand that she pay them five million dollars that her husband had allegedly stolen from them. Police Cmdr. Esteban Pizarro is assigned the case and discovers that Cristobal had been involved in drug-trafficking. He suspects that Silvana has killed her husband and stolen the money and is only pretending to be innocent. He gets close to her to uncover the truth, but the only truth staring him in the face is that he has fallen in love with her.

Morir Dos Veces - telenovela

(1996) - Eduardo Palomo , Carina Ricco


Eduardo Palomo .... Esteban Pizarro - main hero
Carina Ricco .... Silvana Ruiz - main heroine
Manuel Landeta .... Cristóbal Ruiz - husband of Silvana
Alejandra Ávalos .... Martha Luján - partner of Esteban, in love with him
Susana Alexander .... Beatriz - mother of Cristobal
Irma Lozano .... Carmen - sister of Beatriz
José Carlos Ruiz .... Orduña - mafiosi
José Elías Moreno .... Aarón Zermeño - partner of Esteban, in love with Lucy
Javier Díaz Dueñas .... Mauricio - brother of Silvana
Malena Doria .... Dona Cuca - mafiosi
Elizabeth Katz .... Lucy - roommate of Martha
Jaime Garza .... Sergio Terán - partner of Esteban, in love with Martha
Octávio Galindo .... Rubiano - mafiosi
Vanessa Bauche .... Carla - secretary of Cristobal
Emely Farida .... Yolanda - receptionist of Mauricio
Jaime Lozano .... Isaías - mafiosi
Luis Couturier .... Enrique - husband of Carmen
Constanza Mier .... Andrea - daughter of Silvana
Martha Ortiz .... Gloria - in love with Mauricio
Ernesto Rivas .... Nacho - barmen
Carlos Rotzinger .... Fernando Robles - mafiosi
Fernando Sáenz .... Víctor - co-worker of Cristobal
Gonzalo Sánchez .... Nicolás - mafiosi
Enrique Singer .... Julio Tafoya - mafiosi, boyfriend of Lucy
Jorge Victoria .... Marcelino - mafiosi
Angeles Balvanera
Francisco Chanes
Carlos Gusih
Ruben Morales
Ileana Pereira
Ursula Muno
Jaime Vega
Ricardo Vera
Jacqueline Robynson .... Nancy - victim of Cristobal
Jorge Capin
Esteban Franco
Maria Dolores Oliva .... La Chata
Rodrigo Abed

Writing credits
José Rendón (original story)
Ximena Suárez (adaptation)
Martha Carrillo (script editor)

Theme song (Mexico edition)
Singing: Mijares

Song: Cuidarte El Alma (USA edition)
Written by Marc Durandeau and Chris Zalles
Singing: Chayanne

Original music
Jorge Avendano

Music arranger
Juan López

Cheif of production
Daniel Estrada

Production co-ordinator
Victor Ceballos

Cinematography by
Miguel Valdés

Directed by
Alberto Cortés

Produced by
José Rendón
Roberto Hernandez (associated producer)



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