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Muchacha de Barrio

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Muchacha de Barrio telenovela Laura, an illegitimate daughter of Victor and Rosa, is a bookkeeper and lives in a barrio with the stepfather Pancho and the mother alcoholic Rosa. She falls in love with Raul, an adoptive son of Pablo. This one is married to Susana but he lives in Rosa's memory. Susana has a criminal twin sister: "La Chata". She is kleptomaniac, has complexes. With Delfina's complicity (the maid), she takes La Chata's identity and secretly leads a double life. Then Laura gets employed at Pablo's office, Susana loses the memory in a car accident and she believes to be La Chata. Pablo meets Rosa again and he understands that Susana is the real love of his life and he is looking for her. Rosa understands that the youth love is only a beautiful remembrance and she appreciates Pancho more now.  Ernesto, the envious adoptive brother of Raul, will be happy with Denise. Debora, who is Victor's daughter, the best friend of Laura, will be with Norberto who loved Laura, and the leading pair will marry, but Laura will not know that she is a Victor's daughter.

Muchacha de Barrio - telenovela

(1979) - Ana Martín , Humberto Zurita , René Casados


Ana Martín .... Laura
Kitty de Hoyos .... Susana/La Chata
Guillermo Murray .... Pablo Moncada
Magda Guzmán .... Rosa
Sergio Jiménez .... Pancho
René Casados .... Ernesto
Patricia Rivera .... Elena
Tony Bravo .... Norberto
Humberto Zurita .... Raul
Óscar Morelli .... Eugenio
Jorge de Campo .... Victor
Nubia Marti .... Denisse
Ana Laura Maldonado .... Deborah
Ernesto Bañuelos .... Juan Morales (Joao)
Martha Zavaleta .... Delfina
Martha Patricia .... Isabel
Hector Flores .... Dr.Galindo

Writing credits
Fernanda Villeli (original story)

Song: "Te vi pasar"
Singing: Lolita de la Colina

Music arranger
Guillermo Juarez

Marco A.Gomez

Art Director
Eduardo Cervantes

Cinematography by
Alfredo Saldaña

Directed by
Ernesto Alonso

Produced by
Ernesto Alonso


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